Real Dragon Fossils on Display in China
June 29, 2007 | by 孫子

Some fossils, named the “China dragon fossils”, were recently exhibited in the Xinwei Ancient Life Fossils Museum in Anshun, Guizhou.

When archeologists first stripped the clay off the fossil, they found the dragon had a pair of horns above its head and the shape of the dragon was very like the legendary animal often described in books and stories.


Dragons have often appeared in Chinese legends. The dragon with two horns on its head is regarded as a totem. The totem was first invented by Chinese ancestors and worshipped by the Chinese people. Therefore Chinese people are also called the “descendents of the dragon”.

For a long time, scientists thought that the dragon was a fictional animal existing only in stories.

The dragon fossil was found in Guanling County, Anshun City, in 1996, and has been kept in a good condition. It is measured 7.6 meters long. Its head is 76 centimeters long and the neck is 54 centimeters long. The body is 2.7 meters in length and 68 centimeters in width, and the tail is 3.7 meters long.

The dragon’s head is in a triangle shape. Its mouth is 43 centimeters long. The widest part of the head is 32 centimeters long. The horns project from the widest part of the head, and are symmetrical and 27 centimeters long. They are a little bit curved and tilted, which makes the fossil look very much like the legendary dragon.

The China dragon was a reptile animal living in the ocean in Triassic Period about 200 million years ago. It was an amphibian. It spent most of its time living in water, although sometimes it walked on land. It also laid eggs on land. The animal lived on fish and small reptile animals.

This is the first time that China found a dragon fossil with a pair of horns. Its discovery provides some evidence to prove that dragons might really have horns. The fossil provides important scientific information for people to trace the origin of the Chinese legendary dragon.

Sun Tzu has spent about 7 years in Asia traveling through Japan, Hong Kong, China, and Korea. A true fan of everything that is weird and strange, he decides in the end what is displayed and published on this site. Sun has previous experience writing for numerous print mags such as XLR8R, URB, and Movement Magazine.

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  • Ha.. riiiiight. love how the article has no references, or mention of who discovered it, or scientific naming for the animal. c’mon

    • you never know…

      • U R right, I have proof of dragons, but my proof is not to released, ever!!!

        • Dragons are very real even deadly real and they are awsome


        • That was a show on animal planet about how dragons could have existed, I recognize the dragon they used: it was a baby dragon they greated for the show.

        • It actually isn’t the same, the dragon bodies used on the animal planet mockumentary were yellow, and if you take a closer look you can see the head is different.

        • No, it’s the same dragon. I saw this exact shot in the DVD extras. Head is the same. Only reason it “looks different” is because this model is supposed to look dead and moderately dessicated.

      • abby_luvs_kyle

        well i always thout they were fake (made up) but now i see they are real……… i always loved dragons…… well i would be pretty upset if the picture was fake:):):):):):):);););););)

    • i would like 2 exzamine da fossil
      in person actualy all da dragons
      fossils u had stumbled upon i like
      2 exzamine in person

    • they have a special about it on animal planet.

      • umm.. I’m not sure this i swhat you saw, but what I say was IF dragons were real, this is what they’d be like.

        • Actually, I could probably type you 3 pages of why this particular would not do well, beginning with weight and happily traipsing through anatomical issues that would completely disallow flight.

    • LOL. what IS the scietific name for a dragon

      • Dragons would belong in the reptile genus, draco. Draco is the scientific name for a dragon. It means flying lizard or flying dragon.

        There are proof about dragons. Even in the bible, if I could remember where. Dragons were also giant lizards and not all dragons flew. Proof of this is dinosaurs. They were all considered dragons of their timeline. And if you look at the Komodo Dragon, you have yet another dragon, and one that is still around, and there are 30 classifications of the draco genus, all of which are considered endangered and would be considered dragons. And no, dragons did NOT breathe fire, that is a myth.

        Anymore questions. Even if this picture was fake doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

    • Look at this web site dragons r real

    • well there is no way in hell that this is real because the only way that a fossil would still hav flesh on it wud be if it was fossilised in an air tight enviroment such as tree sap and clay isnt air tight so that prooves this is fake straight away as for other fossils such as bone etc they might be real u never know

      • You know, things can be preserved in clay. Search it on google.

        • I just saw one about a mammoth being preserved in clay, but it was torn apart. REALLY torn apart. It had NO eyes, NO tusks, and it look nothing like this dragon. Actually it looked my like an elephant. I bet it was.

      • get you..keeno

      • yes clay is not of it but red clay is air-tight

      • i believe you… dragons are a myth

      • I think they just made a mistake by calling it a fossil, it doesn’t prove that is fake, it just proves that it isn’t a fossil.

        I however, remain sceptical of this, even though it is different it is very much like animal planet’s take on the dragon, however this could mean they based their take on this.
        I wish there were more angles, having a better look at it will determine just how real or fake this is, creators of fakes always forget something, as far as I can tell this is fake, they’ve forgotten to shape and connect the wings properly, as, from what I can see, the wings show no signs of ever being the right size and shape for either flight or display.

    • Well, Dragons at one time WERE real. Probably died off though.

      Being seen all over the world is no mere chance thing. There was at some time dragons. Go to ANY culture, and there will be some mention of dragons, however small. Even in the Illiad, or the bible.

      I would like to think Dragons are still alive, but that is just not so.

      • I 100 percent believe dragons did exist around and before the 14th century. If you look through the worlds history, every single nation has a legend of dragons. Even the Mayans who NEVER had contact with other civilization until the Conquistadors landed on ther shores, had carvings of dragonlike creatures with wings and in some cases actually flying. The Chinese of course have there legends and how do you suppose Europe got there legends of the many dragons being slew if there wern’t any at all. The only logical explanation is that they died out towards the end of the 14th century but it is unexplainable how there are no remains (until now but I do believe this claim is false). The only thing I can come up with as to why there are no remains is that perhaps they were fire-breathers had respect for their dead and burnt the bodies till nothing but ash remained or that the bodies began to disintigrate shortly after death. BUT THEY DID EXIST, I can’t stress it enough that how does each civilization have a legend or story of dragons when half of them never met with other civilizations?

    • omg!!!! i just shat my pants cause i have a pet dragon to
      ——— —————- ——-
      – – - — – – — – – — – -

    • I agree. Among other problems. Amphibians are notoriously difficult to mummify or fossilize, especially via natural processes. There is no evidence of the pressure that would have been exerted by the layers of soil above it–no squashing, no distortion, which makes it suspect. No scientific periodicals have published anything on this find–a big scientific no-no for any real discovery, but a big red flag for hoaxes trying to avoid close scrutiny. And there is too much soft tissue to support the claim that it was exhumed from clay. That material builds up in very moist environments, in which a carcass would rot rather quickly. Only the bones would be left, for the most part.

      Those are only the more obvious problems.

      But it would be really neat if it were real . . .

      • Oh, and one more thing I just noticed–the picture shows that the hip- and shoulder-joints are of a saurischian or mammalian type, the article states is is a reptile, and then the very next sentence states that it is an amphibian. I would love proof of dragons, but if an article can’t even agree with itself on the taxonomy of a specimen on the CLASS level (remember, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species), I’m afraid I cannot take it seriously.

    • so, it doesent matter I'm shure that if you look up in the newspaper that you woud find out, deside they wound'nt put it in the newspaper and not later in a differnt newspaper say it's fake.

  • yeah… FAKE written all over it..

    • theres more dragons?!?!? why didnt we here about this before?!?!? i totally agree! fake! if they now so much about it them, why dont they bring it out to the other media??? no fossil over 200 million years old could look that good!! even if is was wraped in clay!! personally, i love dragons, and i would like to beleive this, but, i need more than somebodys made up word and a halfway convincing picture to pull me into this. sorry! but i call B.S.

      • hahaha you are so stupid. it wasnt just wrapped in clay it was also frozen too which means that there is no way for any bacteria or organism to decompose the animal. they also found humans around the fossil which means that human life did infact come in contact with the animals. i mean how else would we already know what dragons look like if they never even existed. watch the show that discovery channel did on this find. it shows them uncovering it at looking at it.

        • Don’t call other people stupid when you can’t even tell that the documentary you are talking about is a fictional documentary. It was a movie more than a documentary. Also, like the others have said there is no references to any other sources. This may be real, highly unlikely, but it is more likely a viral add for something else.

        • Also, we know what griffins, unicorns, and mermaids look like and they have never existed~!

        • Yea, but griffins, unicorns and mermaids only exist in one story in one culture. Dragons exist in a bunch of stories in almost every culture!! It is to bad that there is not more evidence. It probably is a face. I do think dragons once existed though.

        • Mermaids are in just about every culture, from Russia to the American Indians. They have been reported by Columbus and UK police. The have been seen in lakes and rivers as well as seas. Same as faires and fairy folk they are in every cultures stories.

      • I personally think that this is real, but they didnt want to say anything until it was further examined. It aint right for you all to say its fake so what do you know it might for all we know be real. If anybody says anything bad about it ,should think of possibilitys!!!!!

        • hey i agree wiv u but say for example someone found a fossilized duck or something, just coz it looks like a duck doesnt mean that it is!

          some lucky person spotted a new animal that resembled a leopard but on closer inspection it was more like a sabre tooth tiger than a leopard and it was then named the borneo clouded leopard! (this animal bared fangs that protruded from its mouth over 1/2 metre in length.)

      • ya it dont even look like it in a museum, it look like it in your basment

      • maybe they just didn’t want to bring it up because they weren’t sure wth that really was?! lol. think in more than one way people

        • well, I don’t think this is real. Why isn’t it in the news or something after a while after this was posted? I mean it is March 23, 2008 now and I or anyone else I know have not been told about dragons existing. Wouldn’t you think all the world would know that dragons existed just like we know dinosaurs existed by now?

