Zoo Removes Tiger’s Teeth for Better Interaction
August 4, 2007 | by Mui Mui

Somewhere in Asia in an unnamed zoo, a tiger has been chained up and had its two large teeth pulled. All so that visitors can take pictures with the animal and not worry about being bitten.


Additionally a bear has a chain through it’s nose so that if it was to attempt to bite someone the mouth could be controlled.



Mui Mui
Mui Mui is another of our wonderful, yet weird, editors who also is a well established world traveler. Born in Asia, Mui Mui is our expert on whether the articles we publish remain appropriate and not offensive in nature. Mui Mui’s favorite place is Italy where she spent 4 years and eventually fell in love with.
  • wtf is the matter with people?
    i’d say more nut it would get obscene…

  • Thats bloody wrong. I can handle them being in decent sized enclosures.. But C’mon.

    We all know how that kind of stuff ends too don’t we? “Then out of nowhere, The vicious beast just attacked me!” Dumb sons of a …

    Well anyway.

  • Horrible… People needs to get a life and leave nature alone…

  • We all know in which country in asia this would be possible….

    *hint: it’s the same country which loves to boil their cats alive for lunch.

    • minime,
      in response to your comment regarding “cats being boiled alive for lunch”–my question for you is what makes this pratice such a horrible thing? is it because you live in a country where cats are domesticated instead of treated as food? i see absolutely nothing wrong with people eating boiled cat. thats part of their CULTURE and you have no right to judge and chastize them for their eating habits. you’re just like the rest of those ignorant americans who think that because YOUR society acts a certain way, that the rest of the world should conform as well.
      while i do not condone the way these animals in the zoo are being treated. your little barb regarding cats is uncalled for and just shows your ignorance. great job!

      • Dear Chris,

        I think the key word minime was protesting was this:


        Eating cat isn’t wrong, but boiling one alive probably is–that is, wrong across all cultures everywhere.

        “What makes this practice such a horrible thing?”
        Boiling an animal alive, probably. Being boiled to death in scalding water probably hurts a lot more than having your neck broken before you’re dropped in the pot.

      • This isn’t a case of one culture vs. another. It comes down to basic human decency and our responsibility to not cause unncessary suffering to weaker animals. A cat is a mammal, not a cold blooded animal like a crab or a lobster. It shares very much the same nervous system with human beings. Why there is even debate on why it’s NOT OK to COOK a mammal alive is so beyond me. I am sure you’ll find plenty of Chinese people who would vehemently oppose this kind of action. This sort of behavior is hopefully only confined to a few deviant individuals.

      • WOW Chris, nice that you wanna stand up for other cultures and all but seriously, ignorant americans…I am an american and I have respect for other cultures. You have no more business judging our society as a whole either.Here is a fact of America for you..Here we call people like you hypocrites.

    • Poultry is boiled alive in the U.S.

  • I am disgusted. I’m Chinese and ashamed – how can anyone treat animals like this!

  • It’s China… and are we really that surprised? It’s China, for crying out loud.

  • hate to break it to you but it would appear that tiger in the picture has all its teeth i don’t condone the sort of abuse you described in any way but if your gonna cry fowl at least make sure the pix you post at least prove your accusations rather then disprove them to anyone with eyes

    • re: david turner’s comment:

      Um, it says that it’s two large front teeth were removed, which they clearly are.

      • the picture only clearly shows 1 tooth missing i highly doubt 1 missing tooth would prevent a tiger from biting your arm off so if this is exactly what is being advertised by the author the what would be the point of pulling that tooth its clearly not the blatent proof of abuse thats being claimed im sure there are a million and 1 other reasons a tiger might lose a tooth other the the ure extraction for alleged safety proposes as stated above

        i said i don’t condone animal cruelty in any form but i also think its rather asinine to make such unfounded accusations

        • While you two are arguing whether it's one tooth or all, you're missing the point that there are animals being tortured merely to calm them for photo opps! It doesn't matter how many teeth were removed, but the fact that teeth are being removed at all is just plain sick! Just look at him! The poor thing, along with the bear, looks pathetic and miserable. That is no way for those animals to live.

        • Well 1 bottom toosh is missing but the 2 top teeth have been pulled. Look at some real cats and youll see them.

        • The Original CatGirl

          People make me sick! Animals deserve kindess and respect. I don’t care what you eat so long as the animal doesn’t suffer in the process. Boiling live lobsters makes me sick……people don’t really boil live cats do they? If they do I don’t want to know. Eat cats, dogs, frogs, crickets, cows, fish…..I don’t care. Just don’t let the animals suffer.

          When I die feel free to BBQ me. I’m sure I’d be pretty tasty.

    • David,

      can't u see the diagonal canines are removed…?

