World’s Largest 260 Pound Carp
July 21, 2007 | by Mui Mui

A Thai fisherman caught what is believed to be the largest carp in the history.  It weights about 260 lbs, while the old record was only 88 lbs.


The guy was just out testing his newly built fishing rod in Bung Sam Lan Lake and got lucky, ended up catching the biggest carp ever in the history.

Mui Mui
Mui Mui is another of our wonderful, yet weird, editors who also is a well established world traveler. Born in Asia, Mui Mui is our expert on whether the articles we publish remain appropriate and not offensive in nature. Mui Mui’s favorite place is Italy where she spent 4 years and eventually fell in love with.
  • It’s so big!!!

  • that’s a keeper

  • Sure… HOAX and PHOTOSHOP!!!!!!!

  • doesn’t look real… but then again, how would I know what a 260 lbs carp is supposed to look like?

  • man thats so big

  • ive seen biigger in tialand it took 3 people to hold it that dose not look like a 260 ib carp to me

  • I find this information kind of sad. To think, how long would it have taken that carp to grow to its enormous size? Why can't we just leave "amazing" species alone? Do we have to exploit our natural resources so much? And that carp is just a small part at the end of the spectrum.

    • learn your history!!!

      these carp and en-dangered, it is only through fishing that money is made to fund the breeding program!

      if not for the breeding program then the species would DIE!

      something to do with the Dam that is across the river on the way to the breeding grounds!

      ok so what should we do? leave these “amazing”species alone to die?

      or promote the fishing industry to save the species?

      as the place where Kik landed this Carp is Bung Sam Ran, it was landed in what can only be described as a DNA bank for the future of this species.
      what keeps this place running? FISHING

      it was a catch and release so the fish was not harmed!!!!!

    • you hippy let nature be no fish

    • wow looks like u dont get into fun stuff

    • shut up its fishing

  • iv seen bigger in stithians resevoir

  • you can see from the reflection that the scales are just printed or painted on fabric

  • ok this is a interesting one!

    I have spoken with Kik who landed this carp and I feel that this story needs to be told.

    class this as hearsay if you want, class it as my opinion if you want, I dont care.

    well I was walking along at Bung Sam Ran and there was Kik I said hello and mentioned that it was a nice pic of his carp.
    he thanked me, but when I questioned him about the weight 120?kg

    his reply was no! it was 82kg!!!

    so you have to wonder what is going on here!!

    why would this be posted as a 120 kg carp?

    easy promotion for fishing!!!!!
    the company he guides for!!! I have even read a story on how this was a clean fight and within the IGFA rules but the scales were not big enough.

    ok so a respected guide I hear that they were testing the new rod that KIK had build and loaded it with the biggest ball f bread you ever did see, well there was a big hit so they all had a go with the rod testing the action.

    it was a massive supprise to se a carp!! as they dont take this bait as a rule.

    ok they then put it on the scales and it weighed in at 82kg. hmmmmmmm
    that fish does look to be that weight, I have photos of 50kg and an estermated 95 kg and I would say 82 would be correct.

    ok I hate to see our Thailand fishing industry getting things like this put forward.
    I also want to state that Kik is a fantastic guide and a great person and in no way is is the claim of the weight related to him!!!

  • omg! so BIG! its look fake.

  • I landed a 350+ pound carp in palo alto ca. at bay lands run off * spot where there 100 of these fish are in shit water!!! that s not shit theres carp in there so big they eat the baby ducks

  • holy mother fish O_O

  • Not 260 lbs. I have caught a 28 lb carp myself but it was only 32 inches long and 36 inches around. From my personal experience I say it’s faked!

  • a caught a pearch caught a jack pike cught a big pike pull hit a bird in the tree fell out picked it up under that was a pound pick it up drop next to that were a fiver all in one

  • i was on my holaday in lap land and i was fishing in a good looking spot. And i caught a little perch but i didnt hold my perch because a baby pike ate it and then a polor bear bit my line and snapped it, i was really angry. but i casted back out and hooked on to a gudgeon and when i was realing it in a shark come and ate my gudgeon ( the shark was about 1500lb+) and the a masive great big carp ate the shark and i landed the carp on a bamboo rod with 8lb line and when i banked it, i weighed the carp and it was a massive 3000lb+ so have that with your chips.

  • do you realy think those whimps could hold 260lb out of the water and smill

  • that is A BIG @$$ fish

  • i have a bigger fish in my lack i really do

  • i have a bigger fish in my lake i mean way bigger

  • I have never seen a bigger fish than that before!!!!!!!!!!
    (Good Job)

  • how the hell did he catch that

  • how the hell did he catch that thats a good question

  • hey dean how do you know theres a bigger fish

  • fucking hell my biggest is just under 45lb and thats big
    you should see the size of some catfish massive compared to that

  • Do you really think two guys could hold that thing and smile??? Come on, that fish is as bout as real as Santa Claus!

  • you chat poooo! thats fake your not even strugerling with it

  • okay, really guys. People need to read some of the comments before because it does say that it was not 120 lbs, it was only 82…. READ!!!

  • so freaking fake

  • just wanted to say that its obvious that this carp wasnt 260 lbs my aunt cought a 86 lbs one on mothers day in 1999 at indian hills lake in cuba missouri, by the time she was weighed officaly she lost like 5 lbs of weight from eggs, so it came out to be 81 lbs and 4 oz or something like that she wasnt able to clame it becouse the conservation said there was a ditch line that ran off the privat lake and was considered a creek, so she needed a fishing permit. long story short she didnt get to claim it, anyway she got the fish taxadermied and was able to keep it.

  • It could be the biggest but i don't belive thats a thourgh bred carp.Fish in aisa are fare bigger ad tend to mate with other species.

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