Mammoth 5 Ton Shark Caught in China
May 31, 2007 | by 孫子

A five-ton shark is caught by fishermen on the outskirts of Lianyungang, in east China’s Jiangsu province, on May 23, 2007.

The shark has been bought by a businessman at a price of 100,000 RMB ($13,066), local media reported.



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  • that this is fu cking ugly

  • why didnt you just leave the shark alone..
    its sad how they catch it then kill it ..
    wtf is that.

    • I know… Human beings should just leave nature alone…

      • I know, who the hell hunts food? Imagine how happy everyone would be if we were all lean and slim like those little kids in africa. lucky devils.

        • Right, because it is all about food, huh? There used to be a balance, but that is no longer the case. Do you happen to hunt for your own daily food? Most people no longer do that, so don’t bring that up either.

        • Depends on where you live. In the US there is absolutely a balance. Hunting is heavily regulated and legally only surplus animals are hunted. Regulated hunting is extremely effective at sustaining and even increasing wildlife populations. It’s those who kill without restraint that end up hurting the populations of animals. Whether or not Tron or anybody else hunts for his own daily food is completely irrelevant. There ARE those who hunt for enjoyment, food, or even money. Regardless of the reason there should be nothing wrong with hunting and killing an animal as long as it does not negatively impact a wildlife population.

        • LOL “legally only ‘surplus’ animals are” allowed to be slaughtered. FFS…

      • i think thats terrible what they are doing, and they should be punished by some kind of animal protection agency… i mean where hell is the people thats supposed to help protect the wild life!!!??

        • What? You gotta be playin right. Don't you know how the world works. Those people were not planning to catch this massive animal. Yes it is very sad, your right. But the saddest thing of all is starving children. These people are just trying to make a living to feed their kids. And oh, human beings should leave nature alone huh? Do you live in a house made of wood? Do you eat chicken, pork, or fish? How about your clothes? Do you wear wool, cotton, or anything else nature offers? Or do you leave nature alone? Yeah, though so. BOOM! Mind blow.

    • it looks like it got caught in their fishing net.

  • I hope a shark like this eats a boat full of you whale humping, peta idiots!!!

  • You tell em huntergatherer.

  • Normally, my philosophy is hunting/fishing’s fine if the species is healthy in numbers. However, it seems a shame to kill something so massive just for shits and giggles. I doubt it will taste very good, and I used to sell shark meat. I say be realistic, but have an appreciation for animals like this.

  • I hope everyone who eats it gets sick as hell. And I hope a whale humps huntergatherer. I’d pay money to watch that.

  • The Chinese are EATING EVERYTHING. Do the world a favor and take some Viagra instead of eating all the endangered animals around the world. It’s a shame we’ll have no sharks left in just a few years.

    • The Chinese are not eating everything (except for cats, dogs but there are too many of those anyway). They don’t even eat sharks or whale, that would be the Japanese. Save for the Panda and some ape, there are few endangered species in China. By the way, with over 1.3 billion Chinese, is it really a good idea to suggest them to take viagra?

  • This is a “mega-mouth” or maybe a “basking” shark. Harmless to humans unless they get smacked around by it. Look around her mouth – no sign of teeth. These sharks eat krill and other small (read “tiny”) fish. If this shark was caught in a drift net, she might have been dead or close to dying already. If that is the case, let then let them eat it.
    As far as the Chinese taking Viagra, humping is how they got into this mess in the first place!
    Your right though, since Viagra has come onto the market, tiger and other virility products have actually dropped in per capita demand. The tiger penis thing does not work as well as Viagra and many of the Chinese know it. Those who can afford the Viagra, take the Viagra. Those who don’t know better/from older households still chase the tiger by his dick…
    I would rather pay to see huntergatherer humped by a killer whale or dolphin. Orcas and dolphins are like humans. They will aggressively hump anything and they are VERY WELL ENDOWED. I am sure some of you have seen the pix. (heck, some of you probably wank to them…)

  • Hi. Sorry for my english. Happy New Year!!!!!
    Good Luck!

  • How many of these kinds of sharks are even around? Can someone tell me if this thing was just a big deformed animal… do we know if it was just better of dead? NO so stop being little bitches and take humans for what they are… fools, we kill are own kind after all and for what money a GOD and land. You know that if we feel threatened we will defend ourselves AKA KILL. You have to fix the problem before you can make a solution!

  • its a basking shark look at is gills that gives it away but realy it does sort of look like a megamouth but i am pretty sure its a basking shark peace out p.s dont f***ing kill sharks or any other animal you crule son of a bitches

  • Wtf, i kinda think that thing should be killed, just incase, we dont wnt it to over throw us, imagine more sharks like that infesting our beaches. that would be horrifying. Possibly at least keep it in a zoo or something. I dunno

    • fuck you it is harmless stupid!!

    • Bob…its a very harmless basking Shark…it eats krill…not you…why do people like you about things you have no knowledge of…its frustrating and ridiculous.
      Why should we kill things,just because you don't understand it,get some freaking education…I cannot imagine,the suffering that poor massive animal suffered…but,probably you feel happy about it,which makes you sick.
      I weep for our poor wildlife and the planet,without either of these,you would cease to exist…but you probably don't care about that either.

  • gokil tuh hiu..

  • i agree with bob. You never know how a shark his huge might end up in a beach near you. Beside with this found, we can look into more about unknown species.

