Jealous Woman Rips Chicks Apart with Feet [Graphic]
May 4, 2007 | by 孫子

Below are some graphic pictures a woman posted showing her crushing and torturing baby chicks to death.

She was apparently jealous over the attention an earlier article had received on a site called CrushWorld.

I would like to personally see a little eye for an eye punishment here!!!

** WARNING.. Due to the nature of this article their are some very strong feelings being put forth in comments. As of now we are no longer going to go through the trouble of editing them and warn you to read on at your own risk as the language and comments may be graphic and harsh in nature.

Sun Tzu has spent about 7 years in Asia traveling through Japan, Hong Kong, China, and Korea. A true fan of everything that is weird and strange, he decides in the end what is displayed and published on this site. Sun has previous experience writing for numerous print mags such as XLR8R, URB, and Movement Magazine.

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  • lol eye for an eye? funny woman, animals are animals humans are humans, even though what that woman was doing she shouldn't go to jail for it, theyre frucking Ducks !!

    • Yet they have laws against animal abuse and actually do put people in jail for it…

    • & ur a fuccin human so does tht mean i can cut ur bolox off & make u eat them?

    • you are a fucking asshole.

      first of all animals have been on this planet far longer than humans have, and so many people act like they own the world but we don’t.

      This bitch deserves to be put through some torture devices.

      how could you get jealous over attention someone got for torturing defenseless animals?

      It’s really fucking sick..

      if an animal goes out and kills someone in defense, the animal gets killed.

      what will this fucking cunt get?

    • ahh, and because you have a big brain that doesn´t make you an animal?????

  • What the hell is wrong with these people? WHy is it that you only see this stuff ("Crush Videos") Coming from Asia? Are these people so inherently fucked up as they take pleasure from killing a defenseless animal in the cruelest manner possible?

    And on that note, who are these freaks that get off on this???

    • Of course these yellow folks are ****ed up in the head. They need to take a good look at the world and realize that this is not ok. But i suppose they can't considering that their eyes are constantly half shut.

      • Those yellow folks?

        I call bull on the both of you. You may see a lot from places like Asia, though that's because it's not a place shy to kinks (you can still find stories about and generally anything regarding kinks and etc from other places, though it's mostly just a "hush, this is private" thing, or not as popular with the media). This, however, goes over kinks straight in to animal cruelty, which can be found anywhere.

  • Yes, this is fucking sick, but you shouldn't give a damn about her race and comment on it. I'm asian and I wouldn't do that shit.

    And why the fuck did she do it with her feet?

    • FXCK U Asian Fxckers! You eat dogs, duck fetuses, dolphins, cockroaches, rats, cats, jelled pig's blood, owls, sea slugs, jellyfish, sea urchin, scorpions, tarantulas, salamanders, snakes, snake blood, and snake wine!!!!
      I think that commenting on race was more than justified!!
      So shut it or do some research!!

  • I love this woman!

  • I love this woman! But she could have some high heels sandals… more sexy!

  • this woman should be shot.

  • Tampax, you’re sick in the head.

    And this women along with all those other creeps just like her, should be punished severely.

  • How can someone willingly do something that disgusting? I mean shoot. I’d rather hear about her drowning them rather than strangling them with her feet and shit.

  • O……K? What the fruck is up with this bitach? This is by far the shadiest shite I have ever seen in my life. Fruckin wierdo broad.

  • It takes a lot of guts to kill baby chicks with your feet, and then post the pics online. I respect this woman for being able to do what she did.

  • YOU ARE STUPID YOU ASHHOLE, it takes a lot of guts to rape your fuking ass and put ur face online ANON…

  • It takes absolutely no guts to do that what so ever. It is a complete act of cruelty and cowardness.

      Honestly, find this woman and stick a pitchfork down her throat. This is disgusting, and anyone who agrees with this behaviour, deserves the worst thing coming to them. Like a spectacular collision involving them and a bus.

  • Umm.. no it doesnt.. sorry.

  • i’m seriously on the verge of tears right now, that’s not even funny. what a stupid c@nt.

  • Stop Overreacting

    Whoever says she should be shot for doing those things, is just as sick in the head.

    • no, because they want revenge. This retard did if because she was jelous…

      • For all those people who’re saying that anyone saying that “she should be shot” are sick in the head or anyway related to the level of sadism that this poor, poor little girl must have tucked away inside her head… This girl takes these two little, baby ducks, and mutilates them. Look at her face. Look how happy she is. What kind of person does it take to have that sort of joy in torture. I don’t care what you’re torturing, there has to be some sort of switch in your head that should go “Hey, stupid. You aren’t supposed to just cause meaningless pain like this! WHY?? WHY???! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD AND ALL THAT IS SACRED, WHY?!?!?” But she didn’t.
        Now juxtapose that with someone seeing this girl, obviously proud and happy with herself and these heinous acts (even though it’s just a couple of tiny ducks, it’s still wrong; where’s the respect for life?) and being very upset by it.
        Now I’m not saying I’m perfect, I’m a hunter. I kill things. But I eat what I kill, and I don’t kill just because I want to hurt something. I’d prefer my prey feels nothing… but if I ever get my sites on this girl… *sigh* I’ll do nothing but express my utmost grievance for the most total and complete loss of morality.

