Japanese Beer Company Releases Beer for Kids
May 31, 2007 | by Sirius

Can you imagine these products being marketed overseas? With so much concern about “the children” these days we doubt that fake beer for kids would make it past the pitch stage at any beverage company. Well, almost any company.

Sure, there’s the sparkling grape juice that kids sometimes get on New Years Eve in lieu of champagne, but to have it specifically marketed to kids is a different matter.

While Americans would likely overreact and freak out, we haven’t seen any such reaction here in Japan and these drinks have been out for a couple of years now.

Sangaria started their line of fake alcoholic drinks for kids with Kodomo no nomimono (Children’s drink), and has been successful enough to offer it in bottles, cans, and even six-packs. They also expanded the product line to include children’s versions of wine, champagne, and cocktails. The beer, flavored like apple juice, even foams at the top when poured into a glass!

The differences between the West and Japan are often highlighted the most in the little things in life, and this is definitely one of them. Japan is well known for its group drinking culture, and this is actually a great way to include the kids during family celebrations.

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These are even sold at restaurants, which is ideal since most parties in Japan are done outside of the home. Of course, if find your four-year-old passed out in front of the TV with a pile of empty fake beer cans around him, it might be time for a kodomo no intervention.

(Trends in Japan)

  • Wow. Yah…Americans would freak at the idea of their children drinking 'fake' alcholic bevrages. Actually I think it's a good idea. Not really necessary,but intresting.

  • ROFL that was a nice joke at the end, i actually laugh aloud(rare for something on the internet)

  • Honestly, I think this is a really good idea. Stop making it a taboo and it becomes less appealing.

  • This is great! I buy it when I want to have a night with the boys. What is funny are the little fliers you may find on tables in establishments that serve the beverage. It is an image of a a little girl and (drunk) little boy at a stall where the little boy i stooped over, asking for another drink. The little girl says “Oni-san, you’ve had enough”

  • Haha see this is so cool but it is one of those thing where people would be all uptight dorks. Thank goodness none of the comments above are one of these people. :D

    I want these. :3

  • Honestly, I think this is a really good idea. Stop making it a taboo and it becomes less appealing.

    Yeah that really worked with cigarettes. We just made candy cigarettes and posted models on billboards smoking. Voila everyone became bored of it. Not saying this is a horrible thing but honestly I have my doubts it will make it less appealing.

  • They give me these things to drink when we’re at lab parties cuz I can’t hold my alcohol well. It’s pretty funny.

  • i drink it daily…. its so good

  • Great! now i could teach my son how to be a drunker from the early age… LOL

  • an awesome face

    Japan. SUPERIOR.

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