Super Long Hair Popular in China?
April 17, 2007 | by 孫子

We did an article a few days ago about this one chinese woman with super long hair.

Not even a week later we find out there is a photo opportunity in Nanjing, capital of east China’s Jiangsu province, to show off their even longer hair.

Also reported recently, Dai Yueqin shows her 4.2-meter-long hair in Tongxiang, east China’s Zhejiang Province March 24, 2005. Dai has kept her hair uncut for 26 years since she was 14 years old.

I guess in the end it is cool… but not as cool as a rock with long hair!


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  • Dear Dai,

    What is this super beautuful and very nice!

    I have never seen such a woman with such fantastic hair!
    If you have some more pictures don’t hesitate to mail them.

    Don’t cut it! It’s so very nice!!

    Jacques in the Netherlands

    • Nice??? Her hair must be damaged and she must have a thousand split ends and more!!! And she should so donate her hair to help people with cancer…

      • Hair is not damaged. Her hair looks great. keep it growing. Negative comments are only from jealous people.

        People like Locks of Love sell hair for their own profit and try to make money off people who have cancer

        • you dont SELL your hair to Locks of Love, its donated…. duh.

        • uh…they’re not saying that you sell your hair to locks of love. sometimes locks of love will charge recipients for those wigs…DUH. they’re not as great as everyone thinks. they’re just a wig middleman trying to make some money.

      • I think her hair looks nice and healthy. It’s much longer than I would prefer to wear mine, but I love to see variety. Must everyone look the same? Geez.

        And the split ends comment makes no sense. Don’t believe everything you hear about hair. The models hair is proof that hair doesn’t need all the excessive trimming, etc. to keep off split ends and grow long and healthy hair.

      • Donating hair will NOT help people with cancer. People who need wigs are better off with synthetic wigs, they are so much better. The only reason these scam organizations ask for hair donations is to sell the hair for extentions. If you want to help people donate blood or money. Hair doesn't cure anyone.

    • I agree. Her long hair is so beautiful. Mine is only waist length, but I’m continuing to grow it even longer. Good luck!

    • LOL and Wigs for kids say donate money not hair, we through out 90% of hair immediatly, the 10% we give to the wigmaker he through out another 50%, So more then 95% of the hair that looks so health goes into the thrash can like garbage.

      Please money not hair, we get piles every day, it is expensive to sort and through into garbage to save a few pieces.

      We need money for research not stupid hair, we made a monster, got out of our hands, like the Cylons or the Terminators!!!


    • It must be so heavy! Do you think they suffer from a shortening of the neck because of its weight?

  • Get it all cut off!

  • She should cut it, and donate it to children with cancer so they can have wigs. That would be such a nice thing to do. I always wanted to do that, but I never have the patience to grow mine out. If they would take shorter pieces, I would donate my hair in a heartbeat. She should donate it and help those less fortunate than herself.

    • Charlotte , listen i dont think cutting your own hair is needed, go out buy a long or short wig, get one of those hair net things that keep them on and vol’ia! hair for kids with cancer

    • And what will YOU donate to help people less fortunate than yourself?
      You don’t know that she doesn’t donate money or time to help others who are less fortunate. There is no reason to change your appearance to help someone.
      Maybe you should stop being so lazy / selfish and donate your hair to help those less fortunate.
      How can you presume to know how fortunate she is or isn’t anyway. Yes her hair is long, but does that mean she is in perfect health with perfect circumstances?
      Comments like this really annoy me and I don’t have long hair. But somehow I manage to be a help to others.

      • Btw,if you are talking to me,then i dont get what you are saying.Im only 8,and my hair is not that long at all,okay?And im not lazy or selfish!pfft T.T.If you are so concered abot people with Cancer,then cut your hair off.They shall have hair,you wont. You will be helping -_-

    • LOL and Wigs for kids say donate money not hair, we through out 90% of hair immediatly, the 10% we give to the wigmaker he through out another 50%, So more then 95% of the hair that looks so health goes into the thrash can like garbage.

      Please money not hair, we get piles every day, it is expensive to sort and through into garbage to save a few pieces.

      We need money for research not stupid hair, we made a monster, got out of our hands, like the Cylons or the Terminators!!!

    • So anyone with long hair is selfish for not chopping it off and helping kids with cancer???
      Come on!!!!

  • Dear Dai,

    Don’t listen to all these negative people I think it is so very very nice!

    It is one of the very nice pictures I have seen!


  • i wanna date you

  • I wish she never cut it!!