        I would like to end by quoting one of my favorite movies “There’s wrong, and there’s wrong, and then there’s this…”

        • if you kill a killer you aren't any better than one so stop preaching
          there is no justice in killing another
          besides there is much worse by keeping her alive there are fates much worse then death….death is after all a very easy escape

  • oh now theres a smart comment. Geez both of you need to be led straight out of the gene pool.

    • No, seriously. This bitch does need to be raped.
      She was “jealous over the attention”……
      She also deserves to be ripped in half by….GODZILLA and MOTHRA!!!! and then her dead, bloody body should be posted all over the internet saying “LOOK AT THE LITTLE FUKA, IDNT IF FUNNY!!! HUK HUK!”

  • sheesh Seriously. If you guys are offended by this, why dont you just go try stop all the needless killing at the market? dumb vegans

    • There’s a huge difference between killing for food and killing for the joy of killing. Usually it’s a symptom of psychosis. The sociopaths who kill animals for pleasure sometimes grow out of it, but sometimes simply move onto the greater challenge of killing other people to make themselves feel more powerful. We call these people “serial killers” or “mass murderers”.

      You may, of course, condone this behavior if you want… for all we know, you may partake in it. You may kill animals or people and live for the adrenaline that jolts through your system as you bask in your own power over the life or death of another. But please realize that your beliefs do not reflect mainstream society, where empathy and altruism are core values held dearly by the vast majority of humankind. They are the glue that enables us to live in a functioning society close together without destroying each other over minor offenses. Those who get off on pointless torture, death, and dismemberment – such as yourself – are, and always will be, outsiders.

      • yes..indeed..I might sooner or later enjoy myself in killing you and 30 other people because I such a sadistic motherfucker. Just kidding. Seriously. Do you get your shits and giggles from acting smug against those outside mainstream? FYI I never said I condone useless killing. All i meant was that killing is killing. Thousands of cows are needlessly tossed into the garbage because of leftovers. A couple ducks posted on the net is not much to get riled up about.

        “They are the glue that enables us to live in a functioning society close together without destroying each other over minor offenses.”

        Minor offenses huh? and her actions deserve no less than death?

        What Im more worried about is how the people talking about ripping her and half and screwing her up the asshole are gonna develop into these sociopaths you are talking about. Seems they are showing more serious symptoms of psychosis. Not to mention I’m already hearing comments about her being Asian. Sounds like KKK to me.

        • are those cows tortured? are they just blatetly crushed? Sure, there’s some inhumanity in all raised-to-be-slaughtered animals, but …. I don’t know, man, I just don’t know…

    • we are trying. unfortunately people who are offended by our efforts to show you that life is better without it are hard to deal with because they are brainwashed to eat meet – they follow like sheep and are easily led. If you label vegans as dumb, then that suggests you are not independent. Perhaps you should enquire as to the deeper thoughts of people, because things are much more complex then they seem. Why not educate yourself on the situation?

      I’d be interested to see if you would defend the mass murder and human consumption of human animals too. What are your thougts on this?

      It is time for independant thought.

    • You don’t have to be a fucking vegan to know that what this bitch did was wrong, asswipe. How would you like it if someone strangled and crushed you with their nastyass feet? It’s called respect for life, you shit-for-brains.

    • When you slaughter animals, you do it for good reason. You do it to eat. She did something to innocent babies that did nothing to her. They didn't deserve it. FUCK YOU

  • Is she any less sick for torturing those poor things to death? Really shooting is far from being enough. And killing in markets while often seems cruel, is at least for sustinence and practical use, not some sophmoric idiot preying an a weak and defenseless being. That’s fuckin sick and lowdown.
    It doesn’t matter if it is a duck, it’s the principle of the matter. She needs to get her jollies off and make herself feel worthy by taking the life a life.

  • Most of you eat animals that are tortured far worse than those chicks. Think about that before you condemn her. The only difference between her and most of you is that she’s actually doing it herself, whereas most of you are so far removed from the torture that occurs that it never so much as crosses your mind while you’re chowing down on a big hunk of red meat.

  • It’s different at the stores because that is for food. this is just fricken cruel. she did it for no reason, she should be tortured the same way she tortured those chicks

  • That Asian girl is by far the ugliest imature faggot that I have ever seen in my life deffinatley looks like something that type of person would do… HOW GAY!!!!! What an IDIOT!