      • um this has been known for many years I found out about real dragon fossils when I was in the third grade lol which was 18 years ago ;)

        • ha.
          Why haven’t I or anyone else been informed? I mean this is something they teach you in at least 2nd grade. Dinosaurs existing that is. *Also, u know this one is not real because look at it’s eye. The mammoths they found frozen, well their eyes weren’t even in there. This dragon might have had been believable if it didn’t show it’s head.

        • I KNOW dragons igsist. I studey dragons almost EVERY DAY. I have Alot of proof! I know its unblevibale that that THING is in awesome cundition but I THINK ITS REAL!!!!!!!!!

        • Sally’

          I have marked this page and will come back if you answer. I think,. Long ago dragons had intercourse with mankind. The human genome took, but a great part of the dragon still existed inside.
          There were very powerful large wizards, that had a good deal of dragon inside of them.
          I have to ask you, I know that dragons ate meat, but what are, were their physiologies like?
          Is there anything that can be done for a person, because of the gene times we are going through, that has some of the ancient dragon in him, coming out. Its like a talon in the back of my lower tibia on my right leg. Its starting to grow through my Achilles tendon and will have to be operated on.
          I also know, that dragons and wizards were very intimate, at the time of the wizards mental dirges.
          Dragons would kind of wrap themselves around a wizards shoulder, in buddy fashion to console him, as dragons were the only species that a good wizard would get close to him.
          What do I do? It seems that I’m not covered under the a hidden alien co base agreements, please?
          MOP, please let Sally know of this post, this is not a joke.

        • hy i would like to get my own opinion. do you know some good website for me??

    • Dragons are real so just be quiet

  • At the very least the picture was added to the story from a separate source. The picture is of something that, if real, would have been the first time that a fossil was discovered not with small skin impressions but whole flesh fossilized around the bones. No fossilization process will work so fast as to preserve the entire musculature system and all the skin. I suspect that the photo was from a special effects studio and was added as a visual aid to the story.

    A large reptile found with horns or horn analog structures, even one that looked somewhat like a dragon (crocs already have a passing resemblance) might be believable but more info and a non blog source would be needed before I would trust the story.

    There have been theories that dragons in various cultures were inspired by people finding dinosaur and other fossils though others have hypothesized that they stem from instinctual fear (translated into awe) of the animals that represented the most danger in our evolutionary history: snakes, big cats and large birds of prey. Traditionally, dragon have qualities of all three.

    • dumb dude

    • thats pretty intresting, the last bit that is, i had never really thought of it that way. i always just assumed dragon myths evolved all around the world the same was that some versoin of a sword, a spear, and a bow were developed in almost all cultures, its a logical conclusion to the question of how to impress everyone you know with a "guess what i saw, or even better a guess what i killed" story.

    • I would have to agree as there is no way that the fossilized remanes would be so in-tacked as this, only if it was in a glacier for so long would it look that good and only if it was found in time would we now.

    • They have found a fossilized dinosaur with it's skin, muscles and organs preserved, but yes, truly fossilized. I think it's called Leonidis or something and was discovered by a kid, then he came back and uncovered the fossilized dinosaur. However, this picture is from the documentary Animal Planet hosted.

    • i love dragons so finaly hope that its not all fake i belive its real and plus it said in the artical well perserved so it could be just another baby mamont case

  • I would expect scoffing from uninformed people. This was big news for 2 years. Where have you people been? Under rocks in China?
    This is an actual fossil, you want more info? Wiki it you tards!

    • Wiki can be edited by anyone, therefore it’s not always a reliable resource to gather information. I also have seen this exact same image on another website, posted below. If you look at the links at the top of the page just above the images of the “Dragon” on the posted webpage, you’ll see robotics, prosthetics, and other form of prop-making things.

      I highly doubt this article is even factual.

    • ummm… You shouldn’t use Wiki for true information you want. A kid could be posting about dragons and how he found a “dragon” fossil in his backyard which was actually the previous home owner’s pet monitor lizard they buried. Yeah…

      • yeh i liked your comment it stuck with me because a kid that moved into my old house did that when he found my pet lizard sally and put a drsgon find in the local news lol thought you’d like to know

    • This does not look like a fossil. It has fleash still on it.

    • finely some one that understand that this might be real

  • If it's on the net, it must be true!

  • yeah Wiki it, you know, the largest source of misinformation known to mortal man

    • Not necessarily misinformation. Actually Wiki is proven to be highly factual & it even references where it gets the information from. However, this “dragon” doesn’t even get referenced in wikipedia.
      It has Chinese Dragons followed by the statement…..mythical creature…… But no reference to this story can be found in wiki

    • amen to that! Anyone cant post on Wiki

  • This is only a Screenshot,taken from the Docudrama
    “The last Drago” by Animal Planet(orig,2004)


    • SOME OF YOU ARE SOOOO STUPID!!! I personoly luv dragons and i have that animal planet book. In the back of it there’s a section called “making it real,” and it tells how they made up the whole thing!!!!
      It’s a kid’s book that isn’t true! if you guys look @ the rest of the site you can tell it’s all obviously bull.
      People think about it….it’s the enternet and anyone can do anything, and the people who made this site just made a c**py one to get attention. I mean ther r some people out there that sit on d computer all day and make crappy sites.
      The guy who commented and said he learned bout the dragonsin 3rd grade…….THOSE R CALLED DINOSAURS, IDIOT!!!
      i KNOW I SOUND LIKE A JERK BUT all you nerds out there can stop arguing now

    • I luv dragons but you have a pount fire.

  • Oh yeah, dragons are real… :P
    I like the, apparently unread by some people, part of the post that says: ” This entry was posted on Friday, June 29th, 2007 at 10:26 am by Sun Tzu who was most likely laughing hysterically.”
    Remember, on the Internet no one can tell when your joking.
    I did see the ‘Last Dragon’ mockumentary, it was pretty well done. I can see how if some person who is not versed in critical thinking or just simply believes in mythological creatures could think that the show was a work of fact and not fiction.

    • Sun Tzu is a dead guy who Wrote the book the Art of War a few hundred years ago

    • i personally believe dragons are real, they just don’t look like this one. My brother has a dragon *it’s name is Dragon* and it’s just a monitor lizard. That is why I believe that dragons do exist… I really enjoy reading everyones posts. They are very humerous.

  • The closest thing to a dragon fossil so far is this:

    But it’s a dinosaur, not a dragon.

  • That is a picture of the prop for a mockumentary about a midevil frozen dragon's carcus being found in Hungry I think it was. Not real. Good mockumentary though.

  • not believe at all

  • that is not fake because i had seen that same dragon on a documentry on the discovery channle so their it's real

    • i know it is real, i have been studying dragond for 40 years! shut up you dum arses! dragons are sssoooo real! believe it or you will die in 3 days!

      • So nice gfdsaqwerrttyuuo. Agree. Every dumby just needs to shut up and admit it. There real. It's obvious.

      • Yeah. You have been studying them for 40 years but can't spell dragons let alone dumb or ass. LOL your basically saying your like a 60 year old guy that is warning kids that dragons are real and anyone who doesn't believe it will randomly be killed in 3 days. STFU.

    • Thank You anthony obree!!! At least somebody is on my side.

    • it was a fake show if you read it said it was not realat the begining

    • thank u so much someone believes me I'm doing a dragon project i love dragons I'm a dragon freak

  • I love dragons and all, and it would be awesome if they real at any point… but they aren’t real. this is just the same as people saying they’ve seen big foot and the loch ness monster.

  • Trust me dragons ARE real. their just not stupid enough to be seen in the wild you dipsticks!

    it is possible for a bigfoot(but not probable),loch ness is also possible(because we are still discovering supposedly "extinct" fish)

    As in the movie Eragon dragons are incredibly intelligent.

    even in Chinese symbols, drragons stand for wisdom and power.

    I love dragons more than most things in my life. it is something that mystifies me into relaxation, it is my escape from all the trouble in the world.


    • I agree with draconic child. dragon are or were real and if they are we won’t find them, unless we are chosen to meet them. I see them in the clouds, in the trees, and in many things, it’s nice to think about something like dragons since we will never know what they look like, we can always dream up new and more awesome dragons.

    • oH my gosh. you are so dumb, the movie eragon, was, wait a minute, no… is more fictional than this! C’mon, how can you prove this is real? You know what, I feel bad for you, because you have probably been spending alot of time with spongebob and patrick.

      • I Have PROOF!!!!!!!!!!

      • that's not nice to say. spongebob and patrick are stupid but that doesn't mean draconic child. You must think I'm stupid too don't ya huh? Well you know what? I DON'T FREAKIN' CARE!!!! I love dragons and they are real. So please shut up.

        • im guessing your a 13 yr old girl who jacks off to dragons ………..
          okay in all seriousness though the fuck are you smoking dragons can't be real atleast not the ones that are talked about in the legends are current tech should be more than powerful enough to find a dragons remains if it existed if anything it would have looked like a giant version of the komodo dragon
          also intelligent dragons?! if dragons with intelligence comparable to humans existed it would have been them right now at the top of the food and chain and in control of this planet and humans would have been wiped out. The only reason humans didn't go extinct was because of our reproductive abilities and intelligence

          • you my good sir is an idiot, dragons are good hearted and friendly minded, if they wanted they coud rip your head of.

