Nintendo to release “No Touch Breasts!! Fight!!”

Posted on May 3, 2007

Capcom is set to release a “women’s self-defense game” for the Nintendo DS, which will hit stores in Japan in March and North America in early April (and the rest of the world in 2009).

The game, entitled “No Touch Breasts!! Fight!!” in Japan, will make use of a variety of DS features. Gamers can blow into the mic to simulate blowing a whistle or spitting in an attacker’s face, and the stylus can be used to simulate kicking scrotums, clawing eyes, pulling hair, and even aiming pepper spray devices.

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The game is coming under heavy criticism, however. Self-defense programs are claiming that the game teaches hysterical and ineffectual self-defense methods, and that it is a poor substitute for actual self-defense training.

 ** Should mention that i also just received an email from the author of this article. Apparently the article is not real but written in a sense of humor. I for one still found it funny and since it is Japan i was not putting anything beyond them. So please enjoy this article as a source of humor and don’t start filing lawsuits against Capcom.

(The Game Rag)

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16 thoughts on “Nintendo to release “No Touch Breasts!! Fight!!”

  1. fullgrip

    “simulate kicking scrotums, clawing eyes, pulling hair, and even aiming pepper spray devices”

    yeah baby!
    do it all now!

  2. Anonymous

    I’d just like to point out that the title says “Nintendo to release…” But its not actually nintendo, its capcpom

  3. people are so stupid

    What is real is the difference in what you feel between a kick in the scrotum and a virtual kick in the virtual scrotum.

  4. people are so stupid

    “its not actually nintendo, its capcpom”

    It’s not “actually” Nintendo, “capcpom”, or Capcom, moron.

  5. Jenna

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