  • Oh yeah, she’s an ugly ass bitch with fucked up feet.

  • An eye for a eye, this is a perfect situation in which this law should be used. This inhumane slut should be slowly tortured profously beyond words, raped by all the men in China, thrown into an acid bath which melts the skin and then dismembered before she dies, so she can experience the pain, and other things I cannot even begin to describe. If I ever found this fucker, I would personally deliver her to Hell myself. I wouldn’t have to take her myself anyways, because she is already going to experience immense and infinite pain in Hell that even the devil himself couldn’t even watch.

      tryna be the hero or just plain
      stupid. you would do this…and this…
      how the fuck are you going to
      kill her for killing a fucking bird?
      its cruel, i’ll agree wit that, but
      you’re probably acting hard just because
      you’re online

  • i hope this bitch rots in fucking hell, gets a grenade sticked up her hairy pussy, gets her throat smashed by a fucking sledgehammer, gets run over by a steamroller, gets her left overs blended and fed to chickens. I fucking hate this bitch fuck her and any other animal abusers they can go suck a fat aids cock

  • She is an ugly, chubby in the face fucking cunt that is not at all attactive. She is a Goddamn whore that, if there is one, should go directly to hell. I would like to pour lava down her fucking throat. Go to hell cunt. I really hope she gets punished for this or I am going to have to go with the, “Fuck Asian cunts” motto for a while.

  • she is a fucking stupid asss bitch whore fuckin stupid retarded whore. I hope she goes to hell and gets tortured like a motherfucking pusssy. i hope someone rips her fucking tiny ugly ass mo0ther fucking cunt asss right off of her. how would you feel if someone killed your with their feet you stupid CHINK. GO to hell you retarded mental issued SLUT. And your fucking laughing about how is that funny FAT BITCH I hope you burn slowly like a fucking Bitch that you are in hell.

  • omfg what the fuck is wrong with this woman? how could you brutally murder baby chicks?! im absolutely disgusted. the fact that she’s even laughing as she does it repulses me. that bitch should burn in hell for the rest of eternity

  • what the fuck is wrong with that bitch id like to squeeze her fucking head off her body-wtf is she doing?! theres no way in hell she has a brain becuase i dont know one sane person who would do that i would like to see her tourchured forever thats a crazy psycho fucked up bitch

  • Stupid bitch should be put in jail and for all you people who thinks this is okay….WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?! What sane fucking person would do something like this?!

  • I think the article is misleading. I believe it is actually some type of Chinese pornography.

  • This chick gives me a boner. And the asian girl is pretty sexy too. Want to fuck the arches of her feet using that blood as lubricant and cum all over those little carcasses. Then i would shove the little jizz covered carcasses in that chicks tight asian pussy and eat her out. After that i would let her stomp my dick into a bloody pulp and chew on my balls for awhile. And if she was a hermaphrodite… dont get me fucking started.

    • yeah i bet if she woz a fuccin hermaphrodite ud love 2 get fuccd in the ass by her fat lil 2 foot 4 inch ass wouldnt ya u sicc fucc. go fucc ur motha o w8 u probs already dne her 2 u sicc fucc

  • OMG that is so grosse that is nothing to be proud of god……. if i ever seen that i would kill

  • SHES A FUCKING STUPID ASS ASIN BITCH AND NEEDS TO DIE. I WILL rip her apart with MY feet, see how it feels. Stupid fucking chinks, gotta eat all those dogs and cats, now their just killing for the fun of it? Stupid fucking asians…

  • you know you’re a sick, twisted person when you’re killing little defenseless ducklings.
    i just don’t understand how human beings can do things like this.

    if i ever see her in person….some very unfortunate things will happen.

  • to whoever said that she should be raped: shes doesn’t even deserve to be raped…instead, she should be stampeded by thousands of feet, just like how she killed those animals

  • Eh, i’ve seen worse


  • That’s niice.. i like to make sexii time with her vagine while she is strangling those blondie chiiix

  • Ah… call me man, I will gladly help you to torture her

  • everyone is talking about all the horrible things they would do to this woman if they saw her.

    1. you’re all full of shit. you’re cowards and you would do nothing. you’d probably ask for an autograph.

    2. all the graphic things you say you would do proves you’re just as violent and disgusting as the woman herself. you’re fantisizing about mutilating and raping her and displaying what you would do to the public. this is a board of poser serial killers. the difference between real homicidal people and you people is the real ones have balls. you have a keybaord and too much time on your hands.