            And yes i am 13

    • sorry to disagree but the lockness monster is not real and there is no chance thatr a monster that big could have ever lived in such an area with lack of food!

      all photos of this monster derive from a man years ago who wanted to get rich an famous easily so he built a monster out of a toy submarine and attached a metal pole to the sub and added a head using a football and a mask!

    • I love dragons and dinosaurs. They are like my life! Even though I'm a girl, i still adore them. All my friends think I'm weird because I like them.But I don't care. It's just what I like and they can't change that.

      • same with me, i got like 5 friends and all find me weird, i love dragons and woud sell my soal just to ride once on the back of one

        • cool dream keep chasing it and i mean that not in a sarcastic way i love dragons too i mean i wouldn't give my soul just to ride one but i would love to ride one i think it would be sooooooooooooooo cool

    • Your right. If they are alive today they to smart to show themselves to all you dumb stupid people. If people know there real they won't let them live in peace. They will hunt them and shoot them and try to kill them all. Now I don't believe in bigfoot, the yedi, or the loch ness monster. I'm sorry, but I do know dragons were real.

    • I completley agree. There are thing in this world that we humans, supposedly the greatest living things on earth, have not discovered. I pray for the day when a dragon is found and is proven to be real. I just hope to be alive to witness it.

    • It's real I have a live real dragon named Spark I have been researching about dragons and one day I FOUND A EGG IT WAS REAL i port in a inculbator it hached its been 7 years since i had that egg so I'm looking after it, it going to lay eggs soon I will give one to you Draconic child in about a month from Milly.

      P.S secret dragon i found was at Toowooba QLD Queens park

    • dragons are real I have one real female dragon named spirk she is going to lay eggs in about a month i will give you 1 to find one trie QLD Toowoomba Queens Park from Milly.

      P.S write back please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! onlykiddi $1.00 just ng for FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sun Tzu's Daddy

      I'm not trying to convince anyone that dragons don't exist. That would be a waste of time. Draconic Child posted… "I love dragons more than most things in my life." "it is my escape from all the trouble in the world." Replace the word "dragons" with "drugs" and you can begin to understand why some people believe in dragons so whole-heartedly. And why they can't, not wont, but can't see the truth.

    • The Loch Ness Monster does not exist. The lake has been scanned using sonar technology and there was not a single body in the lake large enough to have been the monster. They also scanned and discovered that there are no cave or crevices leading to a deeper point in the lake. That one's busted. I think it's kind of ridiculous that part of your argument was based on a work of fiction. Eragon contains no factual evidence that you could effectively base your clame off of.

    • dude your idea is prolly the best ive known by looking at everybody elses comments. yes eragon shows a good bit how dragons were very intelligent and compared to bigfoot…some animals can just be stupid and wander into civilization. if dragons wanted to stay hidden then most likely their doing a pretty good job at it than the other mindless mystycal creatures caught on photo or video.
      not to sound funny or weird. dragons are real!!!!!

  • ok for one thing i did a little hoping around on this subject. the same “mokumentary” and with this story. its the same dragon in each of the photos as i seen under the links. this looks like it was taken before they “made it up to look like it was frozen”

    allthough it is probabal that dragons can exsist. dont say they do or that they have but mabe. its possibal in prehistoric times. its also probabal that every civilization around the world has dragons in thier art work. in the process of evolution as some one said. that weve taken the most feared and smashed it into some super being. if some actual proof does come by however. i wont be suprized that they are in fact real. if not its a nice little itch to think about, if they exsisted all together. but all in all. the picture is a fake.

  • Ive worked with all the animation software…nothing gets THAT good i happen to think its a real picture but even if its not u cant tell me there arn't dragons because there are. no way in hell that every part of the world had their own myths and the dragons are similar and have them be just myths watch the discovery channel sometime would ya'll? they proved its very possible that dragons did breathe fire and swim and all that good stuff…hate to crash on ur parade but sooner or later an "indisputable" dragon will be found and people wont be able to pass it off as a reptile or a dino. and thats the day ill laugh at the people that laughed at me for believing in dragons. and i looked on wikki….ya pretty close resemblance…but not the same as u can tell by closly looking at it…doesnt look like it was made it looks real…ive been in college for a while now for this stuff…thats almost impossible to create right now and make it THAT realistic. And knowing that its in a museum and if u look up more articles on this (which i did) there is a lot of stuff on it and illegal trading of the fossils oh and btw the person who said fossiles never come out like that…WATCH NATIONAL GEOGRAPHICS!!!!!! they just pulled up a dino with muscle and skin and all so your wrong too….god people research before u talk PLEASE it would save the trouble.

    • rock on dude

    • I agree with Ashy and Draconic kid. I saw it on animal planet!!!!!!! It was also on discovery channel. I totally think dragons are real. I think whoever thinks there fake are dumb. WATCH DISCOVERY CHANNEL AND ANIMAL PLANET!!!!! It's real. Okay. So would all non-believers please stop blabbering about it and just shut up please.


    • i todaly agree with you ive been fasinated by these wonderfull creatures my whole life and ive got teesed for beleving in them so i totaly agree

    • dude you are totaly right

    • I believe in them too but that doesnt mean its a damn good fake =/ animation, as well as models are getting better and better as time goes on, also I believe the casting molds are like.. right behind it if I'm seeing correctly.

  • wow and for the person who said dragons are dinos…wow man get ur head checked alright? and dragons r real i like the person using the excuse look at lock ness monster….hate to tell u but if u watch national geographics or discovery channel or read any real articles at ALL..they believe they found where lock ness is and they have a survalence video watching for him to come up….wow really plz look stuff up from the right sources…i cant believe the stupidity of some people….runing their mouths with wrong info…hope someday u wise up and pay attention

  • apparently it wont let me post my begining comment ill try again later

  • Anyone who thinks about it long enough will realize the whole idea of Dragons came from some dumb uneducated peasent in the Dark Ages finding dinosaur bones.
    As much as I wish they were real they aren’t an dnever were.

  • Maybe you dont want to believe these things cause youre too narrow minded?

    It's possible that things like this exist, you just dont want to believe it cause you need proof. So tell me, do you believe that God exists? Now, i'm not a religious freak, in fact, i dont believe in religion. but if a God exists, why can't dragons? theyre similar to dinosaurs and THOSE existed, right?

  • wow krist plz read my comment r u stupid? lord have mercy how many time do i ahve to show u people the logic go to school would u?!?! stop being so dumb

  • how did u find it???

  • dragon may be real. But I think they came from human brain when they discovered some dino fossils. Actually, western dragons and eastern dragons are not the same, you can see to it yourself. The eastern dragons are made from others animals’: they don’t have wings, body like a snake… and they have lot more power than the western dragons. Also, in eastern legend, the dragon used to be good, or they represented god, unlike western…
    This picture looked like some plastic man-made model!

    • R U F***ING STUPID?!?!?!?! the dragon is real. there is no way that back in 1996, a “fake” dragon could be made to look that real. ur a f***ing retard dude.

    • Have you ever heard of a man named Charles Darwin? Maybe some of his observations could help you to understand why, if dragons did exist, they would have different features in two totally different places.

  • KonhoaDragonwolf(a.k.a not my name)

    to all of u who belive this… thank u for staying true to the truth…

    • KONHOADRAGONWOLF, I dont know why but sometimes you feal like your the only one that belives in stuff like this, but your not. I SO belive in dragons! I studey them almost EVERY DAY. On the web and the COMPUTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • THANK YOU KONHOADRAGONWOLF. if you don’t believe in dragons you are missing out on the most amazing creation the world has ever seen. dragons may not be real now though i hope they are but they certainly could have been real back then. if you dont believe do some research. these are magnificent greatures that should be respected and revered. and for all who believe keep believing.

  • lol, you can clearly see that the place is a studio, i dont know why some people believe that, if they say it is a dinossaur almost like a dragon i think thats ok, but never a dragon ¬¬, this is the same as ”the man on the moon”. Lies Lies…

  • shad ican agree with you that it maybe a studio. i have seen this pic. in many diff. places. but that doesnt mean that they didn’t find actual dragon bones. just because the pictures on there does not mean thats what it looks like. and if you dont believe in dragons stop wasteing your time trying to make others believe they dont exsist. i suggest that you do some research on these magnifecnt creatures. and as i said earlier for all who believe keep believing.

  • i think that it could be real but that is dragon from europe not asia. the dragons that were told in the stories didnt look a thing like that. this dragon looks like one that is from either european or african staries and legends.

  • i knew they really excist!!
    ok, the fire and flying what for i hoped isn’t real,
    i knew it!!
    now people won’t laugh at me, ha!

  • For all of you who say dragons are real, but too smart to be seen by idiots… that’s probably why you’ve never seen one. Your grammar and spelling is atroctious. And that picture is from the Animal Planet’s “If they were real, then…” documentary. And if you believed that show, you have a lot to learn about dragons. First of which is that dragons have four legs.

    • not always baka. some do have just two.

    • atrocious

      Check your dictionary before you criticize others for their spelling.

    • ok, how many of you belive in jesus and god? how do we know for sure that they are or where real? we dont. but we still choose to belive in them for hopes to go to a better place when we die. its the same for dragons we have no real proof that they where real. but we still belive in them too… so for thoes of you who belive in jesus and god, dont make judgements and let the people who belive in dragons be.

    • you need mental surgery because if you don’t believeyou are D.U.M.B.

  • it looks real all these people saying it isnt.How do you think drawings of dragons came about.What about the mammoth they found whole hair and all.

  • For all of you who say dragons are real, but too smart to be seen by idiots… that’s probably why you’ve never seen one. Your grammar and spelling is atroctious.

    i think you better learn to spell atrocious before you go cutting other down for their lack of spelling.

    as to dragons…they were once real, what do you think leviathan was? no dinasaur breathed flames. behemoth was dinasaur…leviathan was a dragon. and GOD alone could control him.