  • Someone should knock the teeth out of the people who did this and see how they like it.

    People Suck!

  • Also while while it still seems rather cruel to pierce an animals nose that way to me …Your “Chain” as you call it would appear to be nothing more then a piece of string which is difficult to mistake for a chain in my opinion

  • In regards to Mr. Turners comments. The two teeth are clearly removed that he is talking about. Also it doesn’t matter if it is a chain, rope, string, or whatever. There is absolutely no need for it. Trying to protect the people that did this or make it seem better is absolutely wrong. I’m not part of PETA, but this goes overboard. Leave nature alone. Obviously if the teeth need to be removed, or the mouth needs to be controlled, you shouldn’t be standing next to them to get a picture. End of story.

    • sorry if it seems as if i am defending the perpetrators or this crime aginst nature i was merely pointing out the lack of a need for exaggeration as i said it still seems rather cruel to me. and i agree with you on the fact that there is no reason these people should ever be allowed to stand next to these animals in the first place im sure weve all seen videos or how that ends up

      if nothing else the people who run this zoo should be prosecuted for public endangerment as well as cruelty i just see no need to make it sound worse then it alredy is

    • I love comment and totally agree hun.

  • DavidTurner;

    You’re obviously not the brightest lightbulb in the box, or the most intelligent human being, are you?

    While your visual capability is in question, so is your reading capability. Do you see the part where it says “it’s two large teeth” removed. The inference you can make here, is it’s canines were removed.. you know, it’s two largest teeth? Now look closely at the pictures Dave, do you see the top two canines in the tigers mouth? .. No.

    Now let’s move on to the bear, which you say has a string through it’s nose. Do you see that thick metal ring that the string is attached to? While it may not be a chain, it could easily be considered as a ‘chain link’, which also should be blatantly obvious inference.

    I appreciate your attempt to stand out and be different, but let’s face the fact that it’s cruel and inhumane instead of trying to be the devil’s advocate, “in your opinion”.

    • what i see is the top left canine appears to be clearly intact and the angle of the picture obscures weather or not the top right one is there or not so the only tooth clearly missing is the bottm left and in any case i doubt that if their intentions were to make the animal safer then the would have pulled all or its canine teeth not just 1 or 2

      and secondly science your being so observant obviously i mentioned the cruelty of pireceing the bears nose that i noticed the ring but i fail to see how a ring in its nose is such a blatant inference of its being a chain link or a chain when in the context of the authors article that was clearly not their intention as i said it is cruel but theres no need to make it sound worse then it is it was bad enough without any exaggeration as is

  • dear humans: plz die.


  • “Humans who enslave, castrate, experiment on and fillet other animals have had an understandable penchant for pretending that animals do not feel pain. A sharp distinction between humans and animals is essential to bend them to our will, wear them, eat them without any disquieting tings of guilt or regret. It is so unseemly of us who behave so unfeelingly towards other animals to contend that only humans can suffer, Their behavior renders such pretensions specious, they are just to much like us.” ~Carl Sagan

  • The Tiger and Bear are clearly in on this scheme to get more humans to support crazy animal activists. Wtf is wrong with you people, from just a glimpse you should be able to see the deceit in their eyes. Don’t be fooled by this propaganda which has clearly been orchestrated by bears&tigers, let we be all doomed to their evil plans.


    If we don’t leash bears, and send Tiger’s to dentists, pretty soon the whole place is gonna be overrun by bears&tigers trying to claw/chew people. WAKE UP PEOPLE

  • There is a zoo in Phuket, Thailand that is the same way (perhaps this one is also in Thailand)

  • What they fail to mention is that both animals were former assets of America, which is now owned by China. =) Take that haters. j/k. p.s. with over $1 trillion in foreign currency reserves, of which over $700 billion are in u.s. paper and currency, don’t underestimate their strength.

  • these animals were never meant to be hugged or cuddled with. why do we insist on fucking with nature like this?

  • are we any better for neutering millions of dogs each year in the USA? I am guessing pulling the teeth is better than having my nuts cut off….

    • Short answer, yes.

      Long answer, yes. By neutering dogs we can save hundreds of these dogs offspring from being put down or held at the humane society. There are already to many dogs for to few owners!
      By the way, I am a dog owner. 2 Old English Sheepdogs (one girl, spayed, and one boy, neutered) and a dauchsund-beagle mix (spayed)

      This is just SICK! Hurting animals for human enjoyment animal cruelty. Unfortunately, I don’t think anything will be done to help these animals. This was probably done by a government supported zoo…

  • thats total bullshit.
    i want to take out all thier
    teeth and take pictures with them.

