Cannibalism in China Acceptable… If For Health
April 2, 2007 | by 孫子

We posted once an article about how the Japanese simulated eating a human body as a form of edgy entertainment. Well now there are reports that the Chinese have been eating infant babies in an attempt to improve their health and beauty.

The Next Magazine, a weekly publication from Hong Kong, is reporting that infant fetuses have become a popular health and beauty supplement in China. It is further reported that in Guangdong, the demand for gourmet body parts is so high, that they can even be purchased directly from the hospitals.

It is reported that during a banquet hosted by a Taiwanese businessman, a servant Ms Liu from Liaoning province on the mainland inadvertently revealed the habit of eating infants/fetuses in Liaoning province and her intention to return for the supplement due to health concerns. The Taiwanese women present were horrified.

Ms Liu also disclosed that even though people can afford the human parts there are still waiting lists and those with the right connections get the “highest quality” human parts, which translates to the more mature fetuses. A male fetus is considered the “prime” human part.

Ms Liu then escorted the reporter to a location where a fetus was being prepared. A woman was chopping up a male fetus and making soup from the placenta. During the process, the woman even tried to comfort everyone by saying, “Don’t be afraid, this is just the flesh of a higher animal.”

In fact, in China, reports about meals made from infant flesh have surfaced from time to time. A video is on the Internet for people to view. In the introduction, the Chinese claim that eating a human fetus is an art form.

On March 22, 2003, police in Bingyan, Guangxi Province seized 28 female babies smuggled in a truck from Yulin, Guangxi Province going to Houzhou in Anhui Province. The oldest baby was only three months old. The babies were packed three or four to a bag and many of them were near death.

On the morning of October 9, 2004, a person rifling through the garbage on the outskirts of Jiuquan city in the Suzhou region, found dismembered babies in a dumpster. There were two heads, two torsos, four arms, and six legs. According to the investigation, these corpses were no more than a week old and they had been dismembered after cooking.

Although China has laws that prohibit the eating of human fetus, the regime’s forced abortions to ensure the one child policy is strictly adhered to thereby creating many opportunities for these sorts of atrocities to occur.

We were able to find the still shots of the process but we want to warn you that it is very extreme and graphic. Please do not view unless you are over 18 years old and you have a very strong nerve.


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Sun Tzu has spent about 7 years in Asia traveling through Japan, Hong Kong, China, and Korea. A true fan of everything that is weird and strange, he decides in the end what is displayed and published on this site. Sun has previous experience writing for numerous print mags such as XLR8R, URB, and Movement Magazine.

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  • How dare they eat their own species?! What kinda behavior is that! Very uncivilized and immoral!!!

    • Well I got news for you. You get what you give out. Humans continue to perpetrate a holocaust on the animal kingdom, including cows, horses, pigs, chickens and many more all because humans feel they have the RIGHT to kill other species for their own use!! To eat their dead bodies–cadavers!!! That's civilized?? That moral??? Well the indisputable law of reciprocity works no matter what YOU believe is ok. If you take a life in murder, your lives will be taken. The Chinese are only doing what we so-called "civilized and moral humans" are doing to other species. Get over it. As soon as we get that whatever we do in this world we will either reap the consequences or benefits of, the sooner we can get on with living compassionate and free lives. Otherwise, it's NOT GOING TO CHANGE, Get it?

      • I don't personally don't eat the majority of the "Animal Kingdom" Any ways- This is just Disgusting In LOW! WTF- I know Some people joke about eating their young, Their taking this way too far! >.<

    • i guess we gotta lock our doors now… &(

  • That’s pretty Gross.

    Please don’t stereotype all Chinese people based on this story. Note that even the article mentions that Taiwanese attendees of the party where a woman revealed her predilection for eating…babies – were shocked.

    The problem is that China still has a lot of ancient and (from my perspective) backward customs, but so do lots of other places in the world.

    In the U.S. we still have people in the mountains dancing with snakes in hand for God.

    I don’t quite know where I stand on the abortion issue, but this is another reason why abortion is pretty Gross as well. Sure a woman’s right to choose is fine and all that, but in the end a baby dies, and in China, it gets eaten! (a final insult to an already grim situation…)

    • Constance Neverly

      Yes, exactly, The women who were horrified were from Taiwan, not the PRC. China has a complete lack of morality and respect for human life. It is not about race, it is about Nationality. You can blame Mao, but he has been dead for over 30 years now. The world must join together to stop the crazy People’s Republic of China. It is evil. The human rights violations must be exposed and stopped. No excuses can cover up the truth. This is but one of a myriad of disgusting behaiviors that is unacceptable. We live in a glabal society, and the P.R. of China’s accountability must be made. Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere!

    • Are you one of them too?moron

    • They can be educated to not eat people. Jeffrey Damur was convicted of murder for this behavior. Has the world lost it's moral compass. This is so very wrong on all levels.

    • Seriously right! People are so ignorant. The problem with people is that they don't know what they don't know and think that they know.

    • That shit looks nasty

  • I could have sworn this was just an urban legend, like that movie/segment Dumplings from Three Extremes.

    • kudos to you my friend.

    • fuck it!this is no urban legend idiot!it is definitely real!!!!!!!!

    • I watched that movie with my Chinese friend. She said that her father had to eat a fetus to get over a disease. The context of that movie isn't that eating the fetus is wrong, it's that if you don't move after eating the fetus, bad things happen to you. My friend's family moved, so nothing bad happened to them. The lady in the movie didn't move, so bad things happened to her. It's not an urban legend. People do it. I have other friends from China that have told me the similar things. They say it's not that common, but it happens. It does creep some of them out, but others are (relatively) ok with it- they see it as last ditch remedy. No one eats it for fun, or regularly. Only if they're very sick.

  • I’m sure there are other losers who had done even more retarded things and not ALL Chinese people eat babies or do all those weird stuff. So don’t you people DARE judge the Chinese just by these articles.

    • thank you for that, gosh, if you read all the comments on this page you can really see how narrow minded and guillable these ppl are. these assumptions and stereotypes are gonna lead to extreme chinese people bashing. -_-() *ish chinese here and doesn’t eat babies, thank u very much*

      • finally, people with common sense. i swear, most people on this earth can’t think for themselves and has to rely on these articles for judgement.

    • why???????are you hurt??can't you not see the devastation of china right now? that is because of their very immoral doings!

    • That's right. Only ignorant people blame a whole group of people for the actions of a few. A good excuse for the prejudiced, brainless, idiots to be what they are–watch now many melon heads defend themselves too…too pathetic to even continue talking about them.

  • It is ridiculous that people generalize that all asians are savages.

    For goodness sake, does that mean that all americans are stupid, blonde, overweight and arrogant? Or maybe all americans are sick serial killers or rapists.

    Actions of one person does not solely relate to their race.

    And for those of you who think just because China has such an old history, that they abide by those ‘ancient’ and barbaric practices, are you suggesting that younger countries operate more efficiently?

    Explain america’s George Bush.

    • I agree. Most of you are being racest and judgmental!

    • shut up ching chong

      Nice opinion ping pong. furry catdumpling sandwiches for you

    • So you're saying that rape and serial killing were fads in the United States at one point? Fetus eating is becoming a FAD that is related to personal beauty. Do you know how many moronic things Americans do for personal beauty? Imagine how quickly this will catch on in China. If Botox can gain widespread popularity here, then fetus eating in China has the potential to become a serious issue.

      And again, this isn't "actions of one person", this is a FAD.

  • This article is confusing to me.
    Are you trying to say that all Chinese people eat babies or that babies are delicious and all Chinese people should eat them?
    No wait, it’s that if you were to eat a baby, make it a Chinese baby…
    Or, no shit, should I eat a Chinese person who likes babies?
    What are you trying to tell me?, I don’t want to think for myself I must have you tell me what to think.

  • immoral sin..

  • Wow… interesting it of stupidity and racism there miss mora. What race are you? I’m a Caucasian jew, and no, I didn’t kill christ or lynch black people. You seem to want to lump us all together. Interesting. I’m a special ed teacher in an S.F. Bay area high school. Most of my students are black. I generally treat my students better than their own parents, at least those who have parents, since most of the dads didn’t stick around. I’m with them 7 hours a day, go to their homes when they need help, get them off drugs, show up at court when parents won’t or can’t come, pay for my boys to play football so they can feel good about themselves, buy them books, cloths, take them out for meals in places they can’t usually go to, buy them tickets to the movies, council them when they have babies too young, make sure they earn enough to graduate HS with a diploma, I can go on and on. Should I categorize all blacks as terrible parents, or stupid, or criminals etc? I never do this. Even when kids who have never been trained by parents do and say the most disgusting things in school, I never give up on them. I’ve been punched at, sworn at, spit at, stolen from and lied to… and I don’t bad mouth black people. I’m there for my black and Hispanic, and Asian and white kids. They all know I love them and they love me. All this can be proven easily with a call to my classroom, which can be arranged. Oh, and my skin isn’t lilly white and it doesn’t burn. I get pretty darn tan though and have been mistaken for Hispanic and even black. Sorry, won’t be getting skin cancer any time soon to help you with your revenge. Oh… killing and eating babies is disgusting and sub human, I don’t care who does it.

  • OH MY GOD! how dare you say that about white people….you are telling the other bloggers that just because *some* of them called asains savages that they are all peices of shit???? well to me, you jsut contradicted what u were saying….and u know what, that just goes to show you how ignorant YOU (not everybody of the colored race) are!!! You must be extremely uneducated!….and the blog that you were responding to…if you had read correctly, you would have seen that they werent bashing all asians, they were trying to say that just because one asain did that doesnt mean they all do….so take your RACIST comments and shove them up your ass…..

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  • Please don’t judge China off of the group of people that enjoys human flesh. And although cannibalism is wrong, to say that China is uncivilized and that Western society must correct it for its own good is hypocritical.

    China isn’t uncivilized, nor is it immoral. Also, by saying that eating our own species is wrong, you are also hurting your own species by being judgemental. Would you kill practicioners of this to stop it?

    China doesn’t only produce cheap goods quickly, and it’s quite powerful with a lot of influence in the world.

    Please understand – I am not saying that all westerners are evil and racist, I’m just suggesting that some of them are stupid enough to potentially piss off a huge chunk of the world’s population. Congratulations, idiots. China doesn’t judge you for your people’s crimes, so why should you turn around and hate them? You’re being very hypocritical, and perhaps I am too.

    But really, the only stuff on this site is rather ‘gruesome’ to a lot of people – so if you’re disgusted by this, why are you here?

    • Why don’t you shut up @$$ hole.

    • shut up u little @$$ hole… if ur baby is the fetus? WILL YOU SAY ANYTHING LIKE THAT AGAIN so shut up and do nothing… those are humans a little baby fetus whom they BOIL!!! **** GOD made humans lol he also made youUU!

    • shut up u little @$$ hole… if ur baby is the fetus? WILL YOU SAY ANYTHING LIKE THAT AGAIN so shut up and do nothing… those are humans a little baby fetus whom they BOIL!!! **** GOD made humans lol he also made youUU!

      • So this "God" you profess to honor so much…did he make the sentient beings that you murder and eat too? You get what you give out. The universe doesn't play favorites, unlike you–little demi-god! LOL! Most of the people on this forum are just dumber than rocks.

