If you can’t find God, Create Him
May 14, 2007 | by 孫子

Buddhism step aside, For Jesus has cometh in the light of Japanese inventors.

We introduce to thee God-Jesus, the only religious robot to assist in cleansing your soul.

GOD-JESUS was a 1980s toy sold in Japan, made by Bandai. The toy is in the form of a robot brandishing a Christian cross. The toy was asked a question and would give an answer in a similar way to a Magic 8-ball.

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  • this is a piece of….crap, let’s say. you can’t create a god, you idiots should know that. if you buy or even ask one of these hunks of metal a question, ur an absolute idiot!!! a stupid robot can’t solve your problems, it’s not a god at all!

  • you call this a god? it gives random answers someone told it to say. it is an absolute waste of money and time. i agree with the amanda person 100%. retarded robots, my butt!

  • This made me laugh pretty good. The name especially cracks me up. It’s not simply “God”, nor “Jesus”, because obviously one title isn’t enough!

    To the previous commenters: obviously nobody expects this is an actual god, nor that it will correctly “predict” anything, just like nobody really takes the Magic 8-ball seriously. It’s a cute toy with a name that, depending on how seriously you take the product, could be unfortunate; but you really should learn to enjoy silly things a bit more.

    This was funny, and I appreciated the post ^_^

  • that would be so offensive to religious people.

    im christian…..

  • i think its fantastic about as useful as any god. Actually more so it may be random but at least you get an answer that isn’t vaguely translated from scripture or your subconscious (prayer). I hope i can find one on ebay

  • Wtf-thisshitsucks

    booo hooo…. gods a short asian…..

  • those asian inventors…….dey r so ofensive…..

  • My God-Jesus can kick your God-Jesus butt!

    At least he will after I install the flamethrower and missile launcher!

    To those that are offended by a toy, lighten up. Bandai doesn’t kick up a fuss every time you bring another ‘Christian’ into the world. (And yes, I am a Catholic.) You want to fight back? Create a line of Shinto robots. There are hundreds of Shinto Spirits. The collectors will have to have every one of them. You’ll be a millionaire and very likely crush Bandai in the process! Good luck!

    Love the post!

  • this toy is very stupid and im very offended

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