  • Can’t be real the skin is still on the dragon if it was a fossil it be decaying

  • so, i was looking at the picture, right? it looks retarded. i scrolled down. YOU GUYS ARE IDIOTS.

    stop wasting your damn time arguing about if dragons are real or not. tell your mom to make breakfast and fix the sheets on your carbed.

    by the way, the guys trying to belittle the other kids on here…. yeah you’re just as stupid too.

  • This isn’t real…
    I believe Dragons may have existed and all but this is simply a human made copy for a TV Documentary. People have spent years trying to make things more realistic. You can find quite a few ‘dragon fossils’ on the net but you should’nt believe everything you read. Simply put, if Dragons did exist…we’d all be screwed.

  • Dragons are real stop saying that they are not…..

    by the way fairies are real too…… i see one every day LMAO

  • read my comments idiots….. i got u ur proof and crap so shut it ur all stupid try going to college……..

    • maybe we all dont wanna go to college coz some of us rather get the jobs we want or go to university!

      ur comments dont prove a thing as it is possible to find a dragon fossil in frozen clay coz they r no different to dinosaurs

      dinos:- reptiles, lived millions of years ago.

      dragons:- also reptiles, able to fly (probable)

      dinos :- some were able to fly as proven

      get my point!

      if dinos can b fossilized then so can dragons.

      bet u dont know dinosaur means and why it doesn’t suite the creature it describes do u!

  • oh ya and for the idiot that said since it has skin its not a fossil….fossils can be preserved like that they pulled up a dino that way idiot

  • wow i cant believe theres such thing as dragons if dragons exist then other fictinol animals are true like the griffen

  • Just look at where the picture is linked from. They didn’t even bother to try and hide the source.

  • nonofyour buisiness

    i saw this gimmick on the discovery channel… and they even said it was fake. they had a great story though; it was found frozen in ice by weary Chinese travelers (1 probably shat himself), and they turned it over 2 the Chinese government. @ the beginning of the episode they said the ‘dragon’ was a prop, they just used it 4 educational purposes. i saw it almost 2 years ago. the bottom line is: it is without a doubt a fake dragon, and maybe even a fake story. (the only thing more fun in life than being a fraud is exposing them! lol)

  • cool person named gilbert (not) : D

    was that a real dragon???

    my sister is doing a report on dragons and was looking looking for pictures so i got on the internet and search google images real dragon this is so cool wait until i email it 2 all frinds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    - cool person named gilbert
    (thats not my real name i just feel like putting something other then my name)

  • that is totaly FAKE i dont know why any body would belive that… i love dragons but i dont know how you call that a fossil a fossill would be bones and NO skin.thats pethetic im only 11 and i can tellthat its fake.

    • Well, im 11 too.
      And the two dragons they found were in a ice cave. alot of the skin was preserved by the ice. Like cave men freezing! And before taking any photos they patch up the torn skin to get a full idea of what it looks like! And it is called a phossil because the creature is exticnt and no longer alive. And by that i dont mean that the dead chicken you eat is a phossil. i mean that even though alot of the skin was saved by the ice alot of it wasnt and so they could see the bones!
      Come on. live a little. and beleive. theres so much chance and proof they lived! Animal Plante proved it! it was Dragons Made Real.

      • Brian Dragonflame

        sorry to say it but animal planit did not prove that dragons lived once. they did the exact opposit. they made a fake show and laghed at our faces.
        so now i hate animal planit

  • Dragons Are Real… One Day I was In My Backyard With My Friend Sarah And We were visiting in China, I saw Some HUGE FLY OVER OUR HEADS! It Had wings LIKE I HAVE NEVER SEEN! BUT NOBODY BELIEVES MY FRIEND AND I…. It Was A Dragon………

  • O_o wtf is wrong with you people.
    there WERE dragons but because of there thin bones there are hardly any fossils

    there may have been some frozen in a mountain. >.> Btw there may be some in the oceans butnot exactly dragons any more due to evolution… and poluttion God damn you people are Stupid Fucking shit suckling donkey rapists

    • i agree wiv u on that as people can not travel all over the sea and just find something new pop up an say hello!

      i believe evolution is real and i think i can prove fast staged evolution.

      think of it right, when ur born u start of a tiny cell thing grows an then splits in to 2, it goes on that way for 9 months until u r born as a full grow baby/babies. over the rest of ur life u never stop changing even after u died you decompose that is part pf ur life cycle

      (fast staged evolution)

    • Bryce, the one who thinks he's mighty

      I munch my s**t! And the donkey let me do it!

      Right click on the picture and select properties. The picture comes from a sight where they make stuff for movies.

  • I can tell that they have placed fake skin on that dragon, and there was actually a little movie on its life on animal planet called dragons Made real about a female in desprate need to mate. The female had two eggs but the male froze one of them, and then chick that lived was killed by warriors and the mother gave up on living as she was the last ever dragon! im 11 come on, give me a brake, i love dragons, nothing could fool me! and come on we have to beleve they came from some time when the dinosaurs were around and they survied by living in water like the turtles and crocdiles and things, and humans saw them and felt scared of them. And thats how in nearly every cultur has a dragon in their tales. They might have difrent names for them but they are all about the same looking mythical creatur!

    • i actually agree wiv u because most civilizations (before they had contact wiv other races and religions an so on) have a dragon or dragons in there history. take wales (the country) for example thats where im from an we hav had a dragon on our flag for 312 years and that looks very similar to other pictures dating back to early 15th century (1400-1500).

  • i beleive in Myhtical creatures

    If dragons lived dosnt that mean that unicorna and hypergriffs and all that junk lived too?

  • pis og polymic

    It is a good joke.

    from jens peter 8 years and hans christian 7 years

  • they are real… i agree with Ashy believe it or not i have seen a couple flying up in the sky believe and i know for a fact that they are real and if people would open their eyes they will actually see the undeniable proof that they are real… multiple times i have looked out the window and i have seen their foot prints in the snow during the winter i know for a fact they are real and they still excist… i have seen them seen undeniable proof of them… so i encourage you all to open your eyes and look around you at a world that you haven’t seen before cause you have had your head up your butts so long they are in fact real

  • no offense anyone cna make fossils in there own abck yard i bet you its totally fake but the thought of dragons existing is pretty cool but thats why we have books!

  • uhmmm there really is a dragon found in russia that is preserved too they are now undergoing on examining it
    it was showed at discovery channel and they provided all the logical facts about it
    it also has real inner organs like a liver and such….
    there is not only 1 dragon but 2 because theyre a mother and child


  • this may be fake but there are dragons out there somewhere! and othere mythical creatures! they are very smart to hide from humans.

  • yeah they’ve also found a werewolves head in texas(or mexico, not sure) some chik run it over and its like this huge dog/wolf head only like 5 times bigger lol not sure whether it turned out real or not or wtf that really was. just sayin. there are creatures out there who r smart enogh to hide from people or else they would be hunted down just like tigers and other animals or some stupid church wouldve named then “creatures from hell” or sumething and went after it with guns torches lol
    so yeah, and to all who says it aint real, well, you dont know. you cant prove a damn. you weren’t there when they’ve found it, and just because YOU don’t believe it doesn’t mean it donest exist

  • Unicorns could be real :]
    gimme a horse a knife aicecream cone and a sewing needle
    and a club so the horse doesnt feel it….
    i mean evolution could make it happen O.o
    i guess
    or more fhucking pollutants

  • and i also a gree with lein
    damn christians >.>

  • kool! i new dragons were real!

  • In all my study as a dragonologist I must say your finding is wrong by the image it seems to have two legs meaning it is a WYVERN dragon which can be found in African. The Tibetan or Chinese Lung Dragon has no wings and four legs. As I can see you made a small mistake and I hope I was helpful. I must say the history was correct. Maybe you should study Dragonology as much as the history part of it. If you need a Dragonologist to calm a chinese lung I am your person. To aslo find a live dragon as long as they are not killed for science. Thank you for your time.

  • I think it is real and know one can say it’s not ,anyway why would people waist their time trying to make it look like one and put it on the internet for no reson
    intrested in dragons

  • This is definitly fake, first of all, it was n a mockumentry on tv, and second a dragon would have no use for wings because of their body mass, wheatherthe wings are large or not. Use your brain people, not only is it common sense but if this were real it would’ve been glued to te news almost as much as the elections.

  • If you think that dragons are not real then think again. People have seen dragon’s all over the word and some of the have not just seen them they have make frinds with them, but don’t forget that dragon’s are still alive and some of them may bee among us.You’r besth freind could bee one of them.Look in ther eye’s to see who is one of them.

  • If you think that dragons are not real then think again. People have seen dragon’s all over the word and some of the have not just seen them they have make frinds with them, but don’t forget that dragon’s are still alive and some of them may bee among us.You’r besth freind could bee one of them.Look in ther eye’s to see who is one of them,and you will see the thruth

    • Bryce, the one who thinks he's mighty

      I’ve had a teacher with eyes that had almost yellow irises (her genes couldn’t quite decide whether to give her green or brown eyes). She also had a bit of a split in her toung from a childhood accident where she ended up biting her toung very hard. She’s not a dragon. I have two tiny holes at the front of the roof of my mouth that I can sometimes suck air through but unless my parents aren’t telling me something, I’m sure I’m not a dragon either.

      You can tell a lot about a person by looking into their eyes but I don’t think their species is one of the things you can tell.

      I am interested in what you are saying though because it suggests that either you are a dragon or you know somone who is. I’m pretty sure anyone like me who is searching for non-humans living as humans.