    • But dude whatever you say IT IS LEGAL how wrong is that, I am atheus and I really find it wrong, they should all die


    • i couldn't agree more

    • we are here because we care got nothing to do with being judgementle it just wrong u should pull your head in.

    • you say it is ok to eat babys not in my book a baby is so special. a baby is inersent they can't say don't eat me. we are here to look after them not to eat them.This has to stop. this is the most horrifing demonic thing i have herd of in the human raics they make me sick. P.S your the only F**KING IDIOT
      so is it ok to eat you

    • i think that the one chilld law is immoral and that if china took time to make sure everyone including their ruler were educated properly in more than book smarts then maybe they wouldn't need a one child clause. I think this is sick and everytime one of my five kids learns about china, japan etc anyother country this stuff surfaces and then it brings me here. Is china really offended that people learn about their culture? If so crawl in a hole and build under ground cause thats the only way they won't have people wondering about them and then giving a quick flipping disgusting to their little rituals on babies. They aren't even waiting dor these babies to die they murder them. Thats unforgivable to kill a baby so they can eat something besides rice.

  • Any country that allows this type of practice to proliferate, that allows a segment of their own population to be tortured to death and have their organs harvested, that touts improvement in human rights while recording the worst human rights record in the entire world, that arrests its own journalists for printing truthful news, for arresting any religious adherents because they do not follow a religion sanctioned by the State, that condones the illegal seizure of peoples' property and then looks the other way as those people are beaten for protesting against their stolen land, that crushes dissent with the use of armed police and hunts down and tortures those involved, any country that allows these despicable acts to occur within their borders does not deserve the right to be called civilized. And no.. foreign investment and the Olympics WILL NOT make them become more civilized. The CCP apple is rotten to the core and no amount of polishing will prevent it from further decaying.


    • KnowledgeIsPower

      You think America never tortured its own people? Patriot Act, hello?
      Dissension was suppressed in America during part of its history, too. The administrations of Adams, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Truman show that as a fact.
      As for using armed forces against citizens, lets look at the students in Penn state killed in Vietnam war protests.
      In America, there's something called eminent domain, which in name compensates for government's taking of property but never fully does enough in return for the property's full value. The only thing qualifying this "civilized" nation as civilized is pretty much kept in check by politics. Oh by the way, if a the government makes seizure of property legal, then by definition the act of doing so is legal.
      Chinese gov. doesn't advocate underground dealings. While the Chinese government is different from that of America and / or European countries, it does not make them any less cultured than we are. The Chinese people are among the most educated people in the world, for those who can afford it. What the government does has no relation to the status of the country's citizens.
      Perhaps you, sir, are just racist. Get off this website and talk to some Chinese people, you ignorant son

  • This is NOT an ancient practice or custom. It is an end result of the lack of ethics and morality in people’s hearts caused by the destruction of China’s spiritual/cultural foundation at the hands of the Chinese Communist Party. The CCP is largely to blame for this demonic practice. There have been times in China, and in the rest of the world, where cannablism was practiced out of desperation. But this is entirely different. The practice of eating human flesh (let alone that of a baby’s) as a “health supplement” is disgusting. It just goes to show how far down the slippery slope Chinese mainlainders are sliding. And they have none other than the Buthers of Beijing to thank for it.

  • Dear Sir Jameson:
    How you can connect the baseless accusations from this tabloid “news” site to the CCP’s “demonic practice” and the Chinese people’s lack of “morals” is a full demonstration of your ignorance and your inability to filter out what little truth is available in today’s 99% BS media. This hateful west vs east yellow peril mentality is unbecoming of the west’s “civilization” you are so eager to point out.

    And please, back up your BS with evidence in future comments. You should’ve at least provide links to the Epoch Times before spouting out such discredited conspiracy theories such as CCP’s organ harvesting.

    • First of all, if you cannot recognize how morality has eroded under the CCP’s rule and how they are directly responsible for it, then we can hardly have an intelligent conversation. But I suppose you and your ilk think facts such as the ones I’ve presented here are just another example of a Western hegemonist with a bad case of “yellow peril mentality”. But before you accuse me of ignorance and hatred, I suggest you look into the mirror first and take off the red colored glasses.

      As for organ harvesting, whether you want to believe it or not, organharvesting is occuring throughout China and was in full swing even before it was practiced on the Falun Gong. As for the source, I wasn’t quoting from the Epoch Times, smartass. However, I encourage you to read the following and attempt to debunk them all as “BS conspiracy theory”, per your claim:,,,

      As for it being a “west vs east” argument, you’re so off the mark it’s frightening. But, I would probably contribute your irrational diatribe to a longstanding suffering from nationalistic tunnel vision spurred on by the oh-so infamous Chinese “CCP” victim mentality.

      You’re a fraud and you know it. Now go back to worshipping communist dictators and enjoy yourself.

      • Dumbasses these days

        your sources dont work, dumbass.

        Check before you list them!

        • Blindfollowstheblind

          Try accessing them from the other side of the Great Firewall, dumbass.

          • You may not trust communism, but neither should the people trust democracy. So what? What makes colonism/imperialism way better than communism? I only see the inevitable destruction of once upheld beliefs to die from the machination of tomorrow.

  • the best form to prepare the human fleshh is curring the legs and musles in trasversal sections like pig´s chops.

    I read its in the internet!! that is horrible terrorrific images.!!!

    • Pretty sure that quotation was taken from Aboriginal cannibals from New Guinea. I saw a documentary in my Anthropology class of an old grandmother who learned how to flay human when she was much younger. From my understanding, it's a very old custom and one very seldomly practiced. Disgusting nonetheless, but it is important to distinguish that from this.

      Please get your quotations and sources down correctly or at least link to them if you're going to make such statements.

  • I am a Chinese citizen.But I am Mongol.How does Donald Tsang define China?I tell you it’s a much much bigger country than you imagine.There are so many totaly different peolple,more than 30 languguages,even Mandarin has some 100 mutual unintelligible dialets.Things are so different from each other.Do you think Chinese Communist government bad?I dislike it too.But no other goverment can rule this country better.Cannibalism is practiced just by a small part of the group.For instance,Some people in the south of China eat grub,and some cat.Like we Mongolians ,we have a diet quit like Muslims.If you think we are uncivilized,then you are unpardonable wrong.I can only pray to JHV to save your soul.

    • you are a verry intelegent man. have kids. raise them open minded and educated like yourself. so we can secrease the 95% of closeminded idiots in this world and start the revolution of 5%er's

    • Thank you for the information you just gave. Have a good day.

  • Unbeleivable! Nuke these bastards! They don't deserve a chance!

    • retardsthesedays

      ull burn in hell for that
      what if your mother or your own child was a cannibal? would u shove a bomb up thier ass?
      those who eat babies for thier "health and beauty" are selfish bastards that should die but those people are only a handful of the millions of Chinese in the world so u cannot sterotype all chinese as cannibals

    • Real good idea. Nuke a country that's way bigger than ours with a million man army and nukes of their own. Also with enough crazy to retaliate full force when provoked.

      Yeah. Good plan, Jackson. You're really thinking.

  • You know what, as a Chinese American, I would agree that such an act is inhuman.

    But as I reiterate from the others ALL OVER AGAIN:


    For you “palefaced”, narrow-minded nitwits who don’t know how to fully appreciate, learn, and accept the things, INHUMAN OR NOT of LIFE, your peeps HAVE DONE the SAME SHIT TOO!!
    Might I remind you of the Donner Party, in US History?!?!

    Go look them up. And see how much your kin is better than ours.
    By the way, for you “jap”-ophilic fools out there, go look up their Section 731, the war crimes they HAVEN’T APOLOGIZED TO ANYONE for, and the inhumanity they committed…

    AGAINST YOUR FELLOW AMERICANS (and my fellow Asians) back in WWII

    That might help you reevaluate how much you like those “japs” for their anime(a despicable term, appropriate only for CRAPPILY-MADE, “Profit Only” drawing failures (i.e. naruto, yu-gi-oh, all that UNWORTHY SHIT) only to make $$$ off of you fools), technology(because you all rely on it WAY TOO MUCH), and sushi(yes, they do eat it off of women…).

    Oh yeah… If you try applying/becoming a “citizen” as in “Japanese”… You CAN’T!! You NEVER will!! Ah hahahahaaaa!!!!!! Poor fools, there’s no way you can win against their racism!!

    Like japan now?!?!

    You all are ignorant fools to judge others like so, and to love things that bare atrocious sin…

    • Constance Neverly

      I am a white person. I just came back from Beijing. The people there are more “palefaced” than me. And they are obsessed with it too. They will not let any sun get on their skin, and use whitening lotion, all to be whiter. I don’t care, but they sure do. So explain that.

      I got the impression that they almost worshiped America. I was surprised. It is wierd.

      • The skin colour preference has nothing to do with worshiping Americans, actually. Everyone used to like pale skin years ago. When North Americans began to follow the trend for tanned skin, China still stuck to the old-fashioned preference for pale skin.

    • Maybe you are the one who should read about the Donner Party…
      Several of the members unfortunately passed away from the cold and starvation. The others did not kill them. They unfortunately were forced to cannibalize the already dead – as it was their last chance for survival. And I am sure they were never the same after such a horrific experience.

    • Wow… and you can call yourself the palefaced racist. You call yourself Chinese-American and you're STILL anti-American and anti-Japanese? Yeah, way to go on the progressive path.
      I agree, American history has it's own pitfalls, it's own moments of bigotry/racism/paranoia. And yes, the Donner party was reduced to eating the flesh of their dead companions. Did you even read those accounts? Of the tears that poured down their faces that survival had reduced them to? They didn't eat that flesh for a delicacy, they didn't enjoy it. They were VICTIMS.
      And how, might I ask, does our own past follies justify this act?
      Yeah, we are horrified over this group of baby eaters, how are we not to be? Gawl, even Jonathan Swift's "A Modest Proposal" was horrifying, and that piece was a satire–a piece to bring home a point.
      And yeah, I could have become a citizen for Japan if I wanted–and I'm tall, blond, green eyed and very tanned. I was born there. I like Japanese food, and sushi–my family makes it all the time. I love America, though, so here is where I'm going to stay.
      Of course the Japanese are going to want to make money–they don't have the resources otherwise to survive in this world. That, and might I remind you that a rather large portion of American money is going into China? Why don't you do a little research next time, okay?

    • You are an ignorant fool you yellow faced idiot how dare you say such things to me or anyone else! You have some probs my dear!

    • Hate Japan much? As for the Section 731 and other war crimes Japan has commited against China. Japan has apologized many times to the point where its ridicous to continue. How much money has the Japanese government given to China to condone for the sins of the past? How many Chinese citezen know about this? Ask Chinas government why they haven't mentioned this to the people of China. My understanding is it's simply China has a great scap goat in Japan and it's easier to spin government crimes against it people to hatred against a long hated enemy. No?

    • what the hell?!

      ANIME?! = drawing failures?! crappily made?!

      i am now wondering if you do have any sense of art in your system?


      what does it have to do with the cannibalism/immoralities/sins they have done?! i just don't get you dim-witted freak.

      it's out of the question really! to mention anime in this messy comment you have made.

      of course they do have this "racism" mentality but it is to preserve their race. they are one of …well, the race with population that is getting smaller and smaller. The fact that their population pyramid is inverted triangle (it means the old dependent group is larger than the young dependents [babies, newborns]). could you even blame them for that?

      i do not know what the hell is wrong with you, but please, if you're a hater of japanese, maybe just say something about the inhumane act reported, not about something totally unrelated because you are just making a fool out of yourself. really…. everything you have just said is now a fallacy. and that's poisoning the well and TOTALLY ignoring the question!