    3. if you care about animals so much, go join PETA and be a loser with an organization. I’m not condoning this woman’s actions, anyone who gets off on this stuff is way off the beaten path. on the other hand, no matter how many organizations and angry animal lovers are out there, there is always going to be animal torture in the world, country, city, and your town.’

    and the most you people do is fantasize about what horrible, visceral things you would do to a single asian woman. most of you want to rape her, which shows how sexually repressed and deep down disturbed you are. you’re not out to save animals, you’re out to fuck asian women.

    oh and to the guy who made the comment about how all the violent stuff comes from asians…spare me. if you live in america you should be deported. america is by far the most violent country, while also being a PC religious censored armpit of the world. a big shopping mall filled with fat god fearing people who hate every country except their own.

    hypocrites. i’ll see you all in hell.

    communism is just a red herring

    • Demanding justice and the concept of ‘eye for an eye’ does not mean that people are serial killers.

      Oh yeah, and if you put so much effort into writing a fucking essay about how this crap bothers you, YOU are the one with no fucking life. Jesus, what a loser you are. Move out of your mother’s basement and stop preaching to people that don’t care. You are not in anyway convincing people that you are intelligent, moron.

    • So obviously you know as little about America as you do everything else….absolutely zilch.

  • She should be arrested! What a freaking bitch!


  • Those are ducks.

  • That is just horrible. baby chicks being brutally killed in a photoshoot setting. Wtf is the matter with these people? people who get satisfaction out of this are the sickest pieces of shit i’ve ever seen. I want to see her and everyone else involved in this sick pathetic “activity” to pay and suffer.

  • I’d rather rip apart a baby rather than a cute fuzzy duckie or kitten.

  • I would love to see her try that with an adult alligator! Karma’s a bitch!

  • Thats horrible… OMG… May you burn in hell you sick FUCKING PSYCHO!

  • just sad…

  • What a sick, fucked up, stupid, fucking whore. Takeing the life of something that is 1/100 the size of you is the act of a true coward. She did is because she knows she would get her ass KICKED if she fought someone her size. What a stupid whore.


  • Well maybe baby chickens are trying to take over the world and shes reminding them where there place is on the food chain. Chicken tastes good.

  • This woman is fucking sick.
    How could she just sit there and laugh while they suffocated between her toes? She must have been able to feel them struggle for breath.
    It makes no difference that chickens are killed for food, I love chicken infact. But that i just pure cruelty.
    And the fact that she plays with their dead bodies like it was molding clay or something…I think this act far surpasses the phrase, don’t play with you food.

  • no one was talking about justice meems, they’re acting as sick as the woman in the pictures. malcolm’s too extreme about the whole thing but he has a good point. no one on here really seems to care about the chicks, more so care about the woman suffering. just a thought before you act like a douche bag towards a nobody on a message board.

  • slippery wet one

    mmmm asian girls…

    hey meems remember me? we met at that truck stop ;)

  • that is just sick, i hope she burns in hell for what she did. how does anyone have that in them? i cut my dogs nail to short and wanted to cry.anyways this isnt about me its about that fucking whore. she should be sitting her ass in jail,

  • she has cute feet

  • what makes me sad is that i found this next to another link to a fascinating article about a tasmanian tiger and this filth has 77 comments while that article only has 4

  • ok some people on here r so stupid, I’d rather rip apart a baby rather than a cute fuzzy duckie or kitten. omg what is that, i do think this woman is realli sick in the head and should be condemed
    but to just make fun of her race is realli arrogant and makes you pretty stupid, im half asian and when i hear people just being racist, even tho this woman has just commited one of the worst sins with her feet, its realli typical of the average internet user

  • I think this is so fucking sick and this shldnt evn be admitted to the internet because it is that sick. I can’t believe that, fucking slut wld even do that? Who would be that messed up in the head to do that?! I probably wldnt evn tlk to her or kill her if I met her because I probably wldnt have the guts to do tht, but all I can say is tht she’s such a fucking whorebag and I these words can’t evn express what I feel for those ducklings. They must have suffocated and suffered so much for that bitch and do u see her fucking face!? She’s fucking laughing! That’s sick.

  • oh of course shes asian..makes sense now

  • i normaly don’t post shit over the internet, But this is stupid. I’m not gonna bitch aobut her doing it or anything like that. And I’m not taking sides. but why, in the FUCK would you post that shit on the internet. We all know people do this kinda shit, but really, who the hell decides to put graphical pictures of shit like this on here. I’m sure no one wants to see it anyways, i know i didn’t.

  • People who kill animals for their own pleasure are psychotic. Ask any psycologist.

  • You can judge a person by their treatment of animals. What the hell did those babies do to her? The punishment should fit the crime.

  • this is the sickest thing ive ever seen.

    Some people are so mentally ill. They would have to be to even consider doing something like this. as well as make a website about it. Anyone willing to kill animals the way this woman has deserves to be punished harshly for it. fucking ridiculous.

    and for every single attention-seeking, immature, sick bastard on here saying how much they love this woman, fuck you.
    obviously you’re too immature to be reading articles like this without making ridiculously stupid comments. Get off the interne and go do your damn homework or something. fucking bastards

  • This woman sucks

    This woman should be boiled alive for 10 hours. When done, put in a freezer naked, of -30 degrees for 8 hours.

