Chinese “Elephant Man” to get 33 Pound Tumor Removed
June 21, 2007 | by Sirius

A Chinese man known as the “Elephant Man” in his local province is about to get surgery to have a 33-pound tumor removed from his face. Doctors said it may be the most extreme case of this type of facial tumor seen in the world.

The 31-year-old man has suffered from the tumor since birth. But left untreated, it has grown to more than 30 pounds.

The weight of carrying the tumor on his face has deformed the man’s backbone, stunted his growth and left him in physical and emotional pain.

A team of doctors will try to remove the tumor. However, the surgery isn’t without risk. Ultrasounds have revealed several large blood vessels that may hemorrhage and cause the patient to bleed to death during the operation.

Despite the risks, doctors said they are optimistic they can remove the giant tumor and reconstruct the man’s face.

  • i feel sad for this guy dude he looks like a monster hope the surgery helps

  • When a person gets help we all feel a little more proud of be humans, When it takes 31 years for someone to get help it makes me feel that we are the sick ones.

  • we feel sad to the person because of his incurable sickness we are all

  • we are all praying and hoping that the operation was successful

  • I am so glad he was able to get medical attention. So sad, but why would they wait 31 years for the tumor to grow so large?

  • It’s so sad that the world could not stop something like this from the earliest signs. I understand that science has changed dramatically but he should have been helped many, many, many years ago. My heart and prayers go out to him and his family.

  • Traditional Medicine

    They left it so long because the chinese government was growing it to be consumed as a traditional medicine to put a spell on your enemies. It will be mixed with bear gall bladders and bamboo shoots.

  • man this guys ugly well he is chinese

  • man i feel sorry for this guy i mean i not an elephant

  • sorry what happen i hope you feel better.

  • i hope your surgey goes well and i feel so bad for you feel better.

  • oh. that’s pretty sad.
    i hope that the surgery goes well!
    i am praying for him.
    that is just really really sad and unfortunate!

  • He’s beautiful inside and out. A message to Dan: You are the one who is ugly. I suggest you get a complete operation on morals.

  • Dan can’t help who he is. He’s one of socities unwanted trash that we can’t seem to eradicate from the world. Dan is trash and one of the world’s biggest LOSERS. Also, he’s just jealous because this man is beautiful inside and out and Dan isn’t. Do society a favor and DROP DEAD!

  • Why did it take this guy sooo long to get help? jesus, this is proof the system is fucked…. poor guy

  • It is a shame when you see selfish people in the world who feel ‘ugly’, because they’re actually lucky. They need to take a look at remarkable people like this. It’s awful that he’s had to wait so long, and it must be painful :(

  • i hope u get well soon its very bad but god is with u

  • i feel sorry 4 him man i wud hate to be like dat i wud kiil my self if dat was me. but i dnt see how he was born like dat coz his parents aint elephants :S

  • I Feel Sorry For You :( x

  • Its possible that it was more of a risk when in infancy to have had an operation, when were pain killers invented anyway. We may be able to fly in the sky and move in fast trains and cars but removing large tumours which consist of blood vessels could be the difference between having what life this chap has and what he may not have after the risky op. Wish him the best and wish nobody else this hellish state of existence. Amen.

  • fukin ell i love no him looks like sum fat womens arse lol

  • i think the operation is going to help, i was watching it on 4 and i hope we get a follow up eposode

  • wow. i gotta thank god for not looking like that. i feel sorry for him.

  • he gives me the hibbegebbies

  • I feel sorry for him
    I mean he will never get a girl looking like this !!!

  • bet he stinks like shit

  • that dan doode is mean, that guy cant help it.

    i hope he gets better w/ the sugery

  • Some people are so fucked. This guy has gone through so much and all you people can say is that he looks horrible and disgusting? WTF is wrong with you people? Do you guys know what it’s like? EXACTLY! You fucking don’t.. so please shut the fuck up! Everyone is honestly very beautiful. Don’t ever fucking say that no one is beautiful!

    Seriously.. get a life.

  • minka ke skifo non si ke cazzo avete scritto voi ma a me fa dawero impressione sta cosa.. [lol].. ;P mi dispiace storpietto

  • Everybody just stop saying that he is like a monster and stuff like that. It’s not fair on him because he cant help it. So stop callin him these awful names
    How can he get plastic surgery because they need to cut it off to make it better duh.
    Some ppl are so stupid these days.
    Btw, this is to Ellie he wasnt born like tht if you actually listen to what the program says he got a tumour when he was 4 years old.
    And he is being really brave putting up with that for a matter of years.
    So people dont critize this man because all of us have to think about these people tht have very bad illnesses.
    So we should think ourselves lucky.
    And he did get surgery and is looking better now but not really normal and whoever said that about never getting a girl yeah he wont but you gotta have a heart.

  • Oh I’m glad to hear he came through surgery alright. I remember reading about this a long time ago (this is old news) so glad to hear he got the tumor removed ok.
    I bet he’s THRILLED now, even though he doesn’t look completely normal, at least he’s not in agony anymore from it. :)

  • you are so as if it is not funny you idiot

  • ha ha ha LOL not

  • You are amazingly insensitive. It’s a tumor!!!! Plastic surgery is not possible. I hope you have some terrible deformity someday, then maybe you’ll grow a heart.

  • We can all learn a lesson on humility from this gentle human being. Remember, there but for fate, goes you or I.

  • “Comment by Anonymous
    March 24th, 2008 at 3:38 pm

    He’s beautiful inside and out. A message to Dan: You are the one who is ugly. I suggest you get a complete operation on morals.”

    You are stupid

  • he should kill himself or have someone kill him. he can never lead a normal and happy life. He is just going to be some lab experiment.

  • I should Kill you. That will give me a happy life. Drapping your blood soaked body over my back. Your longflowing hair falling gently across my face. You death scent filling my nostrils…invigorating…..pushing me to abuse your dead carcass sexually.
    Lets meet up some where. I will buy the coffee.

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