      By the way, the skelecton is fake, I saw the mocumentary it was made for. My mum called me in to watch it when it was on. She believed it was a real documentary.

  • fake. Use some critical thinking children.

    • i like ur name coz it proves that thinking to much can cause brain damage, unless… u were born that way

      ROFPMSLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • I AGREE. Ever since that show of actual living dragons I had higher hopes of actualy meeting one.I do love to draw dragons.It made me even more recognizable than before.This dragon looks like a eurapean dragon.I do research sometimes on my free time.

  • if u don’t believe in dragons watch the animal planet show on dragons. its really infomational. or if you don’t have that you can go to and type in animal planet: dragons. and the episodes will come up. just watch it. even if u don’t believe its a really good show.

  • I wanna know if this is real! I mean the fossil! Is it real?

    • i believe it is real as if u find pictures of other deceased creatures/animals they also look like that picture. all liquids and juices would have been evaporated during fossilization leaving just the skin and bones, all the insides would break down and decompose before the skin, so during fossilization it is possible to preserve the skin and maybe even some of the organs like the brain, heart, lungs etc.

  • I Love dragons, and I believe that they really do exsist…..but for some reason of all the facts I read and know about dragons, this picture couldn’t be true unless the dragon had died a couple years ago.If any one knows of Gaia, the earth goddess, she was said to have made dragons from the earth so dragons when they die go back to the earth as clay and no tract of them can ever be found.

    • yes i have heard that but dont forget the clay this dragon was found in was frozen so the liquids in the clay can’t rot the skin although under that pressure the remains would have been crushed unless they had been removed or frozen before any major damage could occur.

  • I also want to add that if it was a Asian Lung or Draco orientalis (chinese lung) it wouldn’t look like that, everyone can see that. That body is more like that of a European dragon or Draco occidentalis magnus.

  • i love dragons, hence the name, but i dont think this is a real dragon skeleton. first off its not bone. unless dragon skin does not decompose. but i have seen this draqgon fossil on the animal planet show Dragons : A fantasy Made Real. also this is not what a asian or chinese lung looks like as Ryu said.but that does not mean they did not find a real dragon. they just could have used a different picture.

    • this particular picture is a photo taken of the original fossil just after it thawed out (defrosted) and has been digitally enhanced to patch up holes in the skin using a specail program created for use on dinosaur fossils

  • well i love dragons too, but this fossil really looks like its not real :/ but we never know – they might really find a dragon fossils :) and who knows maybe even real ones :P and about the movie “Eragon” : the movie is terrible :S its made by a book with the same name, and i think that the book is really good (its written by 16 year old kid :O ) and it even have a second part – “Eldest” :) thats all

  • I think dragons rock and Ibalive tat the dragonis real!!!

  • yeah i believe dragons deffinatly were real and may still be as it is not possible to say that humans have been over every inch of the world an i could prove it as my friends dad is an archeologist/scientist and had been sent to work on another find only a few miles from this one. his report was that it is a reptile and could fly although it was alien (did not belong) to that specific area and it seems this “dragon” was of the same origin.

  • by the way for those of u that didnt know dinosaur is latin which translates “terrible lizard” yet most dinosaurs were not terrible as they were herbivores or just kept to them selves and stole eggs when the adults were not around.

    (reptiles yes,but not lizards)

  • oh and try reading the caption not just look at the picture because it says the dragon has TWO HORNS above its head and they are slightly curved!!!!!!!

    look at the picture again and u will notice that this “dragon” has FOUR visible horns that point straight back. :( :(

  • Hey people!!!! The article says they stripped the clay off of the dragon!!! (They never said it was encased in clay)

  • Omg is that dragon real?… Cause if it is like omg… i wanna see one in personne… They look so cool, but evil in the same time “who cares” :P

  • I believe that Dragons are real. I mean if bigfoot is real and Dinosaurs are real then who’s to say that a Dragon isn’t real! Yes I know that this Dragon fossil could be a fake but that doesn’t mean that they roamed the Earth.

  • Jeez peoples. Stop blaming each other for believing or not believing. Just coz this one in the picture looks real fake (it really does..everything about it just does..) yea just coz this one doesn’t look real, doesn’t mean dragons don’t exist. I mean, ok, it sounds weird..these huge, mystical creatures lurking around the place..but still. You never know. They could’ve existed. I’m chinese and i know the chinese one didn’t exist. ( sorry guys, it really is just a myth..long story but.) But that doesn’t mean all dragons didn’t exist. Just close your eyes and believe. It never hurts to have a little imagination. And for those of you that refuse to find any, that your problem then.

  • ok, at first glanse it could look real, but id you look at it, you will see that the immage quallity of tha dragon, is better than that of the background. therefore, its a fake. and there is no model of it.

    i know dragons where and still are real, but sadly, this isent one of them.

  • Dragons are real, and i have proof of it. I have personaly seen one and i believe with all my heart that dragon not only did walk the earth but still do….. But the skull wasnt that convincing.

  • ok every one knows that china is pretty much a closed off country. the government will do anything to scare its people and keep the tradition. so whoever posted this is full of shit.

  • Come on, people! Anybody notice how the describe this as a reptile then write, “It is an amphibian”? HELLLO! It can’t be both, nimrod! Is there ANYTHING credible about the person who wrote this “article”??? How about some simple editing to see if the sentences are written correctly? Professionalism? Give me a stinkin’ break!

  • lol, dude

    thats that fake dragon animal planet used to make that one show,dragons: a fantasy made real.

    heres a link:

    they show that thing throughout the movie/documentary/whatever you want to call it

    • If my other comment actually appeared, I want you to read it immediately after reading this.

      There were no fake dragons used to make that show. It was computer animated, you fat tard.

  • ok ill say this once and to you athists dont grip at me one the earth is not billions of years old two its 6000 years old three for anything to be in that good of condition it must have recently died it may be fake but you never know four the name dinosour was not around until the 1850s i believe five dragons in the bibble were dinosours and yes it talks about fire breathing dragons and six they actuly have soft tissue of dinosours and if you want a better idea of what im going on about whatch the kent hoven dvds

    • Listen Charles if the world was only 6000 years old then that would mean that more than half of you precious bibles old testiment is a lie, and the scientists that find fossils of cephalopods like the Nautilus that lived (and still live) millions of years ago, are lying which in turn also says that this universe was created very recently. Incase you do not get the picture, if this planet was made 6000 years ago then I,m not sitting at a computer typing this, I would be dead along with the rest you humans because we would all be burned into oblivine. Sorry to bust your bubble but if you think that the dragons in revolations are dinosuars then you truly are a very uninteligent person. By the way most of your bible is prophcy, even more so is the book of revolations.


  • That is really neat! I have never seen anything like it! Well, no one has.

  • It really is surprising that some people can make such a strong attempt to look somewhat intelectual, yet they have yet to master some of the simplest grammar rules. When you type like there is no punctuation or “shift” button on your keyboard, then you are a moron. And when morons debate on topics like this, you simply drop your own believability. Take Charles for example. I can’t quite be sure of it due to the jibberish he inserted into the comment, I think he is ripping on Atheists. But when you argue against something and you can’t even spell what you are arguing against correctly, then you need to die. You need to tie yourself to a suicidal teacher and wait for it, Because you have no place as a living person. I’m an Atheist, but if you are Christian, then i hope that your fantasy comes true. I hope Heaven and Hell are real, and you go to Hell and Satan sticks a needle in your eye. I hope you enjoy swimming in a boiling pot of oil from Iraq with a pitchfork up your ass.
    A stubborn Atheist jackass that believes Dragons once existed.

  • I believe its real, i found pictures all over the internet of other dragons, its about time someone found a mummified dragon.

  • I do not know whether this is real. But it is most definitely NOT the prop from Dragons: A Fantasy Made Real. Google that prop and you will see obvious differences in the color of flesh, horn shape, etc… I firmly believe that dragons are real, and may even be alive today. As for that corpse..I am undecided.

  • I got to this site by an accident while looking for pictures on google. Well then I test to read everything… Well let’s see… One of the WORST spelling I have ever seen… And Thomas I see your point there. This picture is fake yes. But it doesn’t mean that dragons have never existed or that they exist in this very moment. But that about seeing dragon footprints in winter and that. That’s what I call complete and utter BULLSHIT. Well that’s all what I wanted to stand.


  • personally i take no side in this fake/real argument but wouldnt (if the scientist REALLY wanted to keep it preserved) it be in a case or on a table of some sort before they took a picture? and how would they know the flash wouldnt do anything to the artifact? so far we have stories really and thats it. unless we can get proof of DNA and stuff from the dragon then currently they are still myths. they could have existed yes but no proof.

    p.s: dont get pissed off at the coments, they are peoples opinions and they have the right to say as they wish wether it is stupid or not.

  • eww! i saw a dragon a comodo dragon in vietnam

  • a saw dragon who has 7 balls combine them all your wishes will come true..see you in japan..

  • I lol'ed… I actually used to have pictures of guys building this prop for animal plants show. It's not real. It was basically a IF dragons were real show.

  • I tell people over and over again but they just wont clean the crapout in their frontal lobe. This is probably the 1,000 sight I’ve posted a comment up. Believe me or notI have thisfealing that just flows through my blood that tells me they are real. When I have this fealing I am never wrong, never! Learn to live with dragons because they are coming out of hiding and we can’t stp that.

  • I have proof and those who want to know it go to 1925 Katarski Street in threelakes Wisconsin. Ask for Chris before thehour of six o’clock.