      • i totally agree with you there ….

        WTF !!! u have a problem with animeSSSSSSSSSSSss ???????
        then don't watch it ..

        i so hate you and your crapy comment !!!!

    • Hey Yo Right here truthful Asian guy…

      Im Asian myself and I just dissed my own kind back up there, cause that how people can toy with each others emotions.

      Believe me I know how you feel – yeah I agree every country has it's own fuked up crap, still you can't go around saying Japan is so bad when they are actually catergorised as "Asians"

      Get my flow?

      oh on a another note my friends you were crazy cause of your laugh, she asked if you were gonna stay single forever…

    • I applaud you for your knowledge of America. Too bad these Americans can't be more researched upon China's history.

    • You are an ass. I enjoy being American: an American that knows history and the cultures. If they don't want to extend citizenship, that is OK by me. As far apologies… idiots like you need to apologize for being culturally insensitive. You now have moved into the ranks of the Japanese! fool!

    • WWII All I can remember from history was you fools getting lit up by big boy and little boy, hows the radiation taste anyway.

    • Staying on topic.
      Yes, there are still cannibal natives.
      Give respect to them or prepare for a cannibal war.
      If you don't think it's right, think about if your angry communication will do anything to the design of cannibalism.

  • It might be worth noting, however, that the Donner Party cannibalism was out of necessity and survival rather than vanity.

    • it is still cannibalism right? right? right? say it with me


    • You are still missing the point, Einstein. The Chinese do not eat babies… Get you intellectual capacity together.

    • I am going to answer this for all other replies: find out first hand through research before opening your stupid American mouths.. If you read the rest of these comments you'll see I have done mine…

  • Half of you people have no idea what you are talking about. You are very judgemental and lack any kind of cultural diversity.

    First off, The fetus thing is not common in China. Yes it has happened, just like it happened in a mid-western state in the USA (check news sources), just like it has happened at least once in probably every country in the world at some point.

    Second off, like it or not, people have known for a long period of time that a fetus is nothing more than pure vitamin goodness and given a life or death survival situation, im almost sure all of you would eat one as well.

    Third, dont be stupid people. This is why half the world hates Americans.

    • first of all…half the world..hates you peoples or whoever your country shut the fuck up you human..eater..disgusting creature

    • If you are American, i'm ashamed.

      • I take it you graduated from the double knot school along with Jethro Boudine. Secondly, you are a person of low quality and I hope never to meet you on the streets; you might want to rob me for some crank money!

    • your opinion iritates me

    • YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY WRONG! Eating a fetus is going to change a life or death situation? It is exactly this kind of thinking that makes people eat babies, thinking it's going to make them live longer. PRIMITIVE AND STUPID!

      • The people who read and believe,… also believe in the bible as the true words of a God. Sorry they upset you, but then again, we are dealing with a population that doesn't know better because their education system is failing them.

    • Absolutely pathetic

    • hey Bad people

      Look I'm Actually Asian but I'm saying this since I live in China

      I Like my country, LOVE it in fact – It beauty, the land and all its being my culture…

      Yes I totally don't agree with the cannabalism, rather than blaming your culture(America) I'd rather learn from your feedbacks instead of agonizing spend painstaking moment of you stereotyping us.

      I'm not so smart in my school, nor have I been to the outside world but..

      If you did hate all of us the chinese people then I will stand…
      Even If I'm alone
      I will stand
      I will stand to believe in the justice that I think is right
      stand very tall
      and proud
      and will take the full force of your hate,
      even if it hurts to lower myself and
      for you virtually see you verbally spit on my culture..

      I will take the hate…

      Your Hate

      and will return with Love.

      • 我没有任何仇恨。 。 。 I do apologize for the stupid Americans who believe such crap. I lived in Chongqing and I have seen much of China. I think it is the ignorant (the nicest way I can say it) idiots who read and believe are the fools… they also read a book called the bible and believe that it is really the words of a God speaking to them, today. What hubris! I apologize for all of the Americans that responded and the millions that would have because … they just don't know any better–after all they are Americans. I am American, but I prefer to remove myself from this level of low living to learn languages and cultures and know there are some great people in the world–who have existed thousands of years before us. I teach English to a culturally hungry world. The people in the States are simply hungry!

      • your awesome ^_^

    • Thank you… the voice of reason in a whirlpool of flushing humanity. I am pleased to see that there is more than one person who does not read the inquirer for their daily dose of news. The people who acted repulsed by this article, deserve to be ostracized on a global scale; however, the angry American theory is still in effect as long as rubberneckers like these tend to ogle the dispassionate side of humanity by reading and believing such garbage.

    • ummm yeah this does happen in the midwestern states but i promise that these people are taken care of in the legal sense. hey i have an idea for you why don't you take a baby that you love to china and tell them how you want them mixed up in an entree until then shut the hell up everyone has a right to their opinons. and that is why ppl hate americans we arent afraid to tell u to shove it and still tell you our thoughts anyway rather you like it or not……hate me then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • yeah…okay, so I dont think that's ultimately WHY we are hated…although your obnoxious and thoroughly unwarranted self-righteous attitude could have something to do with it–btw, it's total ignorance to think for even a second that the US legal system is capable of boasting that they are on top of taking care of people who engage in practices like this. Listen, I can tell you beyond any shadow of a doubt, that there are unspeakable atrocities that take place in small towns & big cities across the US and, perhaps to your suprise, they often don't catch the criminal–no one ever hears about it in the media because it would hurt the economy and any tourism that exists…unless, of course, you have family that are involved in the investigation of it and they decide to divulge that information with you. Since many of these atrocities (human sacrifice, dismemberment, cannabalism, etc.) often show ties to satanic beliefs, it makes perfect sense that no one hears about it because people would panic if they only knew what was happening down the road, next door, or in their own back yard…and I mean that quite literally. FYI, I dont hate you.

    • Wasting no time adding a little hipocracy are we?!–your first sentence is judgemental and has offended many, I'm sure anything you say now will mean squat to most, congratulations on that–although, I am not at all offended because I know I couldn't possibly be on the half that your referring to…lol btw, eating a fetus is not healthy for humans, and in a life or death situation most people would not even consider such a thing. Not everyone has a Hannibal Lector-type of mind when thrust into survival mode…some of us draw the line.

  • i hardly think it is written in the tomes of chinese culture that thou shalt eat unborn children. there are undoubtedly people in the west who do it as well, eg
    the actions of an individual or a group of individuals do not reflect the ideas of an entire culture, they’re not “retaining their culture” by eating foetuses. there’s a lot of incest going on in america but i wouldn’t call it part of american “culture”, would you? if anything, it’s human nature, because it happens all over the world, just as people probably eat foetuses all over the world.

    • Obviously, all these replies that advocates the Chinese are apparently from Chinese “people’ themselves. They DO NOT know how to self-correct what is despeakable!!! Rather than being ashamed of these atrocious act, they are even audacious about their inhumane, demonic acts, obviously since thier ethnicity is probably related to some kind of demons!!!! Chinese “people” are NOT real human beings, but they are just bunch of “beasts” that are inahbiting a large part of the earth, which is very sad!!!

      • who are you? more like “what” are you? if i put a short chinese in front of you right now that chinese probably has more brain and common sense than you ever will.

      • You’re obviously Chinese. The only reason you’re saying good things about China is because your wonderful “Government” has a gun to your head, and threatens to pull the trigger if you even think bad of China.

        You people can’t even appoint a good leader, because your “Government” is composed of power hungry bullies. They take full advantage of the sheepish nature of Chinese culture.
        See how your wonderful country has dug itself into a hole?

        SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!! D<

        • YOU GO GIRL! im tottaly with u on this one!
          i am bi father is african american west indian and wapanoag indian my mother is scotish mongolian and hawian. im 13 years old and verry interested in politics and all this stuff but im also quite social ..u r awesome u really understan different opinionss !! i wish everyone was as smart as u .how old r u ? i live on a island off the coast of massachusetts called marthas vineyard. it is verry small and closeminded. i one day hope to travle the world. visit everywhere and explore every aspect of human groth and culture..u sem really cool. HAVE A NICE DAY :)

    • You sound just as sick as the people that practice sick and disgusting acts like you talk about. How can you defend or make excuses for them? I don't care where they are.

  • How do they eat them without getting disgusted or anything?! It’s disgusting!

    • You are a typical American that believes everything they read, or can guess at the meaning while seeing the squiggly lines that are purported to be words… When you investigate you will see it is simple American propaganda putting those bad Chinese in their places!

      • What does typical American mean to you? most people on here tell us to not stereotype Chinese people, but here you are stereotyping us, as saying we believe anything we read, you, My dear sir, are a HYPOCRITE.

  • u r all correct… we

    chinese eat shit

  • I am a caucasian living in China and Taiwan for 10 years. I read, write and speak the lingo. However, let's cut all the PC bullshit. Most Chinese are more uncivilized compared to white people, and are more selfish as well, largely because most Chinese have no religion.

    China will become more civilized with the growth of religion, and improved education. And people, remember, Culture is culture, habits are habits. I am a honky but admit the Chinese culture is the world's greatest, but Chinese habits are some of the worst.

    And for fcuks sake, Would all the dipsiht whites on this board stop denigrating their own race. A chinaman in China would always be supportive of his country, so to all those Yanks out there, put your people and race first, there's already a dwindling number of whites in the world, and the last thing we need is to crucify ourselves even more at the expense of other races.

    • I find the term White derogatory. Please use the proper "European American" henceforth. No, but in all seriousness, White people are afraid to exhibit racial pride for fear of being labeled racist, and it is b.s. The White man has become a universal scapegoat, and we act as though we're oblivious to the fact. I'm not promoting the belief that Whites are racially superior or anything of that sort, but neither should we feel as though we have no right to defend our racial heritage, or to have pride in ourselves. I'm not condoning racism or prejudice; just self-respect, both personally and collectively.

    • No, china is a civilized place. I myself have been there numerous times on business occasions. In fact, I grew up there as a child in the 80's. China is a huge country and is one of the largest in the world. Keep in mind that they have over 1.3 billion people there. Most of them , at least to my knowledge, is not uncivilized like you claim.They have different traditions from westerners. Your comment is ignorant and very biased. White is not even a definite term. Please think before you speak, It will save you a lot of trouble considering you audacity

  • This is so disqusting! Generally speaking I do not believe that _all_ of these pics are correct and true….Most medical professionals, whether in China or other parts of the world, such as in certain central African countries or Papua New Guinea, for instance, would strongly understand that consumption of human flesh is extremely dangerous to one’s health and is not part and parcel of the medical sciences.

    However, having grown up in Malaysia and Singapore, I do not doubt that there would be atheist-Chinese people who may attempt to do something so atrocious. This is an abomination. Personally, those doctors, nurses, and anyone associated with something such as this ought to be expelled, prosecuted, and executed. This ought to be a capital offense.