  • This just sickens and saddens me. It’s bad enough to take an animal out of it’s natural habitat and lock them up in a zoo or a cage, but to further demean them by piercing the nose and removing teeth, just so some idiot can have a picture taken with them, shows a real lack of compassion. Too bad there’s no justice that can be served for these poor animals

    Ursa: love the Sagan quote. If only more humans could be so intelligent.

  • that is just horrid..defacing these poor innocent animals so some moron can get pictures taken with them….its a sinful act…to hurt those animals like that…..pure animal cruelty…and of course nothing is going to be done about it since its probably a government funded zoo

  • Sick f*cking bastards! It’s not just Asia, they do this in a lot of tourist places. What happens is stupid tourists enjoy this sort of thing not knowing the animals are treated badly, they just think of the novelty of having a monkey dance for them, or hugging a Tiger or bear. It’s all for the photos and memories, and they never consider the real ramifications of what it takes for those “photo-ops” to be available.

    Tourists create this market, and if there was no demand for it – there would be no market for these sick bastards to exploit

  • From the characters, I can tell it’s in China!

    Absolutely animal abuse

  • The bear looks pretty happy to me in its first picture…

    on a more serious note… wow thats really effed up

  • It’s the f**king Chinese for Christ’s sake! What in a yellow hell do you expect from them? They have no respect for anything or anyone.

    Ah well, someday they’ll get theirs. I hope I’m around to hear the weeping and wailing; I laugh my ass off before kicking a few of their rice-eating teeth in.

    • Keep saying that, it help you feel better.

      • Bill,

        Yes it does. I'll feel even better though when I finally get to do more than just say it. Believe me that time is coming. Neither the US nor the rest of the world is going to tolerate the Chinese for that much longer.

        • Lol. “Neither the US nor the rest of the world is going to tolerate the Chinese for that much longer”.

          Are you for serious? I’m American and I realize what kind of position that we’re in. Not too many people like us buddy. Never did really. We were only a world power because we stayed on the sidelines making money off of everybody and then cleaning up wars after everyone else has been fighting for 4+ years. Tell me, have we won any modern wars where we step in first? People only fear us and our hold on technology. Our military is top-notch, but how’s that supposed to get the world to love us? I’m pretty sure the majority of the world is pretty much (and rightly so) pissed off at us.

          As for “tolerating” the Chinese, what exactly do you mean? They’re in their own Industrial Revolution, exactly as America and Britain were back in the 1800s. There’s abuse everywhere. And if you think that eating animals that we consider barbaric to eat is terrible, don’t forget about all of the Natives that were here before us…we gave them small pox (purposely after we found out they were weak against it) and even F******g murdered them the night of Thanksgiving (sorry for generalizing Native Americans. I know that they’re not all of the same tribes).

          I don’t know about you “jonolan” or you “bill”. You two seem to be just plain racists. And uh, I’m not too sure about you know, the Chinese having “their time coming”. They have the LARGEST and most powerful army in the world. Sure, we have the most powerful Navy and Airforce (I think anyways. The last time I checked this info was…about 5 years ago) in the world, but what would end up happening is that we’d end up provoking the war (as usual might I add) and justify China’s armaments onto our heads.

          I think that you just need too cool down. Guys like you will end up making this country worse. So please, leave out the hateful comments.

  • That is fing cruel, to do that to a tiger, remove its teeth. The humane race disgust me anymore

  • Boycott Beijing2008

    It is in China!
    China is taking prisoners ‘(dissidents’) organs alive, how do you expect a country so brutal to man to treat other animals kind?

  • I believe that it is ethically deplorable to exploit and abuse animals needlessly.

    This is why i am vehemently opposed to the irresponsible use of animals as pets, to the use of animals as food purely because humans obtain gastronomic pleasure from consuming bits of their dead bodies, to the exploitation of animals for cosmetic purposes , for entertainment purposes or for other capricious reasons which humans think up.

    As such, i am not impressed with the situation with the tiger and bears in China.
    But it hardly surprises me that it is going on, or that so many people think it is okay.

    Neither does it surprise me that so many people who would actively support the abuse of animals in much worse conditions than the ones in those pictures (ie cows, pigs and sheep raised in factories whose flesh is sold) financially, if not personally…. that so many of those kinds of people still will voice such outspoken ‘outrage’ when seeing those of other cultures abusing and exploiting animals…. because they do so openly, rather than hidden away in little guarded rooms like so many abused western animals are.

  • People who do this sort of thing suck. Let us turn the table on them and see how they feel. All animals have feelings no matter what they are. Every creature created by God has feelings of love and hurt and neglect and so on. So stop treating animals so inhumanely. Saying animals have no feelings. THAT IS A PIECE OF “CROC”. I wish we were all vegetarians but wishes these days are built on mud on a rainy day. They always get washed away. Treat animals, other people and plants(yes I said plants, they have lives also. We may not be able to see it but they grow and thrive.) the same way you would want to be treated. Also, stop all the NONSENSE of animal testing. That is worser than cruel. It is just plain wrong. So love all of Gods’ creatures and treat them right.