  • they did with dragon was use parts from different animals and shape it in to a dragon like they did with jassic park (just shaped it with clay and a made a model out of it), like josh said thers no referances, wheather or not if this animal lived or not

    • better get your facts together anthony. If you think they aren’t why don’tyou make one out of clay. Don’t make up an excuse that you can’t. I love these creatures and am willing to fight someone until we die to prove they are real. So think before you write

  • Sally’

    I have marked this page and will come back if you answer. I think,. Long ago dragons had intercourse with mankind. The human genome took, but a great part of the dragon still existed inside.
    There were very powerful large wizards, that had a good deal of dragon inside of them.
    I have to ask you, I know that dragons ate meat, but what are, were their physiologies like?
    Is there anything that can be done for a person, because of the gene times we are going through, that has some of the ancient dragon in him, coming out. Its like a talon in the back of my lower tibia on my right leg. Its starting to grow through my Achilles tendon and will have to be operated on.
    I also know, that dragons and wizards were very intimate, at the time of the wizards mental dirges.
    Dragons would kind of wrap themselves around a wizards shoulder, in buddy fashion to console him, as dragons were the only species that a good wizard would get close to him.
    What do I do? It seems that I’m not covered under the a hidden alien co base agreements, please?
    MOP, please let Sally know of this post, this is not a joke.

  • well, i do enjoy the article – actually, we will never know if dragons are real or not….

    anyway – they found the fossil under the sea ??
    well, if in that case, the sea water will keep its skins attach…..

    no wonder its not just bones….


  • Whether dragons are real, we just simply do not know. One can argue either way, and both sides have reasonable arguments.

    The fact of the matter is that THIS specific picture is not a real dragon. This is the product of a special effects company. This is most probably going to be the 4th of 5th time this link will be posted, but here it is again.

    There is nothing wrong in believing in something like this, but you can’t call people names for something they believe or don’t believe it. Please. Stop the name calling and have a reasonable debate.

    Courtesy, people.

    • enough is enough i have the answer. It is yes that they do exist I saw one outside my window. If you want more information on this my email is so stop fighting and shut up they r real and everyone knows it they just dis them so they won’t look like an idiot if their friends come on

  • ok dudes, i’ve got a question. as i assure, most of u r followers of god/s. u believe in god’s, but there’s as little evidence of them existing as for dragons. and as for the eyes; there r hundred of different kinds of eyes, each animal type has different eyes, so maybe dragons had some special eyes too? about the body looking so good; don’t forget that that some dudes said that dragons existed in medieval times(and if u wander why they weren’t written somewhere, then maybe because dragons weren’t rare at those times, so it was no big deal to write about them. or maybe as someone from the top said, it was found in ice).

    • it still doesnt matter if it was found in ice. we find mammoths in ice and yet we find only the bones of these mammoths, and we find this dragon in perfectly good condition when they were around before mammoths. there is no possible way!

  • if you never saw it with your eyes, it doesn’t mean it’s not exist..

  • k, listen. i honestly do love dragons, but i have to agree with most people when i say that that dragon is fake because there is no way that that thing can have survived for that long no matter where it was found. yes dragons did survive a long time ago, but if you would think about it, mammoths came to this earth after dragons, when we find these mammoths, yes there are sorta in good condition, but look at them. mammoths came to this earth about 20 million years ago. and when we find a mammoth, its has been deteriated by the enviroment. plus they have been underground just like this so called dragon. if we find mammoths, we find only the bones. yet we find a dragon that has been long gone even before mammoths, in that good of shape, with(well it looks like skin still attached) to the dragon, there is no possible way that that so called dragon could be in that pssible shape. if that is in fact a dragon, it looks like it might have died a couple of years ago. so with that, that means dragons are out there hiding but this one didnt make it!

  • mountain dragon

    Dragons are realistic especialy the mountain dragon. The one that i saw in this picture is a baby that is tortured by humans in thier time

  • its a fake i seen it on another site someone made this i no u’ll prob disagree but it don’t matter to me cuz i no the truth i just thought i’d put a word in if i can find the site again ill b sure to post it for u

  • We exist. there is at least 15% of this planet untouched
    by filthy humans. We are smarter than you stronger, and faster. We survive without destroying everything, as for this “fossil” when flesh dries out it mummifies the body, if there was drought for a long period of time, then clay is sufficient, as for mammoths, they were probably eaten prior to being frozen. We have been here since the begining and will remain when it ends, every thing has an opinion even the trees, weather or not you belive is up to you but just know that if it were up to me, every last human on this planet would die. Just as my family before me. Just because you do not belive in something does not mean it is not there. Take the United States for example no one ever dreamed that some one would attack the “GREAT” country, but look what happened. Although I hate all of you I am not with out simpathy. Because the fact of the matter is you have no idea how close to death you really are.

    • Bryce, the one who thinks he's mighty

      A dragon in a part of the world where they can learnt to read and write English untouched by “filthy humans” able to access the internet? Unlikely but I still have things to say to you.

      The “fossil” is fake, it was made for a documentary that looked at the idea of what dragons would have been like if they existed.

      If you think you are a dragon this is what I have to say to you:
      Our actions are bringing you close to death as well, destruction of all life on the planet means the destruction of you aswell. I pitty you too. Dragons can only fly so high, wings wont help you fly away from the problem when the air gets too thin for them to work.
      I already have plans to help reduce my species’ negative impacts on the environment and it is not directly my fault that your family is dead.

      If you don’t think you are a dragon (hopefully) this is what I have to say to you:
      Your story seems a bit over exaggerated. Yeah, the people running America did get a bit over confident. Something tells me you are concerned about the environment, I am too. So… you think every last human should die, I have a friend who hates everyone around him, I think he feels the same way. Mammoths could have had the flesh eated off them but then their bones would have been jumbled. It is more likely that the flesh rotted away. The dragon fossil looks to stylised to be a proper dragon’s. The spikes on the back of the head would limit it’s range of movement, not a smart idea for a flying hunting creature that needs to turn it’s head easily to keep track of it’s prey. Aslo, if you look at the properties for the picture by right clicking on it and selecting properties you can see the picture comes from a sight that talks about it as one of the things the people made.

  • yeah. i believe this is true!
    i dont care wht other people say i love dragons i havea huge collection of them
    i believe the may still be some frozen.
    froen but alive if you get me!
    screw all u people who jump to conclutions!

  • I believe this picture is fake. It looks just like the one used in the Animal Planet fake documentary, which I saw a few years ago. I'm not going to call anyone stupid, but I don't believe dragons are real. It could be possible that they're real, but I highly doubt it. If anything, I think they lived long ago. If they did, I don't think the breathed fire. Personally, I think that dragons are eather dinosaur bones found long ago, or exagerations of animals that gradually became dragons. I wish dragons were real, but I don't think they are.

  • oh yeah, one more thing. For everyone who says that they have proof that dragons are real, just show me it and I’ll believe you. You can’t expect people to believe you if all you do is say you have proof.

    • Brian Dragonflame

      but there is proof if u look at it. every religion has a dragon in it 2/3 of the storys that were made in 1400s and the clames that came with the storys

  • Hey everybody, check out my website for more info on how real dragons are!!!!! go to google and look up Darkfires dragons & more. and to all of you who dont believe in dragons, dont visit my website. it is strictly for believers

  • I have also seen the show(Animal Planet) and have been to several Dragon sites. I read the article several times and it says nothing about the picture being the actual fossils they found. I think it is just a reference picture of what the fossils might look like if put together and skin applied. They also said in the article they found Fossils not an entact body. The picture is a what it might look like picture. I think that is a no brainer.

  • I believe dragons existed. The thing about how know one has found any other dragon remains falls into a theory of mine. And if your a christian you're going to hate me, but keep in mind this is a theory, but can be backed up if you think about it.

    Dragons were hunted down by christian knights who called themselves Dragonslayers. They thought dragons were the creatures that remained from Lucifer's fall called Seraphs. (Today, seraphs are the highest order of angels, but in the past they were winged serpents created by Lucifer to spread corruption. Look it up if you don't believe me.) Becuase of this, Dragons were hunted and killed. To hide away the 'evil bones of the beast', churches built large rooms underground to hide all remains of dragons. That is why dragons are depicted as evil creatures in the bible. They were paganized like many creatures once thought as good. Fairies were paganized into evil spirits that run amucked in forest. Dragons, whose myths state that they can provide great knowledge, were paganized because Christians believed people would turn to dragons for advice instead of God, and therefore were turns into 'evil creatures of Lucifer's rule'. This is my belief on why dragon bones are never found. I've had dreams that explain these things to me. Why? I don't know. Maybe someone wants me to prove that dragons truly existed, and that the proof lies under the oldest churches in the world….

  • ur a total weirdo man n that was a crappy example I’m not tellin u not to believe I’m just sayin that pic is a fake believe all u want b/c I like to believe that somethin like that did exist cuz its awsome.

  • that comment was to odomak

  • If you are 40 years old and are studying dragons, here’s an idea for you. Get your fat nerdy ass off the couch, move out of mommy’s house, go get a life, and posssibly get laid.

  • The picture is fake, obviously. If it was real, it wouldn’t be lying there in the middle of the room, it’d be encased and protected. Also, would you really think that this kind of thing wouldn’t have made it on the news already if it was posted on the web like this?
    I believe dragons existed at some point. How else could one explain how so many different cultures across the world, many which had no contact with one another during that time, all have legends, myths, carvings, etc. of the same creature? As much as most of us want to believe the picture is real, it’s not.

  • well, personally i love dragons and i just think that it is not possible to preserve something like what is pictured above….. not to mention that the article does not mention any other sites or links, do you think that they would have at least have REAL scientists take a look at it. geez…..