    Yet, it would almost be impossible for any sane person to truly succeed in digesting something like a fetus, especially if the aborted -fetus were to have any airborne or external effects, such as antiseptics to touch it.

    This is why abortion is a crime according to Judeo-Christianity; Islam; and even the English common law.

    The argument that this would be healthy or good for the human body doesn’t wash–in fact, what ever minimal effects could easily be obtained by eating, for instance, cow placenta would certainly outweigh human flesh. Cannibalism or eating any simian-type meats, such as is common in central Africa or even Borneo is extremely dangerous due to the very high chance of pathogens being transmitted on the molecular level.

    To all Chinese! Please stand up and prosecute any one who is doing this, if this is true.

    May God punish these scum.

  • Sudanese PhD student

    "I can not imagin or believe that in the 21th century there are some people who eat human flesh, some wild animals donot eat humanbeings. and some other animals bury the babies , and some refuse eating or drinking because they lost their partners. but in Japan or China people are less degree those animals

    The statistics in China or Japan show that the elder people are in increas , whereas young people are decreasing, from this article everyone will realized why this statistics are true

    oneday there will be no China or Japan because all people will become extinct

    I am a muslim the only thing which I can say May Allah (GOD) save the children from this devilish doing"

    • please you just copied and pasted what the other kook was saying. Also, china has the biggest population in the world. It would take a catastrophe to kill off all those people. You are ignorant.

  • Sudanese PhD student

    I can not imagin and believe that in the 21th century people eat human flesh, some wild animals donot eat humanbeings. and some other animals bury the babies , and some refuse eating or drinking because they lost their partners. but in Japan or China people are less degree those animals

    The statistics in China or Japan show that the elder people are in increas , whereas young people are decreasing, from this article everyone will realized why this statistics are true

    oneday there will be no China or Japan because all people will become extinct

    I am a muslim the only thing which I can say May Allah (GOD) save the children from this devilish doing

    • STATISTICS? do you actually, truly believe is statistics? they’re just numbers. and where did people get these numbers? you don’t know do you?

    • Take out the stick out of your own eye first! You want to say that Sudan is better ?

    • May Jesus come soon to rescue the weak and persecute the evil doers.


  • Sudanese-Yes, this is terrible, if it be true. Islam is a religion that forbids this sort of idiotic, demented behaviour, such as cannibalism. There seems to be some “jahiliyya”-type behavior attached to it.
    May God punish all those who may do this act.
    What happened to the sanctity of life? People having abortions because of poverty? I don’t believe this. It is out of convenience and prejudice for females in China, which is even more horrific.

  • I am certainly disgusted. Anyway, it seems the majority of people who posted comments here are quite rednecked, ignorant with lumpen intellect .

  • the video didnt show up-do you have another link to it or something? please i must see this-

  • the people who do this whatever country, creed or race, should be punished by the highest extent of the law. this so disgusting! im sure no one here would like someone else to cut them up and throw some spices ont hem and give them a good broiling, all just for them to shit u out at the end of a couple days. sick sik sick sick sick sick sick

  • I hear they’re good with extra MSG.

    Just kidding! However, my students here in Beijing have verified that this does still happen though it is uncommon and only occurs in Guangdong province. By the way, Guangdong is well known in China as the place where the people will eat anything. Dogs, cats, rats, mice and insects are all common Guangdong foods. They also make a medicinal snake wine (supposedly good for male potency) that I think is tasty and packs a punch. Most Beijingers think Guangdong eating habits are somewhat disgusting, though one can find dog and insects here as well.

    My only concern with eating aborted fetuses is that the eating of the same flesh can be a catalyst for the development of new diseases. I believe that Mad cow was traced to cows being fed with waste material from the slaughter houses. Keep in mind that abortion is legal here. If people want to eat dead babies this does not bother me other than concerns with the above. However, the slaughter of living infants for consumption is murder.

    Another important issue regards the ancient and strongly held Chinese beliefs regarding medicinal foods. In my opinion, the Chinese hold much too firmly to disproven (by Western science) benefits of odd foodstuffs. I believe that the nutritional content of a fetus and/or placenta is negligible at best and could likely be found in greater quantities in other foods or supplements. Every province in China has it’s own “special” medicinals foods that promise, like the snake oil sellers of the frontier, to cure everything from impotence to cancer. Granted, these products are likely to have beneficial properties, though not to the extent warranted by the fervent belief of the Chinese.

  • I don’t know wat yall are talking about, humans are tasty!

  • The nutritional value of a human baby would be pretty high but human breast milk would be considerably superior.

    One thing that struck me was the comparison to soy – shouldn’t we all be eating babies as “they eat a lot in Asia!”?

    Actually soy is (was) normally only eaten when fermented, and very much considered “famine food” or fertilizer in Asia Now there’s ads everywhere saying “Americans eat lots of soy!” Yes, I live in Asia, Borneo. Here I was less than thrilled to learn that eating the placenta is considered perfectly normal, indeed traditional. That makes sense, in fact many animals do the same. I still find it disgusting though, not because its human but simply as the thing looks damn disgusting anyway!

    Back to the topic – I know many Chinese people and even on the island of Borneo there’s at least 3 different Chinese languages and sub-cultures. China itself is vast, vastly larger and more populous than the US or Europe. Saying “Chinese” do anything is like saying “Europeans do bull-fighting” etc. Which part of China? Which particular people? To lump such a diverse people into one singular culture is insanity or ignorance.

    Borneo itself was known for headhunting and cannibalism until fairly recently – but not by the Chinese! Only certain groups of Malays and again Borneo has something like 20 different races, dozens of languages etc. You can say similar about Africa, which has also seen cannibalism.

    So yes it’s disgusting, yes we’d all love to give the individuals concerned a good kicking but don’t be so dumb as to point the finger at the Chinese in general. If anything their overall culture is older and wiser than the West’s in many respects (though I still smile at the idea of sticks as ‘cultured’ eating utensils… get a fork!)

    Finally, if people are responsible for their government, how do you yanks explain GW Bush, eh?



  • Ok people tell me why these things don’t happen in India?
    If it happens in US of A and china, why not in India?
    Any such interesting things from India?

    • i live in america and can promise i dont go around acting uncivilized. I dont always agree with what happens in my own country but that is why we are allowed to voice that and do something about it. i think by your comment it shows that where you might not eat a child you certainly are not much more civilized than the people who performs these sick acts. this dont happen and be approved in our country ever!!! it is against the law in every spec of soil here and people are held highly responsible for doing this to ppl.

  • Auschwitz-Longai

    Wolność dla Tybetu !!!! / Free for Tybet !!!!

  • Auschwitz-Laogai

    Chines kamp = Germany kamp. Free for Tybet. / Wolność dla Tybetu, zbombardować Pekin

  • I spend about a 3rd of my year in China (I’m a white, American shoe designer). I have many Chinese friends and speak Mandarin. I am getting so sick of the China bashing that is going on lately.

    Yes even hot women will sometimes put their finger over one nostril and blow a big snot out on the street, yes it is wicked polluted and squat pots are nasty as all gt out. No you cant find deoderant in most of China, and there are a lot of other issues like eating dog etc that I might find distasteful.

    But seriously, all of my Chinese friends and in fact MOST of the Chinese that I meet are SO nice and hospitable. One or two butchered words of Chinese and a smile and they are all smiles and friends all around. If you are lost they will go WAAAAY out of their way to help you. Some of my friends HAVE dogs and would never eat one. They love children and go ga ga for them everywhere you go, in real live person not on a plate!!!

    You are all being brainwashed by sensationalist news and government propaganda to think they are bad. $hit I AM an athiest/agnostic and it doesn’t mean I’d eat a baby! Just because someone isnt a jeebus freek doesnt make them evil or even less capable of humane behavior. A lot of buddhists are total pacifists and preach compassion – just not through jesus. You think western religion has a monopoly on caring about their fellow man/woman? A lot of Chinese are unofficially religious. Look at all the temples…

    Also they are as much in control of their government’s actions or the activities of big multinational corporations who cut corners on lead based dyes for plastic baby toys or cracking down on nobel lauriates as we are for Bush’s latest whatever. These things/actiaons do not really represent the people of the PRC.

    We really need to, as a global poplulation of human beings, not as competing nationalists, come together and decide we are all people and whatever our govenments want to tell us we need to meet each other and decide or see for our selves that we are all really the same and we can all be friends.

    Ill get off my soap box now but get a fkkin grip. How brainwashed and sheep-like are you. Or get your pitchforks and start burning people at the stake. Thats my 2 cents and it comes from first hand knowledge NOT “Fair and Balanced” Bll $hit news broadcasts with profit and political agendas.

  • that sick
    they re is a GOD and it doesn t look like they fear the all mighty .
    how can you eat a baby , today a chinese man look at my kid and i told him
    dont even think about it ? he look puzzled , so i have to appolosizes to all my chinese friend and i can only say god bless you and make you stop eating babies . there ie to many thing s to eat on this planet , so please stop eating babies . may god bless all those poor babies that suffer for all the mad peoples on the planet , not just THE CHINESE there is other big F …KER ON THIS PLANET

    • Oh my, how can you believe that any random Asian man you see is a cannibal?

      First of all, how do you know the man was Chinese? How do you know he wasn’t Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Malaysian, etc.

      Plus, as reminded in so many comments on this article, it’s a SMALL GROUP of people in China who do this. That means THE MAJORITY of Chinese people DON’T eat babies. I know it’s easy to criticize a nationality for a few odd people, but please remember that lots of Chinese people are very against these eating habits.

  • O god help us, where we are going and what we want ?……………All Human’s souls say that.
    please i am requiesting to chinese peples, please please stop this discuting behavious with the sweet unborn child……they are realy very sweet and innocent………always they have sweet smile and give us a lot of tenstion fee beautiful moments…ko kindly dont do……..god say plz dont do ………….just think can you show your face to god after death ?

  • this is the most sadest thing i have ever heard! for people to agree that this is okay, WTF! i cant believe that the chinese goverment doesnt step in and charge these bastards. and our goverment can go to war in the middle east for lies and oil. why cant the UN step in and implament changes to these animals! i am complete shock over this. may God bless those lil angels that have been killed by those so called humans.

  • may an eathquake destroys china and kill cannibals like you stupid non educated people

    • That’s like saying “may disaster strike all of America just to punish Bush.”
      What makes you think everyone in China agrees to this.

  • That would be uneducated.

    What university did you go to?

  • I’m Chinese, not from China and am also appalled by this…act of cannibalism. But please, don’t base your judgement and perception of Chinese on that percentage of the Chinese community who do things that are less than desirable. I might get flamed for this, and whoever wants to boycott products from China- go on. I’d like to see you in a forest without a compass, GPS or a good sense of direction. By the way, Chinese products include PAPER. :D

    “Although China has laws that prohibit the eating of human fetus, the regime’s forced abortions to ensure the one child policy is strictly adhered to thereby creating many opportunities for these sorts of atrocities to occur.

    What would make people do such a thing without any fear of condemnation? Since Mao’s Cultural Revolution, a complete lack of morality and respect for human life has become the norm in China. Over time, domination by the Chinese Communist regime has led to inhuman behavior and human rights violations resulting in abnormal practices such as cannibalism.”

    Bear in mind that the Cultural Revolution was indeed terrible. Some people went stir-crazy because of the pressure on them. Being denounced could mean a complete change in how people addressed you, how they treated you- everything. Also, the one-child policy gives some parents no choice but to sell or abandon their fetuses.