  • There are no laws in China that protects any animal from harm. I am not against any race but what different cultures do to animals for food or for warmth or to test out damn bullets. Hell whatever they do should not happen. Think about it from the animals view. They do feel pain. You wouldn’t do it to your children, well some of you would, so don’t do it to animals. We need to stand up and give animals a voice and a choice. They can’t speak, so we need to speak for them. Cruelty-free.

  • Cruelty-free.

  • NOT COOL, people. Go take some pictures of animals in the wild if you want a picture with them so much. Better do it while they’re still around, too.

  • Before we (americans) or for that matter any other society gets too self-righteous about the nasty things done to the tiger and bear, check out what is done to animals by the MILLIONS DAILY at factory farm operations.
    Mutilations, castrations, maiming for starters. Animals so sick they can barely crawl to their slaughter, kept alive by sterioids & antibiotics ….. tortured every day of their miserable lives.
    In addition to eating the products of that horror, we (americans and any others with cfo’s….confined feeding operations) are also slowly being poisoned to death by filthy water and air….
    Maybe we deserve it.

  • no. thats mean.

  • After having visited the Phuket Zoo in Thailand just 2 days ago, it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if these two accounts had been documented at that very place. But apart from some isolated cultures (maybe), none of us is free from involvement in what is happening on our planet, to our own species and to every other species that lives here. My own view is that the most enlightened zoos function in an educational role, deepening our awareness and appreciation of natural ecosystems and the lives of other species as well as our own. In doing so, they ultimately deepen our experience as conscious human beings. By contrast, zoos such as Phuket Zoo take a view that animals exist for no other reason than to be exploited as food, entertainment, or some other commodity. As though I needed any other tipoff, once having seen the anthropomorphic crocodile statues standing guard at the ticket desk, I soon realized that most of the 500 baht entrance fee went to such things as staffing the trainers and daredevils at the shows, padding the pockets of the photo-op managers with their macaws, orang-utan, pythons and tigers, rather than to the welfare of animals and the education of zoo visitors. I opted not to attend any of the shows or to linger long near any of the photo-op stations. The music that I heard blaring from the opposite corner of the zoo was vulgar and exploitative, and one glimpse of the elephant show was enough to move me to tears. Even the gift shop appeared poised to profit from the most obvious exploitation of animal resources, as was perfectly demonstrated by a row of cobra skin handbags, each one adorned by a flattened cobra head. But beyond these more immediately exciting observations, it struck me as interesting that so much space was given to (what appeared to me) the breeding of exotic species. It seemed that everywhere I looked I saw another pool teeming with yet another age group of crocodiles. A rather large flock of crowned cranes and cassowaries is maintained on an island and divided up into breeding pairs housed within small enclosures. Multiple pairs of eclectus parrots, black-palm cockatoos, as well as what looked like attempts to encourage breeding with several other more exotic parrot species, led me to believe that this was yet another means of bringing in revenue for someone. One wonders at how much of this money goes towards preserving the natural habitats in the wild, not to mention the animal’s actual housing conditions at the Phuket Zoo itself.

    All that said, a visit to Phuket Zoo is not without its enjoyable moments. The various gardens and plantings, and many of the animals on display were fascinating to see, a number of which I had never seen before. My most treasured moments were those in which a female gibbon, despite her depressingly limited and stark habitat, reached through the bars for seemingly no other reason than simply to make physical contact. I held her hand gently for several minutes, and was left with the impression that she would have been as happy to have continued doing so as she was disinterested in the long-beans poked in her direction by some European visitors. In a western zoo, one would never have gotten this opportunity for such tearful contact.

    As much as I learned about any other species at the Phuket Zoo, I was confronted with a highly magnified and concentrated observation of the way our own species has, for a long, long time, viewed other species; a view that must change if life is to be enjoyed by any species.

  • you know, most animals in captivation (may it be some asian zoo or your grandma’s house) have been mutilated in some way. Tigers get teeth pulled out, bears get rings in their noses, cats get neutered, and some dogs have their tails cut off and their vocal chords removed for the sake of tranquility.
    if you really cared about the welfare of animals, you should concentrate less on hurling insults at specific cultures and spend more time raising awareness or just treating your own pets better.

  • YOU LOT ARE JJUST MAD AND CRUEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND I WILL NEVER TAKE THAT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • thats very true and mean

  • Avoid an American circus if you feel this is cruel.

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