    Then poured into boiling hot oil in her vagina.

    Then have her left leg cooked for 30 minutes. Then dropped into salt making the pain even worse.

    And finally poured vinger over to amplify pain maximum.

    As he’s still alive I would then shove 500 termites in her vagina and close the passage so they can’t escape.

    I’ll then leave her and enjoy myself watching her as he screems how termites eat her vagina.

  • i am sorry. the combination of the happy laughing face and pulling apart of baby chicks made me laugh until i cried. this is so fucking ridiculous, i just have to laugh.

    • youre an idiot

      you are so fucking ridiculous, I just have to laugh. The fact that this made you laugh only shows how mentally unstable you are. go fuck yourself and stop looking for attention by posting ridiculous comments.

  • This bitch is fucking sick. How could she do such a thing. She deserves to be killed in the worst way. only if somebody could torture her in a way that cruel. dumb bitch.

  • That’s wrong. So fucking wrong. I hope she’s found and locked away for life. She deserves so much more though.

    And those are ducks, I’m almost positive.

  • Man if I could have got my hands on that sick disgusting bitch… I hope karma comes back to bite that fat slag and twice over, which is how its supposed to work, she’d probably have something equally as bad happen to her, and even more. I hope she goes to jail and rots. There is no reason to kill these poor defenseless animals, they never did anything to her! I would so love to list all the shit i’d love to do to her right now, but out of anger, I wont, because I don’t want to end up like the pathetic excuse of a human being that she is. This is always happening in Japan/China. And I know its not everyone but I don’t give a shit, I have no respect for those countries.

  • Yea, I bet shed be laughin with my fuckin fist all up in her grill! Dumbass bitch, wtf is up w/ that?!?!?!? Do you feel SO low in this world that you feel you have to do something like that to a harmless animal? Honestly, that doesn’t make you look like a bad ass bitch crushing ducklings under your feet. And for those who say, “Well, people hunt don’t they.” Or shit about “dumb vegans” you dont have to be a fucking vegan to know this shit is wrong! Karma’s a bitch, and God saw that! And I DON’T feel sorry for her….aww, or the pain she’s had in her life, and all the repressed feelings…..awwww. THATS BULLSHIT! It is what it is, you live life, get over shit and deal with it! Yes, I’ve been through some pretty damn harsh things in my life, but am I crushing animals under my feet??? NOOOO….because I’m not INSANE! Yes I’ve had my breakdowns, everybody has! People need to stop making excuses and saying, “Oh, well…I did this because of what happened _____.” Get a better attitude about yourself and act like you’ve got SOME KIND OF A BRAIN! She deserves a harsh punishment, no mental evaluation, that just gives her more personal attention that she obviously craves.

  • What about when you accidentally step on, or sit down on insects?
    Isn’t that the same thing?

    Who really cares.. there is no such thing as right or wrong..
    Everything will die one day, leave her alone.
    She is on her own path and the universe has a way of balancing things out.

    btw.. I’m vegetarian and I used to like fishing.

  • Damn, that is some sick fucking shit right there. Sure, some of you guys are insensitive assholes and think it’s okay, but no matter how you look at it, it’s still a pretty fucked up thing to do.

  • okk hurban?[wtf kind of name is that??]
    you are messed up as much as her if you think nothing is wrong w/ that.omg i wish i could meet you & i would soo have a fuckin’ debate w/ you.
    the difference is she purposely meant to cause harm and laughed aabout wasnt any accident and she will probobly grow up to fantasize about raping ppl.probobly you.

    and hopefully then you will see the effin’ difference.’right??
    and yeahh your a vegitarian sayin’ “one day everything will die ,so who cares how painful,or w/e or how they die.”
    if someday everyone dies,then i guess you wouldnt mind being murdered,and just like dying w/out the guy that killed you going to jail “just ’cause everyone dies anyway right?”

    well i may not change your mind or sound convincing in this comment or anything,but atleast i got my point across-
    theres a difference between accidently killing someone and porposely doing for you own pleasure.