    …and if you haven’t already, go read the book Wild Swans.

    • i hate to tell you we can completely exclude china from trade and work with other countries they arent the only ones with trees and we can recycle right here at home. we can do a lot of stuff even with communications its just that we have been okay with working with china and it is only the way it is because we have tolerated it thus far. i agree that not all ppl in china do this and therefore you shouldnt be judged accordingly but i don't understand one thing about this. look at egypt lately if the communism in china is the problem here only the ppl of china can change that. there are plently of ppl to take care of this it almost seems like such a growing place like china wants this shit to continue. i'd rather die than have someone control me like this and i believe thats what america stood behind during the revolution. "give me liberty or give me death!" I have to agree 100% with that when it comes to this stuff. i will never let another person kill my baby they'd kill me first. that is our job and any other species on this plaent does exactly the same.

  • O.K. so Vince Weiguang Li is a cannibal what about his little woman back at the apartment in their home they ostensible shared in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada? What were his other habits with her? I’d love to know more about their conversations over dinner.
    We Canadians don’t _uckin’ eat each other! That is the ultimate evil. Where the hell did Li ever assume the right to play God, yanking other’s lives like a joker yanking on a yoyo??? Li apparently thinks he’s the ultimate cock, crowing within his pathetic carcus of a man, praising himself for his bravado act of what he thinks significance??? I wonder if his blood thirsty carnage gave him that ultimate ejaculation. He is and never will be anything more than a little piece of shit.

  • then tell every country in this world to stop using chinese labor if they are so immoral. seriously, you’re all hypocrites.

    • How is this person a hypocrite? Are you in favour of eating human flesh? Does the person who made the post employ Chinese people? Get a clue. Just because savages are used for cheap labor by some nations doesn't mean it is supported by individuals, even those who reside in those countries. And by the way, being a hypocrite is far better than being a man-eating savage.

      • One, let me tell you something. It's not true. And second of all, why does half of the world hate America? Think about it for a little



  • these people are sick..its not about the brainwash thing or the culture issue..its about the immorality going on..there’s something wr0ng with these fetus-eating people and they better be counseled..this thing do not only happen in also happens in japan..yup!..maybe we have different cultures but eating babies was never introduced in the history of any culture right? there’s gotta be wrong with there people, stop your nationalistic freakin comments and stop defending your cultures..

  • I am chinese — if you say “then you are lying. if you eat babies, why can’t you lie”, then there is no ground for talking. But if you would listen to sense, then here it is: for my 20 years of living in china, cannibals are totally unheard of. So I would say the proportion of chinese people that have eaten a baby would probably be smaller than the proportion of murders and rapers anywhere in america. I can’t prove my statement, but again, what evidence do you guys have, as accusers? Just a newspaper article and a video you never know who composed? It is all too satisfying to say that “they” are just savages, that we are all better off if “they” get their brutal and stupid crap whacked out of them, but it is plain ethnicism. What do you feel when someone tells you “you make me feel sick, because you Americans are just mean and treacherous, and all racists and haters”? (Mind you that is not nearly as bad as claiming a whole nation being cannibals!) Then you ‘d preper to be seen as an individual rather than a member of a stereotyped group, would you not? It is the same everywhere — see people as individuals!

    PEOPLE IN A WAR WITHOUT BLINKING AN EYE BECAUSE THE REST WILL HAVE MORE TO EAT 80% of the PEOPLE IN ASIA do not have any common knowledge of disease of hygiene common to Western nations, the graduates of colleges know only their subjects and judging from the proliferation of cannibalism the medical professionals are not professional and are barely human, canniablism is spreading rapidly through ASIA and is becomming widespread in North Korea with a few South Koreans developing a curiousity about the taste of the meat and the supernatural properties cannibalism imparts to those who participate in the new wave of perversions. ANYONE WHO CAN SAY CHINA IS CIVILIZED SHOULD GO LIVE THERE FOR 3 MONTHS AND THEN TELL US WHAT THEY THINK

  • LARA YOU NEED PSYCHIATRIST you are too jingoistic to acknowledge the depravity of China today. Wake up to reality and shake the chip off your shoulder. Asian Americans glamorize their roots, all of our roots were wierd or we wouldn’t be in the USA – China has historically wierder and more sadistic practices because it has a larger population and a long recorded history.



    I think a lot of Americans, Brits and others in Asia are there in roles they could never fill in their own country for many good reasons, such as their need to defend another country which when compared with Western Society has a long way to go, we have higher standards we should not have to justify, China is a terrible polluter of the earth, has a terrible human rights track record, has horrible sanitation and poor hygiene ( people blowing their nose in their hand is common)Human life has little value and depravity is one of the few ways to use their repressed imaginations.

  • China like every otehr country…is a country of contrast yin & yang Light and dark. Amongst the beauty there is ugliness. Yet we cannot condem the whole country, because part of it is dis-eased. In the same way that we cannot destroy the human body, because part of it is diseased.
    As with al things we need to treat the cause, in order to restore health. As human’s we need to be whole physically and spiritually, clealry we still have a long way to go!!!
    I believe one day, humans will live as the Creator intended..until then those of us that know better and have the ability to be kind and loving have a duty to share this with others and teach others. while being humble enough to also learn from others.
    Its a long journey and our evolution is ongoing.

  • People need mind own busines. Many Chinese eat this way. We have to many people and govenment make us abort so many. It only make sense we eat. Makes feel strong and vital more so when male child. Cook and mix well tast good. Mind own business. China nevr be humiliate.

    • You are an evil son of a bitch. How would you like for someone to tell you that they are going eat you because there are too many people and it would make them feel good? You and everyone else that has anything to do with this evil act should be killed the same way you killed that precious baby. How do you sleep at night?

  • hey Lara, you seem to be up against it You need to remember that there are alot of idiots out there. Look at the messages you are reading.They cannot even spell let alone talk sense. Cannibalism has been around since time began and I daresay in every country at some period in time.

  • They dead alredy so what problem. Some dont mind how longn gone but some pay more for more new.

    Disguts criminal I dno’t like want eat still live which I donot agree with. Should be dead before eat.

    US need mind own busines

    • You are saying that if your son or daughter died you would eat them? How can you say you love them and do something so dispicable, so evil? I would go nuts that they died. I would have trouble just seeing them dead. How do come to that way of thinking that it is okay?

  • Just because Chinese people eat dead fetuses, doesn’t mean that Every single one of them does! So don’t sum every chinese up into one category. There are even vegetarian Chinese out there as well as Chinese people who eat normal meat like the Westerners. Don’t be such a ‘katak di bawah tempurung’!! Gosh*!~

    • Thank you; I’ve been to China several times and made many friends there, articles like this only give the intensely gullible; closeted from society individuals more the reason to judge what they don’t know.

  • I am not saying that ALL chinese people eat babies, lord knows some of them must be normal. they say that it helps keep the baby population down.. how about this..?? stop f*cking you idiots!!! Monsters like that should not be allowed to have children, if i had my way.. i’d cook their a$$es alive just so they’d know how it feels.. and then tell em’ to deal with it.. because its delicacy that will make ME beautiful. Burn baby burn.. you f*cking murderer

  • Do not mess in Chinas internal affairs.

  • Seeing all of these comments makes me think it would be better to just eradicate humanity in general.
    I want to eat half of the people that commented here really.

  • The Chinese are uncivilized sub-human beings. They have no feelings for any living thing, including their own. They are monsters. Maybe the next earthquake will knock these cretans off the face of the earth. Hope so.

  • American Soldier

    Lot of redneck comments here

    To the chinese readers: Don’t let the idiots posting replies make you think all white people are racist idiots, the ones posting ignorance here are the exception

    The article title is misleading and those with weak minds who can’t think for themselves will be easily swayed

    It clearly says “..The Taiwanese women present were horrified.”
    “police in Bingyan, Guangxi Province seized..”
    etc etc..Obviously the natives aren’t ok with it and Chinese don’t find this acceptable. You think Western cops are the ones doing the raids?

  • Adrianne Gopper

    Most of you do not know sh!$% AMERICANS leave the rest of the world alone, you are not the chosen ones – I’ve travelled your country and you are backward and uncivilized. If people eat babies, so what has it got to do with you?

  • sick world we live in, ain’t it

  • This is sick.. and Americans keep importing and buying Chinese products by the ship load.. Sick…I think we dropped the bomb on the WRONG country! Side with the Chinese all you want. If it were not acceptable there, their government would be cracking down on it.. Other citizens would be outting those that are involved in these practices.. Is this China’s way of population control? Cant get all the kids adopted out to American, so well just eat them from now on?
    ( and I do have 2 nieces that were adopted from China).. Sorry defend them all you want but anyone involved in this is one sick puppy and has no place on this earth. Eating another human being, let alone a defenseless infant.. is sick…thinking that this would make you stronger or richer or anything else… is CRAZY and INSANE.

  • these comments are so amusing.

    1) there are many many cultures (including Americans) that eat the placenta after birth.

    2) hahha. find me 5 more articles about this story and i might believe it!


  • The funny thing about all this is that the vast majority of you readers who just posted are more than willing to believe an article written by a tabloid magazine than do research on the source itself.

    What’s sad is that this piece of yellow journalism shows how truly racist you people are. Behind that thin veil of being “understanding,” you’d blast away at Chinese culture at the first sign of any excuse. Deep down inside, you’re just itching to confirm that racist idea that “Chinese people eat anything.” Ever hear of blood libel?

    Honestly people, common sense ought to prevail, and this was one of those rare chances in your life to shine as a rational human being. Instead, you people blew it and showed that deep down inside, you just view a foreign culture as backwards, inferior, and that members of that foreign culture are sub-human and thus ought to be exterminated.

    YOU are the real sick people.

    Then again, a good majority of Americans on youtube think The Onion is actually real news…

  • Most of the comments here are ignorant, racist, and judgmental pointed out some of the people who posted.

    True the subject on cannibalism is sick and wrong humanely but, this article is talking about a small “PART” (*NOTE* I SAID PART, NOT THE WHOLE ENTIRE POPULATION OR AREA OF CHINA) of China that only a few group of people commit this act. Just because this article is talking about China, half of you guys start bashing on the Chinese and Chinese Americans like every single one of them are cannibals. There are other parts of countries that have perform cannibalism years before we were born to this current date.

    You guys need to think and research about the topic before you start typing some ignorant and pointless comments that will soon start into some flame war about something stupid and off topic.

  • First of all “Whitney”, wake the hell up and realize that what these so called people are doing is insanely disgusting and inhumane. They think it’s ok to do that and here u are saying we shouldn’t judge them? WHAT IN THE HELL IS WRONG WITH U?? U obviously don’t know what the words free will means and that’s not even in the U.S. so those people don’t know what that even means most likely. Bunch of psychos is all they are. Eating people is so sick and I don’t care how good it is for ur health system, there are millions of other things in this world that are good for u and NOT FREAKING EATING PEOPLE, MUCH LESS BABIES!!!

  • i agree that eating babies is absolutely disgusting and insane. But just because you learn that there are a few asians that eat human babies, does not mean that all asians eat anything and are cannibals. People who assume this shit is just racist.