  • WTF? that is so AWESOME…shark fin soup 4 months on end! Those fishermen are the type of guys i would love to hang out with! oh, and for all the people who are crying over ” The Poor Shark”, grow the HELL up! it’s childish WESTERN thinking like that which be the cause of the Death of the so called Western Culture! The Chinese have been going on as a people longer than any thing we have, respect your elders!

  • Here’s some more childish western thinking. The real phrase is “The death of the Western Civilization”. Get it right or shut your stinking pie hole. In addition to that childish western statement, When man preserves life and studies life’s habits, he learns from it. Our future as the human race depends on preserving these unusual creatures or species, studying their habits, and survival skills, thus enabling mankind or the Human race to mimmick those skills or to utilize those skills in conjuction with our own. Be empathetic to everyone and everything so you do not end up like that poor shark. or the Manta ray in a previos story.

  • yup, thats a big shark.

  • Environmentalists and Rednecks,

    I submit that to solve the whole “what to eat” vs. “how to keep from eating everything” problem you’re poorly arguing about we should simply eat the chinese.

    More research needs to be done of course, as we have yet to find a way not to be hungry an hour later.

  • Nathan Van Fleet

    This is a whale shark, not dangerous as it has no teeth, it filters krill. It is not threat and probably not great to eat either.

  • Good call Dug- fair solution.

    I love the nature-haters when they say
    “theres too many of this! or that species..”

    This from a member of a species (‘human’ to you haters)
    that is increasing ITS population EXPONENTIALLY!

    As in:

    1 new Human mouth to feed every 2.1 seconds!

    Time to ”thin the herd?

  • I think the Asian folk just don’t care about extinction cause deep down inside they secretly all want to be vegans. Once all the animals are gone for them to kill they will have no choice.

  • When did this “save the animal!” culture become to prevalent in American society. Wake up and realize that most of the world completely disagrees with that ideology and its really none of our business to critique what another group of people do. You could be doing something productive instead of surfing the internet and reading useless stories, to me that is more dangerous to our species than fishing… crap i’m a hypocrite

  • The Chinese will eat anything and dont give a crap about preserving anything. Problem with that is that all the species they drive to extinction and the seas that they will help empty will be gone, permanently. So enjoy it guys, because it aint going to last.

    • Er…the same exact thing holds true for Americans, Japanese, Canadians, Spanish, and half the other countries around the world. At least a great deal of seafood the Chinese consume are domesticated. Overfishing is a major environmental problem, China not even being the lead cause of it.

  • This thing is as fake as a 2 dollar bill.

  • dude this shark has cancer.

  • The net looks like a wig… That is a net right? Or was the shark self conscious about being bald?

  • Dear Internet,

    It’s probable that this is not a naturally-produced animal but a mutated monster.

    Do you all know how much pollution China produces? I can only imagine how much of it ends up in bodies of water. We’ve seen larger than normal animals being caught, but 5 TONS?!?

    Viagra or not, if anyone ate from that thing, they would probably be the last person to pass on their genes, if you know what i mean.


  • Probably faked like everything else in China lately.

  • sharksaremyfweeends

    Its a basking shark. They only eat krill, and that is not that abnormal a size for them. They are throughout the ocean and are the second biggest shark after the whale shark.

    Lets hope they dont get too much of a taste for it – most shark species are seriously in decline, and we dont want another one to go. And dont give that shit about “less of them to eat us” – only 3 or 4 are dangerous of the 300 or so species. Its like wiping out all domestic cats because there are tigers in India.

    Actually, thinking about that, Im not against eating fish, but I am a fan of stopping commercial fishing unless it is farmed. Really, bottom fishing is like hovering over the rainforest with a big 500m wide chainsaw. You scoop out all the animals, then keep a few monkeys and chuck back the rest, mostly dead, leaving a flattened wasteland after it.

    We as a species have moved on from hunter gathering on land. Isnt it about time we created refuges for sea creatures too and started implementing sustainable, measurable fishing practices in an agricultural way in limited areas at sea?

    Right, Ill get off my soapbox now.

  • Blimey – some of you buggers have posted some weirdo comments. I like the one about the net looking like a wig maself….

  • oh god! thats a huge one!!!

  • Eh some people seem to forget that the western civilisations also killed a lot of animal and human sorts on their way to enrichment and only developed the attitude from now trough those stages. A lot of asian countries first have to go trough the same stages before they can afford to addopt a attitude like that.

  • Actually, thinking about that, Im not against eating fish, but I am a fan of stopping commercial fishing unless it is farmed. Really, bottom fishing is like hovering over the rainforest with a big 500m wide chainsaw. You scoop out all the animals, then keep a few monkeys and chuck back the rest, mostly dead, leaving a flattened wasteland after it.



  • OH…MY…GOD!!!!!!!

  • Shut up POPZ!!!! You guys are idiots!!!! Oh please, there are NOT going to be any exceptions. Sharks will be gone in the next year or two, so DO SOMETHING!!!!!!! At least you can try!!! TRY to ave the world!!!!!!!!

  • It's a basking shark and they don't even eat fish. Ever think of picking up a book or watching the discovery channel instead of picking up the tv guide to watch a tractor pull ??? Jackass !!

  • i got a shark bigger than that.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • eeewww.. that shark's been munching on the mcdonalds' river where they dump all their excess foods

    I mean jus' look at it!

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