  • no she shouldn’t cut it. the Bible says that a women’s uncut hair is her glory and her covering and that she has power OVER the angels with it. my hair is to my knees and i can’t wait until it touches the floor i’ve never cut my hair and i never plain to. long hair is soo beautiful to me and i thank God for all the women out there that don’t cut their hair.

  • So you people are basicly saying she sould cut her her to give with to cancer kids? sorry but you don’t let your hair grow to get it cut so other people can have wigs. if it is imortand to you let your own hair grow and donate it.

  • this hair are very beutifull

  • Its very nice. Keep it up. Iwant to see the latest photo of DYQ if there’s any.

  • Don’t cut it forever. You have done that others cant do it.
    Keep it up. Hpefully i’d like to see new photo of DYQ.

  • How does she sleep, or walk around? dont people step on it? she must need a big scrunchie, i think the hair looks ratty!!!!

  • hey your hair is long and beauty and u can cut some and give some to cancer but not a lot just a little ok because your hair is beauty as it is and people need to shut up ok because no one is writing nothing mean because other people got hair thank u very much ending with mrs.brown.

    • Hair donations are not needed. Synthetic wigs are much better. Locks of Love and other organizations like it are fraudulent. They sell almost all of the hair, that's been well documented.

  • Yes her hair is twice her body length and so beautiful.
    go girl.

  • That is too long for me but my hair is past my butt but i always wear it up… familys religous beliefs are to have long hair for women and to wear skirts only but this is by far the longest hair i have ever seen and my ma’ma has really long hair

  • hi i don’t like but i do like it u no it looks…….. lol funny not like haha funny no i don’t like it wel

  • I’m growing out my hair too. I trim my hair though because I don’t want split ends.

  • Women L@@K just divine with beautiful long thick [raven]black/brown hair….enhances woman’s beauty and attraction,
    longer the better, the man has got to love it and I adore women with really long and well kept hair….

  • ****Jo-Hanna****

    How in the world do they get super extra long hair like that? I want super long hair but not that long, maybe upto my assssss, that is probably hard to brush out and maintain although it is beautiful and healthy. I wonder what she eats or puts on her hair to get it to grow?

  • If your thinking about cutting your hair you can sell it on you can make a lot of money doing it.

  • I'd like to know what she has done to grow it that long – besides not cutting it. And also what she does to retain the length i.e. care, diet, nutrition, vitamins, supplements, oils, etc.

  • Dear Dai,

    I think you have the most beautiful long hair I have seen!! You have some more very nice pictures?
    Hope to hearing from you!

  • i think the cancer hair charity thing is way overrated. i don't get it, is there a wig shortage? why does every person with long hair need to cut it so we can make wigs? is there no other way to make wigs? I'm a man and i had hair past my nipples, and when i buzzed it off, the most frequent question i got was, "did you give it to locks of love???" who cares!!! i think the hairdresser sent it in, yeah, but are you going to cut me off from society if she didn't, or what?

    • Most of the hair that is donated by gullible people is either thrown away or sold so it can be made into hair extentions. No, there isn't a wig shortage. It's all a scam. Real hair isn't even needed for wigs as synthetic wigs are better in many ways.

  • omg all the wae 2 da floor

  • Keep it! Grow it!! Can't wait for mine to grow that long!

  • Amazing! I wish my hair would at least grow to my back…

  • i'ld like a advice that u'ld take care for ur hair.Now,the thief are stoling women long hair and sell to long hair traders.They give alots of money for long hair.i always respect women who get very long hair.

  • cut it 2 shoulders

  • Still waiting to hear what supplements she takes and what her hair care regimine is……..been waiting for a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time now. :)

  • For all those out there saying "Don't cut it just to donate it". Have you ever had a loved one with cancer? Do you not know how they feel about their hair once it's gone? Well I do… and I think it would be fabulous to cut it and donate it. I myself grow my hair out just to donate it every 5 or so years. It is a great way to help those less fortunate than us. I find your comments rather selfish and inconsiderate… Indeed it is their hair and they have every right to do with it what they want.. But considering it's dragging the ground when you wear it down (which leads me to believe you wear it up most of the time) then what's the point in having such long hair?

    As for the "wig shortage"… there probably is a shortage of REAL HAIR (no doubt do to douches like you!) Not everyone wants to go around wearing synthetic wigs.. that you can't wash properly or style the way you wish… you get one style unless you want to buy 20 different wigs (which can be very expensive on top of all the doctor bills). With real hair you can curl it, straighten it, perm it.. color it… do anything you want. Because.. it… is…. real!

  • i love long hairs


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