China’s 10 Steps to Make a Fake Egg
May 4, 2007 | by 孫子

Sometimes in China you just never know what you will get. The most trusted products can be inspected to find the “Made in China” mark, even eggs…

Drawing on reliable data extracted from Chinese newspapers, magazines and the Internet, this study takes a closer look at the problem of faked eggs in Mainland China. It seeks to inform the scientific and medical communities regarding the problems of consuming these products as well as the short- and long-term epidemic consequences.

The most disgusting faked eggs are the “human-made” eggs. One will be absolutely sick in the stomach if one consumes this product.

In June 2003, there was a Chinese article about a consumer purchasing a bag of human-made eggs from the food market in Beijing. Although the faked eggs looked practically the same as real ones, the consumer smelled chemicals when cooking the eggs (figure 2). The egg yolk dispersed quickly when it was mixed with the egg white, and the color was pale. No flavor could be tasted after cooking. According to the officials of the National Bureau of Industry and Commerce, the faked eggs were made from chemicals.

We are sure quite a few people have thought to themselves that this is genius and they are ready to jump right out and start mass producing eggs at home.

We decided to show you the 10 step process to creating your own eggs and we think you will agree that it is just not worth the time for the money, at least if you live outside of China.

So what is the solution to the problem of knowing whether the eggs you are buying are fake or not???

With respect to the problem of faked eggs, the consumer council in China only taught the public to sniff the eggs as a means of differentiating the real eggs from the fake ones based on the characteristic odor of normal chicken eggs.


Sun Tzu has spent about 7 years in Asia traveling through Japan, Hong Kong, China, and Korea. A true fan of everything that is weird and strange, he decides in the end what is displayed and published on this site. Sun has previous experience writing for numerous print mags such as XLR8R, URB, and Movement Magazine.

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  • So where are the 10 steps?
    Don’t you be telling us we’ll get 10 steps, and you don’t have even ONE?

  • It is in the graphic above. There are 10 steps shown there..

  • *sigh* at least it’s not baby formula….

    • lol. your children eat eggs, too. are you saying that it's okay if an adult eat fake eggs and get sick.?

  • Access to the “10 steps” appears to have now been blocked.

  • I got it back for ya.. no worries

  • That is really gross. And I thought powdered eggs were bad.

  • Surely it’s easier to get a chicken to lay a real egg no?!?!?

  • just buy a chicken.


  • C’mon guys! That’s a project from a group of university student, those rumors are just blow up by those brainless people.

    Open you mind! That’s a piece of art-work don’t you think? How much you think you can earn from a fake egg? Material + work procedure + time + etc… Think about it! Be wise please!

    World has wars because of a group of people kicked other’s ass before they’ve understand what is really going on!

    • As I wrote below (please read), consider it's only 1 cent worth of chemicals and you have lots of cheap labor. If you can sell an egg for 10 cents, that's a nice profit margin.

  • It’s said they used a fake egg for a part of a magic show to celebrate Chinese new year. The show was so largely flawed and I knew for sure he used a fake egg from the moment I saw it. In fact, you can actually hear the “volentary assistant” ASKING the magician which one is the fake egg if you turn up the volume. She’s really bad at acting.

  • This “fake” egg is a hoax. There have been a many fabricated stories surrounding them. But if you look at the intensive labor required to produce one egg, you would know that there’s no way a fake egg could cost less in production than just getting it freshly hatched from a hen.
    This is not the only circulating “weird” news around. In the past I’ve received many chain mails with images of cannibals, human eating babies… all photoshop hoaxes. This particular hoax can actually be made but it’s definitely not something that any reasonable business man would consider. The cost for the multiple ingredients far exceed the actual worth of the egg so lets face it… interesting story but just a load of baloney.

  • whan appalled egg man

    Melamine in milk, fake eggs…breakfast in China must really suck.

  • Cocerned Protein

    I was just informed, very reliably via a most astute source; Mr B. Who had claimed that there was such a thing as a faux egg…. Surely that this is not the case…. But alas, 'tis true the Chinois have aleviated all barings of conscious thought and come up with the end of the joke of what came first…. the bloody (albeit inventive) Chinese.

  • I am a vegan and would actually buy fake eggs so i think there is a market for this… BUT the above recipe, which contains gelatin and numerous chemicals would not cut it. It would need to be a more natural, vegetable-based product that would have a similar, taste, texture, look and most importantly, nutritional profile (protein, vitamins, minerals) as chicken eggs.

    • omg, shut up Becky… You should read about all the high profile vegans and vegetarians admitting they are wrong. You/We/Humans NEED meat…

      • Have you ever considered that one's need for meat might be based on something like blood type? I've read interesting science about type O needing lots of meat but blood type A not needing much (if any).

        I'm always hesitant in accepting any one-size-fits-all logic when it comes to the human body.

  • Ironically this is what cutting edge molecular gastronomy is made of
    i loled when he used reverse spherification to make the 'yolk' (Calcium Chloride)

    some chinese student just one upped the rest of the culinary world imo.
    i agree with golden chicken, this is absolute genius, application wise!

  • It's obviously a question as to whether it is real or a hoax. When deciding, please consider this.

    I'm in Vietnam right now and I saw this ( Basically, it says (in Vietnamese) that there is a huge investigation going on into this (in China) and the Vietnamese authorities are letting the people here know that to test for real/fake eggs, poke the yolk and if it breaks too easily (like you don't even need to poke it) or if it doesn't break even when you poke it very hard with a chopstick (because it's actually wrapped in plastic), then the egg is likely fake. Additionally, when cooking it, it will have holes in it similar to bubble wrap.

    It seems quite real and the capital (Hanoi) is on high alert for fake eggs from China.

    Now, about the cost, another article I read some time ago (don't have the link) said that it was actually only 1 cent of ingredients per egg. The rest is labor (and China is full of cheap labor). So, please don't think someone cannot make money doing this.

    In China, there is always a way to make money. Buyer beware!

  • This only happens in countries with very low moral like China. Chinese government seems to lose controls of issues like this.


  • Urban legend. Why go through all that when keeping a chicken is actually cheaper?

  • Acutally, it's a rumor, nobody can make fake eggs just like real ones.

  • lately, theres news bout fake egg at malaysia market. Some buyers reported it to police, and the government trying to ban the fake egg from our market.. Thats so scary, and i’m not gonna eat egg for a while..

  • eww..thats annoying!! im feel like gonna puke

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