  • that is so gross and they eat people that is so not catholic!!!Jesus does not want us to eat people so all of you should just g fuck yourself!!!

  • you need my personal comments? okay:

    its over! shucking, amazing. will over behind of that they are sinners fully 100% over they needs spritual teaching. words of GOD. they acts like an animals/ satan/demons.


  • Miss Mora, get laid….with a Chinese LOL

  • Shocking…..just shocking. To eat your own kind is purely animalistic. It's not a matter of what's taboo….it goes far beyond that.

  • how foolish doing that things!!! their killing lives!! Damn they are!! they better go to hell!!!

  • I am speechless about what I saw. Hearing you guys defend, making excuses and thinking that only Chinese do this unthinkable act are stupid. I don't look at Asia as a whole being evil. It is the individuals that participate in eating a baby that are evil. I can't have anymore babies and would give anything to love one. I have a wonderful son that I would die for in a heart beat. The thought that there are people out there that think it is okay for any reason has mental problems and do not value human life. Why even discuss the respect they should have for a baby that did not ask to brought into this world. I don't understand how anyone could be so disrespectful to God. He is the one we have to answer to. I for one would not want to face him with, " Why did you eat or kill his child". As far as eating off of a naked women, yes it is odd. But that is not even close to eating a baby. That has nothing to do with evilness. That is just entertainment. Gross but if you like it, you are not eating her flesh thank God.

  • Gwyn Mora you are a niggerdick

  • Every time you buy something Made In China, you are supporting these atrocities.

  • for all people who made that stupid thing, dahhhhhh!!!!!! they are all crazyyyy!!!!!!!!!
    mga walang puso!!!!!! how could they do that thing???!!!! they are all devils!!!!!!! makarma unta mo oi!!!!

  • we dont dare … maybe you just dont believe in CHRIST…..eating human flesh is a kind cruelity ,we CHRISTIANS, MUSLIMS and Other who believe in GOD We could not accept. Chinese must be conscious in eating this SHIT stuffs ,.,.,.,.eating human flesh is like eating your own BODY,..,.,.by the way what's religion? or you MONGOilds like you, a chinese ARE so called CANNIBALs-uncivilized, immoral and crazy people,.,.,ur like VAMPIRES who eats rats,.,.,.,ewwwwH,.,.
    from that case, we concluded that food products especially from you're country must be put in JUNK.,.,.,id rather eat vegetables than to DARE eating human FLESh like YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so disgusting..

  • man, this can´t be real. But, I read somewhere that pork should be a lot like human flesh when it comes to taste. And we eat that stuff in the west. Scary anyway!!!!!!

  • how is this any better than eating vegetables and meat? i cannot see the difference from a rational point of view. Hypocrisy is the word for those condemn these things based on the fact that it is 'INHUMAN'.

  • well what you expect from people who eats anything that can walk or fly..i mean they eat monkeys,rats,dogs,cats and all kind of living creatures..why not eat humans too..they have no morals or heart..
    i used to love chinese culture and people alot..i even started to learn mandarain..but after i read about this cannibalisim stories..i was disgusted..and its not just fetus they eat..its been reported thats some villages in china eat full grown adults..some of them touristis..and its recorded by photos..anyway..this is really making me wanna puke now.

  • what the!?!?!..
    how can you be so heartless??


  • These images are old and very fake, people. They've been claimed as real forever but they're not.

  • wow this is insanity they also skin animals alive for their fur ,, in my opinion these gooks are the enemy of this earth , i would enlist in any war against these barbaric motherf*ckers

  • yuummmy!!! i bet its good with ranch!

  • Well… that's one way to solve problem with over population!

    But no seriously… cannibalism is in nature too. Savage? Or going back to roots?
    It's a fair common knowledge that in middleages, people would eat let's say, babies liver, because that would ensure longer life/better health.
    And if it's being thought of as delicacy in China? Well, let's see. A horse penis is considered somewhere a delicacy, snails too, even if I remember right, poo of some animals is considered delicacy in some places.

    Now, there is if you ask me, nothing wrong if the fetuses eaten, are from abortion. They are either unwanted, or couldn't survive.
    Human might eat it, but just as well, a seagull on a garbage dump. Or a stray dog.

    So yea… go figure.

    It's bad only because of human "culture". Who can say that when human were living in caves, that they didn't ate babies too?

  • Sadly… or maybe fortunately, this is fake… or so the Internet claims. Could be a worldwide conspiracy to cover the truth!

  • I have been in China for 9 years… All about baby eating is very real. 100% true and many body harvest happen every day. Body parts are distributed to France to the rest of the world by China Government Companies. 1000s of pictures are available and even videos are blocked by media, however if you ask for people to produce them and you have the stomach for the truth you will find it… YES in 2009 its in every province of China and highly prized by top officials.

  • this people are maddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

  • I can say that a lot worse has happened in all parts of the world.. You either like eating it or you don't.. Further more, racism has nothing to do with it. For those who are quick to judge an American, especially a "White American", Its quite simple.. don't bother making America your home.. if you can't handle their opinions then maybe you can't handle living in America. I shouldn't have to apologize for telling you the "FACTS"

  • I can say that a lot worse has happened in all parts of the world.. You either like eating it or you don't.. Further more, racism has nothing to do with it. For those who are quick to judge an American, especially a "White American", Its quite simple.. don't bother making America your home.. if you can't handle their opinions then maybe you can't handle living in America. I shouldn't have to apologize for telling you the "FACTS"

  • It's very ignorant to call all Chinese people savages just because a small portion of them eat fetuses. How can a small amount of people represent their whole country? Every country has people who do sick s***!

  • dude i have never heard of any of this bull crap this is so stupid and plus this isnt all Chinese people you people are being stero-types by thinking of these horrid actions of all Chinese people which you IMPLY!

  • that's bullshit. Ms Liu's story is from an Hongkong horro movie Dumplings. The discovery of infant bodies is not new, and it's not related to infant eating. Sadly it's just some illegal private clinic dumping infants from abortians.

  • wow! so much hate! I am white and I am not a bigit but you my dear surly are. so so sad. I have found that as much as I try not to judge, colored people are way more bigited than whites. You are holding not just your race but everyone back by saying such nasty little things! XD OOOHHHHH and it is way F***** up to eat babys I dont care what color you are!!!!!!!

  • Cantonese! They're not Chinese!

  • This is an UNACCEPTALBE act of evil. Do they ENJOY eating a small baby that was destined to live, eat, breath and talk as they are? There should be a proper investigation into things like this. I am not sterotyping the Chinese, things like this can happen all over the world and should be handled in the correct way, but for the chinese to consider it part of their Health? It's disgusting. They go to new extremes to amaze me. They are becoming more Alien to me now-a-days. Their beliefs and such… Shocking.

  • with Hello's comments

  • Honestly, there's people in America who eat babies, and humans too. Just because cannibalism is illegal, doesn't stop people from doing it. There's people in every culture who are cannibals, so are you gonna go anorexic too? There's undoubtedly company's who pack people into packages and sell them as chicken. Seriously, stop being so stereotypical.

    • right. don't be stereotypical. but i hate it anyway…cannibalism. but not every Chinese or Americans. just the doers. XD

  • It’s a hoax.

    Fetus Feast

    The photos and rumor have come from a performance art piece by the artist Zhu Yu

    Do They Eat Babies in China?

  • They have no regard whatsoever for precious human life. They treat humans like animals. Their judgment shall indeed be very severe and they will be brought to account, but also, those who take the lives of the innocent are no different from you. The righteous shall watch as these “animals” are brought to ruin and destruction with an equal measure. An eye for an eye, tooth for tooth…

  • “They treat humans like animals”

    That’s because humans are animals. We’re a very well developed species, but we’re still part of the Animalia kingdom. “The word “animal” comes from the Latin word animale, neuter of animalis, and is derived from anima, meaning vital breath or soul. In everyday colloquial usage, the word usually refers to non-human animals. Frequently only closer relatives of humans such as vertebrates or mammals are meant in colloquial use. The biological definition of the word refers to all members of the Kingdom Animalia including humans”

    Also, I don’t know why anyone would want to eat babies. They’re digusting little parasites. I wouldn’t let one anywhere near my mouth.


  • I have lived in the south of China for 6 years and never have I heard of such a thing. The Guangdongese are known for eating almost anything but this is very much illegal in China. No doubt that of the 1.3 billion Chinese 99.999% of them would feel the same way as any westerner about this… Shocked and appalled! We can't vilify an entire people because of something like this true or not. It could simply be some group who made this up. Those pictures sure look real but who's to say where they're coming from. What I would say the likely scenario is, is that this is a set up. Because of the severe penalties involved with this in China there is no way that it would be allowed to be photographed. If it IS going on then it is certainly done in secret with very few given privy to its happening. It is quite possible that some empty souled big boss out there is craving his baby soup alternative to viagra and found some poor cook sick enough to whip it up for huge bucks but this is not something you just order everyday and no way its on any menu anywhere. If one was to go door to door in China asking what people thought about this theyd be shocked that it was even going on not to mention angered and disgusted as well as hurt that others are criminalizing the entire nation for the acts of an infinitesimal few who make up the absolute sickest of the sick in a population of genuinely good people.

  • Chinese guys are so fucking messed up. This is so damned that it surely must lead to eternal damnation. Please Chinese guys who do this, stop it.
    It is F.U.C.K.I.N.G rotten

  • this is a suprice to me in my life and if is true tht asia eat people that is terrible pls we need people to stop them no matter anything cos now the news go to african that chinese asia people eat blacks for dinners that is too bad if is true may god punish chinese forever and end there country with fire………stupid chinese people

  • they do that because they dont know God…
    these people who eats fetus are uncivilized…
    yuckie not a racist but this news really devastated
    myviews about chinese people..
    if i will visit china, taiwan and hongkong,,,
    i'll see to it that i will just visit those beautiful spots..
    but will never try to eat their foods..
    so disgusting…..

  • watever your reasons are..
    eating humans is cannibalism..!!!!!!
    it's against God's will….!!!!

    • I in no way agree with eating your own species but I feel I have to inform you that there is no God. unless you got some evidence for me?

  • Dennis Wailer (Nigeria)

    Yeah… they got all the domestic animals around yet they’re still starving for human being to eat … Oh! what a shameful generations of Pagans. Even if this set of people do not know GOD, atleast they should know the divine spirit that lives within the heart of man and do good. I, sincerely want them to know that if every persons were to be like them, they would never live to see the light of today and eat babies. I pray they’ll never find mercy till the end of time … Woe unto their them (Baby eater)!

    • I don't like the way you have stereotyped all pagans to be savages. There is no God, we don't need God to have love in the world, just a kind personality

  • Dennis Wailer (Nigeria)


  • these are the sickest people ever…very very wrong…honestly, they are really sick

  • peace guys peace

  • Well, what's the difference? If you can eat dogs or cats in china, why not human babies? Why is it wrong to eat a human fetus – which died a natural death – but eating a lamb or heifer – horribly murdered – ok?

    China could provide a huge portion of its protein needs from re-using (eating) human fetuses.

    And Africa could solve its constant famine problems as well. No need to kill animals for food when you have 10 kids or 4 wives. Just pick one for dinner. Not only do you get food but also reduce the mouths you need to feed!!!

