Pregnant Bare Belly Drawing Contest
July 30, 2007 | by 孫子

Pregnant women from Jilin, China all dressed in bikinis, or skimpy clothing, and presented their bellies to be drawn and painted on.

The contest was held on July 23, 2007 and no winners or prizes were announced in the report.


Last year in the contest was held on Aug 22 and you can see the selected winners in a group picture below.


Additionally we were curious as to the reference to “666″ in the prize offerings. We can only hope this is a reference to some lucky number in China and not that these baby are possible Antichrists.



Sun Tzu has spent about 7 years in Asia traveling through Japan, Hong Kong, China, and Korea. A true fan of everything that is weird and strange, he decides in the end what is displayed and published on this site. Sun has previous experience writing for numerous print mags such as XLR8R, URB, and Movement Magazine.

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  • I am surprised at seeing these Chinese women with pictures drawn on their pregnant stomachs. I thought that the Chinese were very conservative about their bodies and that this type of display would not draw many participants.

    Having said that, the pictures are very well done and in no way offensive to anyone and the women are decently covered.

    Happy motherhood to all!

    Shelley in Canada

  • Yes Shelley, unusual behaviour for Chinese women – but perhaps there is an element of safety in numbers. And in a private environment.

  • These women are beautiful, liberated and sexy!

    I am pleased they are free to express their sexuality with pregnancy in China!!

    Good job.

  • yah in china they tend to put pictures on their stomacks when they are pregnant
    i seen it so many times in the papers

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