  • hey hurban[&& wtf kind of name is that?]
    i soo wish i could meet you and we could have a debate.
    seriously,you wanna know the fucking difference??when you sit on ants you arent necissarily a phsycopath.[spl?]i mean there is a difference in like a hit n run on purpose and an accident crash.yeahh you can say that is totally different,but i dont think you would know sense you say “everyone will die someday!”
    this is messed up.
    and you say there is no such thing as right or wrong?life isnt that simple.
    and you also say your a vegitarian.which makes absolutely no sense when you say life doesnt even matter.
    the differnce is she is gunna later have some fantasy that is so disturbing about like raping people in the sickest way .[that person will probobly be you]
    maybe then youll know the effin’ difference in stepping on ants and suffocating chicks w/ your feet.’right??
    hopefully so,
    because you are just as bad as her.
    you say a life is jsut a life but wouldnt you just love to be killed and that person to be roaming the streets.?
    i dont care if its a chick & not a huuman.jusst because they cant talk or communicate w/ us doesnt mean that they are less than us.
    kayy that may sound totally retarded but chicks are innocent and they just eat and like do w/e and humans are just always like murdering for pleasure and doing disturbing crap;
    and i know i sound soo much like a PETA person right now,but honestly ,i dont give a fuck when ppl go around killing for pleasure.

    so i dont care if i change your mind or sound convincing ’cause i just wanted to get my point across. not a vegitarian and i dont fish
    eff you

  • snake in the eagle's shadow

    i do not believe what i’m seeing!!!does any1 know where this bitch lives?(like the precises address)coz i happen to have just bought a gold desert eagle and here we my first chance to use it on some1.FUCK this girl!and may the lord Jesus Christ punish her for the evil commited!
    oh and one promise bitch if i see you i will finish my 9 bullets on her!!!!

  • omgsh.
    i swear to god
    fuckn find something else to squash
    at least find a bloody stress ball or something
    your a fuckin idiot full stop.

  • Animals are killed and tortured every day for nothing more than human pleasure reasons….. the main difference is that it is usually done because people wish to enjoy eating dead animals or their body fluids…… rather than because they wish to enjoy the sensation of killing them or the fame that might earn them.

    Neither reason is at all necessary, and both are capricious and callous towards the victims.

    Within the egg industry, chicks are crushed just as brutally as this, every day…. the main difference is that it happens to thousands rather than just a few, and instead of being outspoken in protest, people are typically either silent or actively support that by buying industrial eggs and declaring how little they care about any animals who suffer as a result of that

    It is easy to criticise others while being complacent about your own actions, and easy to favour cute animals while being unconcerned about less attractive ones… it is easy to criticise cruelty to animals when you get no personal benefit from it while condoning the same kind of cruelty when you do get benefit out of it.

    But what is easy to do is not always fair, or even reasonable.

  • i want her head—minced.
    F*CK U B*TCH.
    chicks have nothing to do with u.

  • everyday in iraq 100 of human dieing getting peace peace one of you guys send comment against this matter one of u guys think about this matter.
    i dont want to say this stupid lady what she did is good is very bad she deserve to be punish but not die or jail she must to pay fine for this act .(guys judge when u are cool)

  • mental, mental, chicken oriental.

  • Egg ried rice with that?

  • Why are people so retarded nowadays?

  • ã… _ã…  I just feel so terrible, hearing about those defenseless animals, being tortured to death… ㅠㅁㅠ

  • This is beyond cruel. This young woman deserves to be tortured herself! To think that she even laughed afterwards. Where does such evil come from? Right now i iwsh I could shove a hot poker down her throat! Even better, a hot branding iron in the middle of her forhead!

    • I understand your frustrations, but would you consider putting her away for life, and taking other actions to remind people that these beings are actually independant personalities. People have pet rats, snakes, dogs, cats.. they are each unique and beautiful creates.

      This tortue here happens millions of times per day in chicken sheds.

      If you are feeling a little upset about this, maybe viewing “Earthlings” may clear things up a bit for you… or confuse you.

      The link is:

      It is quite intellectual and you should watch it in sequence as opposed to skipping segments, because there is a critical argument being developed.

      It’s a full-length documentary, so sit back, relax and enjoy.

    Honestly, find this woman and stick a pitchfork down her throat. This is disgusting, and anyone who agrees with this behaviour, deserves the worst thing coming to them. Like a spectacular collision involving them and a bus.
    Poor little ducklings.

  • I found several of these comments offensive.
    Many generalize that it is “coming from Asia”.
    Not all Asians would do such, such as myself.

    I strongly am against this, for all things should have a right to live.
    Although we have the ability to communicate and have the intellect that allows us “to be better” than animals, that is something in which we should not abuse.
    The course of punishment for this woman in regards to her actions could be like others have said “eye for an eye”, but that would lower the views of humanity as a whole when it comes to the idea of killing others for the benefit of a cause.
    Why would you want to lower yourself to this woman?
    The idea of being like this woman is sickening and I would never want to connect myself to the idea of killing her.

    I don’t know about you guys, but I hate the idea of being a killer.

  • poor chickens… don’t be a rascist…she should go to jail…she shouldn’t be tortured…she wouldn’t get it

  • whoever the fuck would do ANYTHING to hurt an animal should seriously be fucking killed in the worst way possible, seriously if i could get my hands on this fucking bitch i would strangle her with my bare hands, and anyone else who doesnt feel the same way is just as sick as her. seriously i could go on for hours about how fucking fucked up this shit is, go die you stupid bitch.