  • It is amazing that so many people have fallen for this load of B.ll..ks. It is simply Media Manipulation of the Moronic Masses.
    I spend quite a lot of time in this area and the people I know are absolutely horrified that they could be accused of something so horrific.
    So get real people, do not be so ready to believe everything you read!
    (Did it really appear in Next Magazine? I cannot find it).

  • What a load of rubbish! Do people really believe this?

    As for "the regime’s forced abortions to ensure the one child policy is strictly adhered to thereby creating many opportunities for these sorts of atrocities to occur" – verfiable fact, this policy only affects about 11% of the population.

  • Ming the Merciless

    I telephoned my friend in Guangzhou re this and she said she had never heard such rubbish. Baby soup? She said everyone knows that the only way to serve them up is barbecued! Sorry, only messing with you all.
    When I explained to her that this centres around Shenzen she said “Ah yes, Shenzen people. They still boil missionaries alive there and they think anyone with black skin is a demon and kill them on sight.” True? yes about as true as eating babies!
    Never read such a load of rubbish and this applies to most of the responses posted here!

  • You're stupid. Why are you generalizing the who race when you don't even know what is going on? This is only going on in China. That's like saying…your name is Ali. You must be either black or Muslim, and you must be a terrorist.

  • As a mother i think that eating babies or humans is sick, wrong and nasty. god created us to do his work not to eat what he created. come on people, it's not right

  • Well, I think not all Chinese are cruel and harsh to eat their own species. But the thing is, those that believe that this is not a sin is the one who should be judge!

  • i think it's a great idea. in fact i'm going to head down to my local abortion clinic and see if a butcher…i mean a doctor can score me some meat. you people need to lighten up a bit and get with the program. double cheeseburgers are out and baby meat is in……low in carbs i'm told.

  • I certainly hope all the restaurants serving human foetuses are "smoking prohibited". After all, why should we allow a crude person who possesses no proper manners to spoil a very special night out?

  • yuckzzzz

    how dare you eating your own species
    …what kind of attitude is that,…
    such immoral

  • can give ne the recipe

  • wtf! Dalts u r sick!

  • oh my god!!! you people eat anything!!!

  • caibalism is a sick act done by mentally hil people, how can you compare human behavior with that of lower class animals? it is our knowlegde that sets us apart from these animals and it is this knowledge that should prevent us from dining on ourselves……….if this inhumane practice continues people are going to start eating each other when meat production has been exhausted. imagine yourself being eaten

  • Very sad. I don't know what the **** is wrong with this world.

  • i don't know if i have to remind you that some things we eat are revolting and horrifying to other cultures. most western food is practically garbage. we are all raised to be a certain way and believe certain things. i don't understand why we can savor over a dead cow or pigs etc on tv but have aversions to things we deem cute. meat is meat, i personally wouldn't eat another human because of the chemical issues. it's definitely horrific, but that's what western culture wants me to believe. a lot of people think stem cell research is wrong, mostly christians… but that's an ignorance issue mistaken for morals. as a woman, it seems odd that this doesn't disgust me more, but it doesn't. if the majority of the babies eaten are aborted, seems fine enough, especially with their one child laws. just a sort of advanced cremation. infanticide on the other hand… well that has been practiced the world over humans and animals of all kinds, another mouth to feed means trouble for everyone, and in somewhere as overpopulated as china, well it seems like a logical, albeit gruesome solution to a problem north americans will never understand because we're nothing but fat consumers. think about all the cases in canada and the states of mothers abandoning children,murdering them, children dying of starvation etc. Munchhausen disorder… etc. the world is strange and we'll never understand eachothers cultures. maybe seeing this will make you hold your own children closer, yell at them less, stress about little things less or whatever. no one has the right to judge any culture as a whole for individual acts, as a first nations person i always get bullshit white people saying "get over it" about the millions of people murdered here to make way for your corpulent self righteous ass's. so think about the crimes of your own people before you designate yourselves judge and jury to the world. so for now, either do something about it or stfu. read about your cultures history, then get on with your lives.

  • Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater……I can make a lovely soup out of that!

  • While I was in China and at a KFC I was thanked by a 9 year old boy for being an American and dropping nuclear weapons on Japan—as his mommy sat perched nearby with a big proud grin on her baby eating face. Different culture…yes….Human….no…..All the world better fear the day that China is in control…

  • Apathy Incarnate

    So much FAKE, so little time.

    Congrats on swallowing whatever you’re fed, Internet.

  • Eat baby to activate super powers!

  • China, like all countries, has good and bad traits. I enjoy Chinese food, film, and music. But there is literally no excuse for eating humans in this situation – they are not starving, they aren't about to die, this isn't some small tribe who aren't civilized, who haven't grown beyond cannibalism… so I just don't get why this is going on. It really is sick.

    Also, -sarcasm- LOL @ people comparing eating potato chips and cakes to eating human fetuses. Because that's totally exactly the same thing. -/sarcasm-

    The Chinese are perfectly human and calling them anything other than that is ignorant, but there are just some really ridiculous violations of human rights that happen in some parts of the country. I'd love to visit some day, but many parts of China definitely have some growing to do.

  • Hey "Bad People", this is directed at you……first of all, we don't give 2 shits if half the world hates us or not, we live here, THEY don't…….and for you to talk about a human baby as nothing more than "vitamin goodness" just goes to show how warped you are……….and for you to say given a life or death situation most of us would eat a baby? No, most NORMAL people wouldn't, most people would rather die than to stoop to that level of evil…….oh, and to "Truthful Asian Guy", we were talking about China, NOT Japan, you moron……..for those of you defending this despicable practice, enjoying your stay in hell..

  • Hey "Bad People", this is directed at you……first of all, we don't give 2 shits if half the world hates us or not, we live here, THEY don't…….and for you to talk about a human baby as nothing more than "vitamin goodness" just goes to show how warped you are……….and for you to say given a life or death situation most of us would eat a baby? No, most NORMAL people wouldn't, most people would rather die than to stoop to that level of evil…….oh, and to "Truthful Asian Guy", we were talking about China, NOT Japan, you moron……..for those of you defending this despicable practice, enjoying your stay in hell..

  • This is what it leads to. The Chinese want to eat everything they set their eyes on. Cockroaches, cats, dogs, lizards and now this.

  • i have to say… as a teenage girl… i didnt think such horrific things were possible. but we cant hate all of China for what a small group of people choose to do. we can only hate the people commiting the act and wish they would stop but we cant MAKE them stop. Hating the whole of China for what those people do is like hating someone because they are the same race as someone who pissed you off! this is horrid and disgusting, but we cant MAKE them stop (even if i wish we could!)

  • did anyone but me notice it said there was a law against eating the fetus'? ONLY against the fetus'?!?!? so they can eat the babies that are born! how sick and wrong is that?!?!?!?! this is wrong and disgusting but i cant stop it… ~sigh~

  • AgreeToDisagree

    Apart from the 1Child policy, contraceptives, there’s your alternative solution to the overpopulation problem. Soylent Green. But there is the ethical dimension to consider. Unlike a conscious adult who consents to be eaten after death, the babies here did not have the capacity to make a choice on this. The ethical issues on this make only legal adults and those of sound mind ‘edible’.

    Without such consent, all other forms of cannibalism, save for those ‘at war’ with each other would result in cannibalism becoming spiritually non-viable. (Can you see Jews or Arabs eating each other?)

    We’d find it strange at the moment, but perhaps a culture where those past the prime of their adulthood with little to look forward to, could begin offering themselves up for consumption towards addressing the over-population problem.

    Personally however, it looks safer to distance from directly eating human flesh, but maybe eating carnivorous animals fed on human flesh instead? There has been no research on this matter or trials so far, because it is so taboo. Could some ‘Green’ organisation in collaboration with various religious groups across the world take this up and publish a paper on the viability of this at all?

    All those cemetaries and columbarii are going to outnumber humans in no time if a study is not done on this.

  • As wrong as I see this as, and I know Im gonna get hated for this, But if these people continue to eat babies, then it is up to their maker/ makers as to what happens to them. I mean in some cultures eating Beef or Pork is a sin. But OH NO IT"S DIFFERENT! Bull hockey. Yes. their choice of meat is human. But if it is in the plan of the divine that they should be punished then so be it. Dont judge them as a whole for some of us are by far worse. Unless we should all be child molesting self involved over weight rapist murderers that enjoy carnial relations with blood kin and livestock. Isn't it fun to be summed up in to one large group? Let these people face possible punishment after death.

  • okay, there are plenty of cannibals spread around the world. just because some people does, doesn't mean everybody does that. im an american and i dont want other people to think we're all overweight, obese, and lazy. its the same principle so all you people who think that all of china does that, you are a biased, ignorant, piece of shit.

  • chinese are gross, hope they blow themselves up, arrogant bastards

  • mmmmmmmmmmmmm…….. i could go for some baby soup right now……just the thought of it makes my mouth water -.-

  • As a human species, we're the highest in intelligents. Is it wrong to eat another human, even in fetus formed ? Or is it wrong to clone another human so the original will have spare part ? IMHO, I think it is wrong to do either one. I rather die before I commit either act.

  • USagaintsTheWorld

    Fuck Chinese they are fucking stupid morons that talks like they are form another planet i think they are alliens!

  • an art?how can you call that,it's the process of eating your own specie>>

  • LOL, this is OLD AND FAKE. This was actually a lame "art piece" by Zhu Yu…

  • This is disgusting and those guilty of it should burn in hell.

  • You people eating humans be it babies or just any human are seriously SICK…..


  • Excecute anybody that does this. Immediately.

  • Sally-Anne Lambert

    It’s infinitely sad to see these photos. Although I hear it (read about it) but to see these very real looking pictures. It’s just terribly terribly sad. I never forgot over forty years ago, how my stepsister’s aborted baby (‘fetus’) was brought past me in a steel hospital pan. It was so small. I’d never seen one before, it’s not something we should ever have to see. It belongs within, in the womb, until its time to make its exit. It makes me feel I should be ever so more perfect myself to contribute better to a more moral world. Cannibalism causes brain disease besides. But I have faith a happy change is coming to China.

  • Ruben,rmgf and others just like you

    To think that as a whole culture, the Chiness are all like this your wrong. As a matter of fact Russia, South America, and even in the US has some kind of legal cannibalism.

    According to Jill Staneks in her “Is featl cannibalisum legal in your state” Kansas allows it and some people practice cannibalism.

    I’m NOT for it but I don’t like the stereotyping that is going on. I’m hispanic and I know what it feels like to be “name called”

    People need to stop and research to see that things happen even in their own backyards

  • doesn't they know those fetuses have souls??

  • All humans are the same species, you cant call asian's they're own species. study people's genetics and ull see that diff races arent very diffrent there.

    As for the health reason's they say they eat the babies for, yes they are pretty sad. but in the animal kingdom, most animals eat everything they kill and thats nature. let it be what it is. dont be scared of reality, but dont judge everyone by what one person might have said or done.

    This post does not mean you should do what anyone else does just because u shouldnt judge, so please dont eat babies for health reasons, if u have enough food on ur plate there is no reason to kill something more.

  • it's a myth that cannibalism is acceptable in China. It's kinda freaky how people go long ways to prove that such things are real. It's kindof a similar blow as the degrading stories that were made up about different races, in the 18 and 19th century.
    But that picture looks real to me…

  • very immoral!!!!!!how can they eat their own speceis?