  • Seriously, get lives, go outside and play, become someone important. Heck, become scientists and archeologists and prove what you say, until then, kids, realy..proof is not on the net, its in llife. Go get girlfriends and stop being cyber geeks or you will all die as creepy lonely old men…

  • I have pets looks exactly like that, I called them Butiki and it lays eggs also, they eat insects but it’s smaller in size you can even put them in your fingers… who wants one?

  • Well I think that the pic above looks freaky to me and not only freaky but scary and cool,But where did they finde it at and that how is that possible that they can carry that thing??Well I hope I get my answer soon have to go pease.

  • Oh come on. This is the prop that they used on Animal Planet about dragons and how they could have existed. If you watch the show you will see this prop in ice partly thawed out.

  • it still could be draco occidentalis magnus

  • Brian Dragonflame

    I know for a fact That dragons lived once on earth. I know they died out.The storys and legends are true.The evidence is all around us. under our houses. on the stone walls in the oldest temples in the world. I can tell you why they died. They died because of humans.they died the same way that every thing in the stage of man died. If we give up looking we will never fined one. I know it is not right for us to kill and for get what we killed. So never sotp looking for some day we will fined a dragon. all i know is that it can be any where! In the volcanos, under the ocian, frozen in ice , or even under your own home. as long as we look for a draco occidentalis magnus(dragon) we will fined one. Never stop looking! If we stop looking then we can’t see it right when it is under our noses.

    Fake or not this is the closest thing we have to what we are looking for!!

  • wow that is real it saw incredible

  • i belive the dragons are real

  • you know people are quick to say that things arnt real becuase they do not see the things in person or touch i think all the info in the world could not convince some but i beleave for one reason there is history and 99.9% of the time when there is a history of people talking or saying they were here around at one point or even a hole civiliszation {chiniese} that beleave they were around well damnit there real god sis you should not have to see him to beleave in him well there is more proof of dragons then god and i beleave in god most do my only regret is that there are not any alive today because they would be amazing creatures HMM But Are There

  • evelyn quade,
    I’m going out on a limb here, but as i myself am just begining to accept the possibility of these mythological creatures being real. is there anything that you could tell me that might help me to gather more “real” information. I would welcome an email from you on this topic @
    However this is for Evelyn Quade alone anyother email especially the negitive hate type will be preceaved as Spam and reported as such. I would welcome any comments here on the blog. I have always been interseted in Mythology and Mythological creatures. Even to the point of trying to trace the myth to the truth. But it has only been the last few years that I have thought there might be truth to the Dragons as they in the stories.
    I would welcome a point in the right direction to research these magnificent creatures.
    Thanks winked101

  • chingkulingkang, if you are for real in other words no dressed up lizards. i would be interested. even if they are not dragons i think my boys would love them as would i. could you email me with more info such as cage size food needs and general care. also the cost and what they are called. thanks
    Sincerely Winked101

  • is that d dragon till a live???

  • dude, its obviosly dead, retard i mean, its a FOSSIL, read it and ask the same stupid question again retard

  • dude i culd put total bull on wiki if i wanted to. -_- wiki is not dependable

  • lick it, if it tastes like jerky, then its real, if it tastes like paint and glue then its not, problem solvered :)

  • this is so fake
    this dragon was from the movie dragons made real watch it a see for your self
    i belive i dragons and i wont to find real prof

  • i think dragons are real but im not sure if that's real


  • hey dragons are real if you know how to reborn them once agian

  • dragons are real you half to beleilve in them a then they will come to us

  • i read it in national channel and itss not fake ITS JUST A REPLICA

  • Definately not a real photo, however, I still think dragons may have been real in the past. As the scientists are now having to rethink most of the dinosaurs that were once found because of incorrect information, so, possibly some of the fossils that were found belong to dragons.

  • I always thought dragons were myths. Then I thought that dragons might have evolved from dinosaurs. I think that artical is telling the truth. Now I think I might have been right that they evolved from dinos! It's not a dinosaur. It's obvious that it's not from the head shape and the wing type arms.

  • if you look in the the background of the picture you'll notice that It was taken in an art studio not a musiem .
    so if you think its real then remember what, pt barnum said "there is one born every minute"

  • weelll i belive that dragons dothe p exist but it realy hard 2 belive and REALY iF WE EXIST WHY CAN DRANGONS DONT EXIST OR DO THEY well still it very interestin because you never know wen history will be told im gonna be freaked out! well wo cant be freaked out well maibe well youst maibe 2012?im sooo freaked out! and confused because 2012 every body says the end of the world blah blah blah but it haves alot of sense because in 2000 in the bible says that it was goin 2 be the end of the world noting hapened but in 2002 WAT HAPPEN WORLD TRADE CENTER WAT HAPPEN its crazy well i let my coment go because im gonna stay all day tryying 2 figure out this well take care every body and tnx 4 reading PR

  • Just looking at the name of who wrote this proves it's fake. Sun Tzu?! After being dead for about two and a half millenia, he decides to write a false article about dragon fossils? And, after doing so well with The Art Of War…

  • My beliefs are sinominous with Kriss77 and don't give me that bull about not wanting to believe I worship dragons and have spent many a small fortune in the buisness of purchasing items with their likeness. It's fairly obvious that in the early years some bone head saw dino bones and created the story. All myths and it make me sad to say it but I say it again MYTHS start from some thread of fact. even wearwolves. Love your comment Kryss77 keep it straight.

  • This is to Julie.

    I never said that this picture of my ancestor was real or not.
    However if you want to get nitty gritty about it. If this “fossil” was found in china it would have to be a Ying-Lung (as its called by the Chinese)but seeing as how its fairly small I doubt this is an actual picture. Also this picture obviously does not go with the article, there is no mention of wing span. Which means it is more likely talking about a “Ping” as it is called (by humans) and did something heroic, as that is how we earn our horns (kind of like the american purple heart).

  • You should not worship us. We are not gods if you want to be closer to us then go a more pagan route. Sun tzu is a pin name, and as for every one who says we don’t exist 1.You hurt my feelings and 2.If you say we don’t exist then explain, defend your opinion. I’m sure everyone else would like to hear your opinion. I know that I would love to hear why i’m not here typing in this article.
    Also do I know you Odomak?

  • love animlas/creats

    I believe that there could have been dragons' at some point if life, the were reptile's. And in are time we have living reptile's right is front of are eyes. I think they were here back in the dinosaur days. But not now.

  • pra min eh real por que eu gosto de dragoes e queria que fosse real :D

  • dudes i totaly agre with what ashy has said

  • i totaly agre with what ashy said

  • dragons hide in the deep woods of china pakisan and north where pirates are

  • dragon are tash

  • im a werewolf dragon sucks

  • am a drangon so what you going to do a bout it

  • and you brandon u suck ball ok because werewolf suck ball too

  • like i said werwolfs are beter idiot

  • funny werewolf eat dodo just like your family wolf

  • im aslo a werewolf got a problem jonas

  • for all you people saying that dragons are real just cause they've been mentioned it different cultures
    so are vampires,gods and uh…..stuff i can't really recall right now!


  • I believe they are real and it is very hard to convince people, I call myself a junior paleontologist and I have a huge interest in these sort of things. I believe

  • A croc caught a passing by Pteranodon then got freaky with it and had a baby dragon. Who knows? Since they found the mammoth in the ice. I think it just looks just too good to be true. Dragons are cool but I don't think they would've looked exactly like that. I would think if they were water dwellers the skin wouldn't of lasted this long. But If they were part croc their wings probably couldn’t support them anyway. Who knows they've foung sea serpents with reptilian wings.Right?

  • it is not a dinosaur! cant you see the wings?and the triangle tale? and the horns?by the way dragons lived in the dinosaur time!(they are still living now but they are hiding for the human beings)

  • @ ashy – Ok, if you're going to flame someone and accuse them of being dumb, then PLEASE FIX YOUR GRAMMAR. I mean, really?? "how many time do i ahve to show u people the logic go to school would you?!?!" Come on. Don't accuse someone of being undereducated when you yourself seem to have trouble constructing a coherent English sentence.

    Oh, and this came from that discovery documentary a while back, didn't it? That documentary was made purely as an investigation into what dragons would have been like if they were real, and as such this is nothing more than a prop used in an interesting show.

  • it's weird. people don't believe things they never see. i completely understand. there are scientists who don't believe in dragons because they think that dragons are a myth and they haven't found the evidence. but some scientists believe in aliens because we live in such a vast universe that we can't be on the only planet with life in existence, but they have never seen aliens, they only hear about UFOs or pictures of UFOs. i believe in aliens because our universe is so big. i also believe in dragons because there are legends about them all over the world. just because you don't see it, doesn't mean that it never existed. my chemistry teacher used to say this about chemistry: what you are learning is a lie and it's going to change in the next ten years. i believed her about the change part because in my very short life so far, the image of the atom has changed three times for my. first there was this… and then it changed to and then finally, there was the electron "cloud", so now the first two images are considered "invalid" by my science teachers. we don't really know what atoms look like, but they are there. so just because we've never seen a real dragon or maybe a believable dragon fossil does it mean that dragons never existed? i don't think so, i think that we just haven't found evidence that was good enough for the world to accept

  • This looks so fake.

  • The picture is from the movie "Dragons World: A Fantasy made real"

  • Black Dragon Flower

    Man I knew they were real, there wasn’t any proof till now, and besides why would a dragon want to fly during the day in which they are easy targets for dragonslayers.To avoid that they are active during the nighttime of course none of you nonbelievers would know that because you probably are asleep and don’t even try to spend the whole night traveling to find them.What lazy people you are!