  • This whole page disturbed me. The pictures made me sick. Then I read the comments and I felt even sicker. Days like this the world seems like it’s divided into heartless, insensitive, vindictive animal-torturers and heartless, insensitive, vindictive, racist big-mouths who look right past the snuff videos made in their own countries to point the finger at the Asian.

    Yours truly,
    Non-chick-slaying Asian.

  • Omg this made me sick to my stomach! How could anyone do this to poor little baby animals?? Something is wrong with her! Do you know that torturing animals sadistically is a sign of a mental disterbance that may lead to one being a serial killer?

    This is cruel and wrong! Those poor babies!! Someone should torture her like that! I wanna fucking beat her had in with MY foot!


  • please dont swear im only 8 and dont like it. though….SHE IS CRUELLLLLLL!

  • who has a gun? I NEED ONE

  • You all just make me sick. Actual human beings are savagely tortured, raped and murdered every day. Very few people react as strongly to that as you people have reacted to little bitty baby ducks being tortured and killed. You all have more sympathy for animals than you have for human life. I don’t care that she killed some ducks. It was a horrible act that just reflects the cruel and evil mentality that pervades the world as we know it. Start getting upset about actual people getting tortured raped and killed. Then attend to the animals rights after.

    • the person who made the comment is very very VERY wrong

      Animals were here on this planet first i mean we were all an animal heres a hint: EVOLUTION! we were all apes apes also known as animals!
      this no brained person decides to get 2 baby ducklings and kill them from her toes comeon!? these ducklings are babys, these ducklings are living creatures, these ducklings have a life and feelings SO I DONT THINK THEY WOULD LIKE TO BE SQUISHED FROM A LADYS GIGANTIC FEET!? I MEAN WHAT DID THEY DO TO US TO DESERVE THIS!!!???
      this is animal cruelty and animal cruelty is mainly in china which is BAD PEOPLE!!!!!! i dont care if someone gets raped or killed shit happens! the world cant be perfect and especially for these innocent animals!?

      appearently people find it entertaining to see animals tortured well…. if you cant see the problem in that then


      REMEMBER THIS: Don’t treat others the way you dont want to be treated.


  • "humans"arestupid

    Sure, torturing animals is cruel…. But all of these idiots who want to rape and kill that girl are really crazy!

  • "humans"arestupid

    I’m confused… I can’t tell if this makes me hungry or turned on! muah

  • Against Animal Cruelty

    I think this discusting person needs to be put thru a real trap like in the Saw movies, killed horribly, then thrown to the lions and ripped to shreds. Then God can judge her pitiful soul. But of course shes going to hell for this. Any one who does this sort of sick twisted shit to a harmless baby animal needs to die the same way. Maybe trappled by elephants would be the better than getting her head torn off. Then again, how about all of these in a random order.

  • ?? I don;t believe this one!


  • Karma will come to her soon, she will loss everything in pairs that part of her body like eyes, ears, arms and legs. She will suffer this in 100 folds years

  • She is so gross and should be arrested for animal cruelty or something.

  • just not right,down right gross….its not because of the race be it Asian or not but i think she got mental issue.

  • jeferson robert

    please continue posting pictures of their crush, I see also with mice, chicks and gatinhos.parabens love you.

  • Where is PETA when you need them???

  • She just want attention with pay.

  • hey weird asia news. how about a fucking warning assholes. i couldn't even see the full title of the article til it was too late and i had seen these poor baby birds crushed to death. you're not as bad as this woman but how about some warning jerks.

  • hi, i want a question , how can i download the clip or movie about above pic crush chicks and another pic about cat crush , please guidance me that how can download thoes clips, thanks.

  • i love very much this girl and crushing ,but if could use sandal and high heels hot sexy than just feet please more pics and clips for download send it like this i love so much hot sexy best of the best sex is crush animals like chick,cat,duck….please more spend pics and clips, thanks a millions.

  • It seems there is a difference of opinion going on when I would think it should be safe to assume anyone would be disturbed by this. Human, animal, small, large or house pet animal; it does NOT matter, it's sick. No cracks on her race, gender or any comparisons that we eat animals ourselves but you should take some things into consideration: animals (as far as I know) are killed quickly and with as little pain as possible, not tortured and mangled for the insane pleasure of a single individual. Also, is it not a decent sign that someone has some issues (one's in history which have lead to murder and serial massacres)?

