Japanese Jeans… Bringing Sexy Back

Posted on April 18, 2007

Japan has come out with yet another sexy, wild, and edgy fashion trend with these Bikini Jeans, that act as both underwear and jeans.

Sandra Tanimura, a Sanna designer, created these jeans after customers mentioned they had a hard time keeping their low cut jeans up.

“We specialize in making low-rise trousers and our customers wanted them to get even lower. It was very difficult meeting these demands without the trousers falling down. I came up with the idea of using the bikini strings to let the trousers hang really low without falling,” she added.

Below are some shots of the jeans on a popular Japanese television show:



You can purchase these Bikini Jeans from Sanna’s Shop for about $88.

Like all trends, not everyone can pull it off quite the same.

Sun Tzu has spent about 7 years in Asia traveling through Japan, Hong Kong, China, and Korea. A true fan of everything that is weird and strange, he decides in the end what is displayed and published on this site. Sun has previous experience writing for numerous print mags such as XLR8R, URB, and Movement Magazine.

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96 thoughts on “Japanese Jeans… Bringing Sexy Back

    1. inc

      gross. sexy no. no clothes sexy. those ugly. sluttz sexy, no. look lie professional women with especially bad taste and even worst judgment. tacky like slimy hotel rooms with creaky beds and stained sheets.

  1. x.frightenedrose.x

    That’s just fucking disgusting. It looks like something that cheap-ass prostitutes would wear. ew…

  2. bob

    i thinks that crap looks sweet, makes me want to go to japan and pee in their butts. those of you who say otherwise are in denial of your own primal senses. be true to yourself, and enjoy the ass.

  3. Ice Cucumber

    I wonder if these pants would be illegal in Louisiana and Mississippi where “sagging” warrants a fine. But sexy never left Japan!

  4. And I should know...

    The funny thing is that I’ve lived in Japan and most of the women there would NEVER even consider buying jeans like these. The Japanese women I knew would have a fit if I wore a shirt that was even the slightest bit short (so a little bit of my lower back was showing). In reality, these are probably being sold in and around Tokyo and Osaka and most of the young ‘wannabe western’ girls are wearing them… that and the prostitutes and whatnot that the Yakuza pick up.

  5. Cyclonus

    I think it looks HOt!! But wait til it hits here in the U.S. hope no big girls decides to wear. Then I’ll need a bucket.

  6. guynchica

    if you don’t like these, you’re gay….end of discussion. and if you’re a woman and don’t like these, you must be ugly!

  7. neuromancer

    I don’t see a lot of difference between these vs. a g-string and leather chapps! (mmmmmm, leather!) Anyway, I’d still love to see Kim Karadasian in either one!

    1. kaze

      no one sayin leather is bad…oh god i almost cum when i walk into the leather store but still these only look good to a certanl leavle for the love of god im a fricken bi who’s attract more to females

  8. primalurgent

    Which primordial slime did you evovle from? Everybody does that everytime. It’s as natural as taking a dump on a woman’s chest.

  9. ching chong

    I think they are great for slim Asian women…however, pls do not let them hit the American or British market.

  10. DeviousOne

    Reminds me of a comedian’s joke about hip-huggers eventually getting low enough to be clit-huggers… Those jeans totally make your clit look fat.

  11. Dani

    This is not a japanese brand! Sanna’s owner is a brazilian woman who has her shop in a small city near to Osaka. And most things in the web site are imported goods from Brazil.
    I have never seen a japanese girl wearing this kind of jeans, not even brazilians, here in Japan or in Brazil. Ok, maybe, somewhere in Brazil, but this not really the popular style around!

  12. insaner

    i think there’s no point in getting a jeans liddat. u might as well wear a lacy panties and best is if it’s transparent and walk all over japan. tat’s even sexier. serves a better purpose i think.

  13. Michael Sears

    That is awesome! It's about time someone brought sexy back. They're beautiful. I think the negative comments made here are from fat, unatractive, and therefore jealous people.

  14. ZeroDrop

    In the advertising says "Brazil Fashion", and also "Made in Brazil". Well, I'm in Brazil and never seen a jeans like that around here. But would like to see!!!!

  15. kate

    Enter text right here!"Like all trends, not everyone can pull it off quite the same." …. I don't think anyone can pull these off. These are absolutely hideous!! They might as well not even wear pants. I was recently in japan for an adjustable beds show and did not see any people dressed like this so i dont think the trend is taking off…

  16. Rationale

    Hahaha! Despite the dominance of Western culture influences on Japan, I doubt they would purchase jeans are sleazy as this and wear them proudly in public. That last picture of the white version of this ‘sexy jeans’ is just digusting the woman looks like an ‘ah joo mah’ trying to relive her younger days by sporting a pair of mutated thong-jeans.

    Something like this is only sexy when the right person is wearing it plus you need a nice looking ass to be able to pull it off.

  17. michi

    well, i’ve been living in tokyo for a couple years now, and i have NEVER seen anyone wear a pair of these. and i’ve seen a lot of weird fashion.

  18. hola

    nobody want's to wear those except UGLY people sorry but you would never see me in those the only pants i wear is Hollister soooo

  19. Pittsburgh events

    In reality, these are probably being sold in and around Tokyo and Osaka and most of the young 'wannabe western' girls are wearing them… that and the prostitutes and whatnot that the Yakuza pick up.


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