  • Black Dragon Flower

    sasa’fira I deal with the same thing except it’s my family that thinks that…did you know that every single person has a dragonspirit within them and if you can become one with it you can ask it to turn you into a real one? I’ve been doing it for sometime and I am getting close!

    • u r such an idiot dragons may have lived on earth but what your saying is just rediculious ok and you can not become a dragon you are a human being

  • dragons are real i have been studying my entire life. andmy research shows that they ha!

  • and you haters can suck it!

  • me & my bro was watching tv on history or discovery theate…. long time ago
    they were talking about dragon fossils & showing it, where is live & stuff that it cool….
    we say its real….
    if none dont think its real we would like to see somone try to make it like that & have a animation software, chinese people to look at the fake that u/somone make & then look at the real one…

  • What the ???? I absolutely loooooooooooooove dragons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How the hell did u find 1.

  • if dragons really existed, that's nice, but if they still existed until the present day, that would be great. but i'm not sure if this thing is real. actually, im a very-not-sure-of-things guy. theres a bunch of dudes and dudates out there that thinks that they, themselves, are some kind of genetic mutation that allows them to mutate into a dragon and turn back into their human for at will. theres a bunch of forums from other websites that says about that, and while reading them forum threads, i was like "O.o what the-" and "…wow…" and sometimes "what the f— is a merlin's staff?"

  • the guy found a dinoursour and called it a prof it still has organs muscelsn ect. in it. look at the picture: its hollow if it was found on somthing like animal planet its gotta be REAL

  • Dragons are real because here is a website that YOU will love honestly here… there you go read it all and it has to contact your own dragon so YOU can ride it ITS TRUE but DONT TYPE IN GOOGLE type it in the search bar the 1 up the top k HAVE FUN ON YOUR OWN DRAGON!!!

  • HAHAHAHA by Sun Tzu
    for those that dont know who sun tzu he was the author of the art of war. as amazing as this would be the simple fact that they put by Sun Tzu makes it ineligible.

  • i love dragons and in my opinion thats real! iv seen all the dragon movies made and like everyone of then tells that dragons are extremly smart.

  • fake fake fakity fake FAKE

  • so for those of you who have doubt about if dragons are or were ever real or not then think of modern times. think of all the strange animals we have found that were said to be extinct. so everyone who believes in the theory of evolution and are denying the fact that dragons may exist, where did snakes jesus lizards winged lizards and many many other reptiles evolve from?
    you all think that birds evolved from lizards but how is that possible if the dna structures are so far off?
    im just saying that i agree with ashy dont coment or speculate until you have done some seriouse exstensive reaserch that is real not just on the internet cuz google is probably not the best resource for all you redneck scientists. its all good ashy i got your back. think smart, not hard all you people in denial. when you can show proof that they never have or could have exsisted then i will believe thats true.

    • Sun Tzu's daddy

      So if I show you proof that dragons never existed, thats the only way you'll believe me. I understand where your coming from, but lack of evidence to the contrary is not proof of dragons' existence. Hence the saying goes "proof positive" not "proof negative". I don't think it's very productive to call people redneck scientists just because they disagree with you. You don't have to insult people to make a point and it makes you come off as someone who just wants to argue.

  • Dragons are similar to dinosaurs? Why? Because someone dug up dino bones and put on wings, horns, etc. without performing anatomical analysis? They looked at a lizard, and made them out to be the descendants, long lost cousin, or whatever relation to a mystical and great being?

    No matter how much you try to keep it away, logic is the purest form of the universe. Everything has a formula, it just has to be discovered. THAT is my OPINION, not PROVEN to be FACT.

    Quarks, hadrons, atoms, molecules, cells, tissue, organs, organ systems, organisms. This is what we're made of.

    Oxygen, nitrogen, other sets of perfectly normal chemical gases. This is what we breathe.

  • The above 2 statements were not known to the people of the ancient past. This lack of information caused them to wildly turn to more magical properties, to find explanations for things that they couldn't understand.

    5) Humans seek to understand as much as possible, unless they have determination not to. That determination, however, is not a natural part of human behavior. Knowledge-seeking is. In trying to understand the world, the lack of science set no boundry to the levels of imagination the people were left to.

    6) Human personalities are not manipulated by pure and mystical essences such as "souls". Whether or not there is a soul is not relative. Your personality is born entirely from your environment, and the reactions you give to the environment, the experiences building up to create a being that has, at most, one view of the world. It is a fact that the environment is what influences your beliefs, because your environment consists of friends, family, etc. that manipulate you by telling you stories of mystical things and whatnot. That is how the legend of dragons is passed down.

  • if dinosaurs were real why not dragons?

  • well, if dragons lived millions of year ago, then dragons and dinosour's fossils would be the same, it's like we call them dinosaurs here and they call them dragons there in china!!!

  • And what if dragons are only tales ! or if there were really real dragons in ancient times…Who knows the answer?
    Unless we dont see a real dragon no one will believe on one side of the answer.

  • Er is it just me or can you see the CASTING MOLDS behind it? pretty good fake I'd say. Not everything is true on the internet

  • Yeah Chinese are idiots. This fossile was declared an composite of various other fossils and an complete FAKE. But they wont listen.

  • yeah ………right dragons are NOT real

  • doesnt annyone think that maybe they could become 1 with the earth

  • What we find simply amazing is that both sides are saying that what they say is true. And nothing can be more further from the truth. History will tell who was right and who was wrong. Our idea about dragons mostly came from a mystical legend. Arthurian legends. But most of it came from the Orient, Asia, prior to the becoming of the Arthurian Legend. Why dragon? The term dragon is more of an adjective than a noun. It is an exaggerated term for gigantic, dangerous, evilish. What the people call dragons in the ancient times we now call dinosaurs, lizards, crocodiles. Our dragons in the modern times are the large crocs caught in tv. The metaphysical dragon that we are most familiar of, is the flying reptile, is just a personification of qualities and ideas elevated into something surreal that we come to derive as not ours. Those metaphysical dragons are attributes of the human condition which now is no longer applicable, come the age of rationalization. Children's dreams are filled with fantasy which we have to admit have their own sense of reality. Those fantasies of children actually do come in touch with the reality we live in now.

  • Remarkably well written post!!

  • I hate to break it to you folks but this is a model… a statue… a prop. From an artist known for monster and creature sculptures.

  • TashiWitekauha


  • Another fine example of just how gullible people on the internet are…

    • It was found but not in china o.e truely it was in Romania in the mountains in ice caves I’ve done a lot of research in it and whoever posted this doesn’t know shit lol he needs to do a moth research like I did to see if it was real or not and it is

  • It was found in Romania not china

  • The only dragons left after the official end of the dinosaurs were pterodactyl. I suspect their ability to travel the world to find a place to survive. In the million of years since the end of their competition, they they would have enough time to evolve different characteristics as they moved to other places.Some groups may have become isolated from others for a variety of reasons. As mankind began to take over the earth, they would wipe out most the animals,. like we have done with many other threats or competitors. It is possible a few may have survived up til the advent of firearms. With fire breathing dragons, it may have been ignitable saliva or air which caught fire by the hunters waving fire at the animals.
    There is usually some truth behind many legends, we may never know for sure.

  • if there was a dragons fly i had hid in a house a big house

  • if there was a dragons fly i had hid in a house a big house

  • this is real, alright.
    watch this…
    a documentary about the finding of the dragon corpse:

    the way dragons survived after the end of dinosaurs was because they had a cousin species…
    marine dragons.
    dragons that lived underwater, big reptiles, that came to shallow waters after the big meteorite event.
    this slowly evolved them back into land dragons, which went extinct after the big event.

    this happened all over the world, and this is the reason dragon stories were all over the world.
    because dragons were as well.
    all adapted to their surroundings, so never completely the same, but they had one common ancestor.
    forest dragons from japan.
    desert dragons from egypt.
    mountain dragons from romania.

    there seems no end to this.
    its like one puzzle piece, connecting dozens of other puzzles…

    why are you still reading?! go watch it! o-o

  • this is real, alright.
    watch this…
    a documentary about the finding of the dragon corpse:

    the way dragons survived after the end of dinosaurs was because they had a cousin species…
    marine dragons.
    dragons that lived underwater, big reptiles, that came to shallow waters after the big meteorite event.
    this slowly evolved them back into land dragons, which went extinct after the big event.

    this happened all over the world, and this is the reason dragon stories were all over the world.
    because dragons were as well.
    all adapted to their surroundings, so never completely the same, but they had one common ancestor.
    forest dragons from japan.
    desert dragons from egypt.
    mountain dragons from romania.

    there seems no end to this.
    its like one puzzle piece, connecting dozens of other puzzles…

    why are you still reading?! go watch it! o-o

  • That was a docufiction made by natgeo young sir, if you watch from the real channel it will mention that all the documentaries are fiction.. though it was really well made, kinda left me disappointed

  • Nevermind. )~:

  • @Shreyash Govalkar So your supposition is that the last dragons lived in Europe, yet you mention a fossil species only found in N America? o.O Also, according to most reliable scholars, dracorex hogwartsia is not it’s own species, but an early development stage of pachycephalosaurus, which doesn’t really resemble a dragon, The only reason they’re named “dracorex” is b/c it was donated in 2004 to the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, where young visitors gave it that name to give a nod to both dragons & Harry Potter–not exactly solid scientific ground to stand on… Why don’t you check the Net next time a little more thoroughly?

  • @زياد أل ميسوارى  You know it is a fake documentary right? They even say it is fake. It is supposed to be fake. They are just playing with the imagination. They even start the “documentary” by saying: “a story that never happened”.

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