  • I can't believe u wanna rape the devil… She's prolly so sadistic she'd love getting raped.. I wanna put her in the car crusher and crush her…

  • Ripping off the heads of innocent chicks is one of the saddest, most pathetic, waste of time things I have ever seen in my life. Growing up in Asia, I was privy to many inhumane habits towards animals, but these chicks didn't even get to experience life on a farm, running around. At least the chicken I eat didn't have it's head ripped off by some deranged, psychotic freak getting her jollies off for some website. She ought to be thrown in jail and forced to clean chicken shit up from farms in the middle of nowhere in China as justice served.

  • she should be tied up and let the cats and chick peck and claw her.

  • That is just fucked up. Empathy goes out to the chicks.

  • ok, look i understand that what the lady did was indeed pointless and is the one of the reason why anti-animal cruelty are debating about but that is no reason to condemn her with such sinful thoughts of you people, every creepth thing is to eat and has been offered to us from God himself since adam and eve and so on, you people talking about her being burned into a crisp or what not , is just as sinful, cruel and wrong as her if not goes double for you, instead of choking her, try to understand her side of the story and if her opinion is such as stupid as yours then there is noting to be said. love thy neighbor as jesus loves you and will forever until judgement day

  • go to hell u son of a devil

  • What has that poor little chicky has done to you?!?!? you f*cking sinner! ughh i hope you get what you deserved! Which IS to be crushed like how you crushed that chicky!! B*TCH!!!

  • i’m chinese but not from china, chinese frm other countries are so much different from china chinese, china people are really evil, the japanese shld have finish them off during the world war 2,but now i hope all the natural disasters they are getting right now will be sufficient to at least reduce their population to 1/4, stupid fucking inhuman china dogs, hope they rot in hell, the natural disasters they are getting now,its their karma, even their gods are angry with them

  • That’s unnecessary cruelty to animals. It touched a nerve in me and I don’t see how that women can live with herself that is wrong, I bet I could pop her head off between my arms too.

  • That is horrible… that bitch is sick and anyone thinks that is cool is demented…….omg….imagine how bad those baby were hurting before she actually finished doing that to them…. F*** HER…. STUPID *UCKING C*NT.

  • Anyone who gets their jolly out of harming poor innocent animals is clearly in need of serious professional help. This gal did not do this for food she did it because she is sick and probably needs to be locked up for her safety and every other citizen. It’s a fact folks those who are cruel and torture animals will often be abusive towards people. The majority of serial kills also started out by killing and torturing innocent animals.

  • why are you people blaming asia for this? do you believe that theres almost more animal cruelty in america then asia? just watch this video! and they feed america with this.

  • You evil woman I'm going to get all federal animal protection sociaty's on your ass, burn in hell bitch

  • Humans sicken me. Have they already forgotten that they're animals as well?

  • 变态 变态 变态 ~~~~~~ 却心眼~~~~

  • someone stomp her guts out with stilettos.i'd get off on that

  • What the fuck! That's so fucked up! Omfg! Stupid crazy bitch! Ugh god i hate people! How the fuck is ripping animals heads off gonna make anything better!!!!! Ugh i wonne kill that bitch! Animals don't deserve that stupid ass humans like her do! D:< Oh and sorry for all the cussing but i'm pissed….

  • I’m sorry but I don’t see what all the fuss and emotion in the comments are about. JJ made the best non-judgmental comment.

    Same deal as little kids roasting ants with a magnifying glass. Senseless violence, sure. But in the end, those are just animals/insects. Whoop-dee-doo.

    Now if the woman in question choked and crushed a bunch of babies, we would have a major problem and waving pitchforks & torches would be quite justified.

  • I'm just glad that there's some good coming out of this, hopefully China will pass legislation to fix this up.

  • raaaaaaaaaaaaaage


    No wait. Someone call Godzilla and let’s see how she feels when he plays with her using his toes!


  • i like crush video to me it is a freedom and a right and i find it sexty watching woman trample animals and sit on them

  • I would strangle that bitch with my own feet! Stupid bitch killing helpless chicks for no reason with her nasty feet! Who in the right mind would do that?!

  • To those animal lovers…go marry one you dopey bastards. There are 1/4 of the world which are Asians and their history goes back centuries not just a few decades. Round eyes need not apply.

  • die drecksau gehört an ihren tutteln mit einem fleischerhaken aufgehängt und ihr jeden ein tag ein anderer teil ihres scheiss asiatischen körpers abgeschnitten bzw. rausgerissen; in ihr drecksmaul gepisst und mit scheisse abgefüttern! sowas kann nur einem scheiss weib einfallen, ich hoffe sie bekommt mal ein kind und jemand macht das mit ihrer scheiss brut;

  • This is just as bad as that lady who threw the newborn puppies into the river! >.<;
    Bitch, better respect!

  • i hope you die fucking asshole

  • excuse me? stupid asian? bitch, it’s not only asians doing that, its worldwide.

  • Get off your high horse !

  • She’s not talking about all asians, she’s talking about this one. Retard.

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