  • I wish I could have know this article was there for the kooks to read. I am married to a Chinese National. She is appalled that this kind of crap can be sent out as real. I too ask why would an intelligent world believe such tripe? However, there are those addicted to the globe and national inquirer who… just believe anything they can almost read. so shoo the flies from your own children's mouths, close the door on you non-functioning trailers, paper your cat's litter boxes with these insane stories and move on with your insignificant lives. I am disgusted with the lack of commonsense being displayed here.

  • I offer this comment to all of the comments I won't get to because of the number of stupid remarks. First, research and find out that the Chinese are not interested in cannibalism. You must be listening to your mommy and daddy again about Mao and his problems. On that issue, Mao had few deaths on his hands when com[pared to the Empires and early warring states that existed in China. Secondly, get some real education. Go to school and learn that the world does not appear as we were taught in christian grade school. Learn before you make each sound out of your mouth a pronunciation of your own ignorance!

    I teach TESOL, that is English as a foreign language. to you inquirer readers… become educated, then your opinion might mean something other than, "…look at how stupid I can be simply by opening my mouth."

  • i don't like !!!

  • should i stop eating chines food?????
    and yes america if fat, yes almost every america has thought about killing someone and yes most of us are blond or want to be or act blond ………………………………………………………….but we DONT EAT BABIES!!!! or DOGS or FISH THAT ARE STILL MOVING come on people really ur only alowed one kid they gota do something with the rest of them its eaither eat them or sell them on the black market to lazy fat americans so they can do our siding!!!!!!! lol hahaha

  • this means the world is full savage creatures ,,among us live the most horrifying persons it is said that a small group of people in china is doing that shit so so be it and let god decide for them …burn them to alive lol

  • maybe its a cult or something in china those who do such a thing should be burned alive

  • yeah ur absolutely right!

  • Harsh judgment don't you think? Don't you eat other living beings dead bodies? Hummmm…What makes you better than any other living sentient being? What makes you think that what you do to others won't be done to you? Hummmm…. maybe there's a blame to be had here, but it's not the Chinese. Try looking in the mirror.

  • Chinese people eating fetuses is AN URBAN LEGEND


  • That' far beyond just horrible.. This is.. primitived and it doesn't have place in 21st century!! But think about that.. You're horrified of what happens with these babies, right? What about the animals? Isn't it the same? It's just that they're not humas.. So what? They also have flesh, they also have souls, they feel pain and fear.!! When you eat lamb, don't you take a baby's soul? Think about that.. It's 21st century! People don't need meat to survive and they must realised that before it's too late! Being a vegan save lives and save you for fulling your body with corpses.. Please, guys! Even if you don't agree with me, learn more about vegetarian/vegan way of life, there's so much info in the internet! I'm sure you'll find the advantages for your health which you didn't know not because they don't exist but because you hadn't know about them yet! Wish you a life without violence! Go green! Go vegan!

  • mharvic n jhaylyn

    its very hard to believe that some
    people in the world can do
    this brutal things….
    they are also humans like us,,
    we hope that god can 4give
    you for doing such this thing….
    ka lurky…

  • i think any country who treats animals and human the way they are treated in these places, should be banned from international trade. it is unacceptable that humans eat flesh/ meat of human babies or animals for that matter. right now, people over the worl are trying to save tigers from extinction, but then there are others who are planning to farm tigers to eat meat, is that acceptable? i think this practise should be banned and action should be taken against restaurants who kill animals like these and use it just to tingle their taste buds!


    HEY INTERNET MORONS. THIS IS A HOAX. These pictures are atleast 4 years old. Its and art peice by a japanese man. lurk moar before you believe everything you idiots see on the internet.


    It is a hoax you simple gullable fool.


  • kid who hates China

    Oh my GOSH.

    what the heck?!?? Improve their freaking HEALTH?!?!

    I wish all of these cruel Chinese people will just disappear forever.

    First MELANIN now, this?!?

    What are you just trying to prove??!?

    You guys don't deserve to live, but these kids too.

  • Oops sorry for the double comment, I mistyped it.



    This is so unspeakable

  • OMG!!is this for real?!Chinese eats babies are the most disgusting human on earth…looking at the pictures and reading the words can describe how cruel this people to the unborn children!!!

  • it is a hoax, the guy is a Chinese artist who created a conceptual piece called "Eating People". More info:

  • well as im seeing theese pictures all that comes to my head is my son…
    i am a 16yr old teen and i am a mother
    wow!!! well theese pctures are not only horrible there sad too.
    before eating thoose babies dont yall people stop and think.. WHAT IF THAT WAS ME?
    qoshh!!! i know im really nobody to judge people
    but remeber GOD is. and when he comes hopefully ya regreat what ya do to thoose babies.
    cus i noe one thing god likes to be fair
    and if you kill you will be killed.
    i cant belive it. this is so horrible c'mon people theres plenty of other good food y?… y? do ya have to eat thoose babies. i was reading and it says to improve health and beauty.. it pisses me offf!! health? beauty? for what if sooner or later we are all gonna die. you can be the healthiest human in this world por the most beautifull woman but what if u get in a car accident? dont be stupid please.!!!!

  • wow these people are worst than the terrorist, i hope the all die of super aids

  • Why is this article so subjective this is related to human flesh. if a human is so Noble, why do they eat flesh of other anymals.

    here this does not mean a whole chinese people are not cannibls.they are good people..

    I must say this chinese people are full of humanity than who are trying to insult chinese people LIKE THIS………..

    I’M Sri Lankan

  • don't make the world become war.,.,.,

  • StopEatingUrChildren

    Instead of voicing out opinions about this matter why not do something about it? Like, are there any groups or organizations that fight this sort of behavior?

  • All of you are right in a way.
    Many of you say we can't judge all Asia based on couple of freaks. True, but why don't the others stand up against it then?

    A crime stays a crime if the society around it is sick enough to allow it. In a world of moral values, nobody would want to work in a restaurant that cooks babies, nobody would want to eat there, everyone would want to show that they disagree with it, there would be volunteering organisations fighting against such acts untill also the government wouldn't do all in its power to stop the cruelty.

    Because, lets be honest. In Asia, human's life isn't worth much. You really believe those babies were all a result of an spontanious abortion? Grow up, money can even do worse things then just stealing infants and cooking them in a pot.

  • Get a clue asshole.

    Nah mother fuckers. listen that rejection gonna start all in their mouth, down they esophagus and in their belly digesting and occurring throughout their body, gonna cause more pneumonia and meningitis than they ever expected. Eventually subjecting their bodies through that much rejection will kill them. They might get a brain boost now, their immune system might perk up and then it'll plummet during the rejection process. Just like you can't have blood type that ain't your put in you, you can't digest either. Even cloning yourself and eating the outcome will eventually kill you, we ain't simply designed to eat humans. Watch, they will make themselves more suceptable to flu and other viruses and bacteria is going to have a paradise to thrive and play in. They fucing with a risk of sepsis when they do this. Simple thought process will show you this. Even more evidence in an action. People who eat their own fecal matter, fecal matter of others and urine are also paving a way for meningitis, flu and pneumonia, etc. Hepatitis can come from cannibalism, and human meat is harder on a liver than a slice of beef. Stupid fuckers acting like a bunch of niggers, no racial slang intended.

  • Poor people off in this photo that are living consuming touching that foetal mess are obviously prisoners of war or criminals being punished horribly. You know what else it will lead too, get this, schizophrenia, and that is no sh it, that much histamine and rejection, it'll blow your mind. Cannibalism needs to be done away with because it is detrimental to ones health, no matter what some long lifed Asian or vedic medican person might think and tell you. There ain't no reality like down home reality and I already told once, sepis ain't nothing to fuck with and cannibalism will cause it, just like feces and urine consuming insanity can, and cannibalism is about the same as that. Poor ignoramusus, they are killing themselves. Those nig ger cannibals in Africa might of had time to evolve adjusting to the rejection, but it'll kill them the same dead as anyone else. Nig ger is not a slang, it is not racist when used by the proper definition. I don't mean racist.

  • I can't belive in that! It's horrible! How people can do something like that?! It's inhuman!

  • Such horrible thing. Brutish beasts. Last time I went to Shanghai I bought a McBaby but I never though it was the real thing.

  • what happens in china is strictly caused by the government and people took the excuse to do what they do. this is barbaric and an eye saw. dimkpa in nigeria

  • 虎毒不食子,禽兽不如!
    Even Tiger do not eat their own children, these people are worse than Animal!!!

  • In response to one of the commenters-

    I don’t have to be “taught” to know that that’s wrong. If I never saw an image or been taught anything about another culture or my own and arrived on this earth with a blank slate at the same adult age I am now I would even know it’s wrong.

    It’s just unnatural considering the intelligence the human species has evolved to.

    These are the kind of things that can make one loose faith in God.

  • what… cat and dog wasn’t enough for them?

  • My Lord, this is absolutely disgusting. The writer's comprehension of the English language makes me sick. The baby eating thing is gross too. What's worse than that you ask? I had to re-read this article several times. This writer shows the ability of an eighth grader. This is absolutely depressing.

  • barbaric. chinese people eat everything they can……….i am not surprise. and thats why their body smell stink.


  • Of course not all Chinese people are cannibals. Of course not all Germans hate Jews. Not all South Africans are racists. Of course not all Russians belong to the russian mafia. Of course not all Americans are dumb. Of course not all of India loves curry. Of course not all Australians poke their sheep. Of course not all Nigerians are drug dealers. Stereotyping a nation is unfair. FACT is these things do happen and EVERY nation on earth has a skeleton or 10 in their closet. Punish the culprits.

  • This is extremely unacceptable!

  • There is no prison bad enough for these people. I hope they all die.

  • gila orang makan orang

  • This is sick on so many levels. I have no idea how the people who do this horrid thing live with themselves!!!
    I am not, by ANY means, stereotyping the entire Chinese race. I just think that a certain few Chinese need to get thrown into jail for the atrocous and dispicable acts committed against these helpless and innocent babies! I mean, what if that was YOUR child? What if that was YOU?? How would you feel?
    I just hope that SOMEONE puts a stop to this immediately. I can't stand to see this go on any longer.
    May God bless and keep the souls of those children.

  • If this really happened God will not forgive them of what they had done!


  • did people forget their ethics and base of humanity ??? this is really insane…totally disgusting article and the chinese people here who are feeling bad for this abnormal actions of your fellow mates…pls pls pls pls pls pls stop them!!!..i beg you…otherwise it really reflects a wrong side of a good asian country…i loved china..i never thought that it had this kinda gross stuff(i know that every country has its bad) but i just cant take this…and my girlfriend is from china..she never told me about this..i think i will ask her..

  • Stereo type is in every country but China is known for their barbarianism. This is NOT an ancient practice or custom. It is an end result of the lack of ethics, morality, religion, lack of heart, common seance and decency. I know China is cruel to animals but this crosses the lines in so many ways and levels. MY GOD there are vitamins and supplements for health and beauty. DAH you stupid people who use this practice!! These people are just barbarians with black hearten souls. God will punish you, even if it is just because you are stupid and ignorant. You have crossed the line.

  • Hi,
    I dont want to believe these photos. These are tricky photos…Please Can it be so awful things? And even If it is real, how can you bring All Chinese or Japanese people under this awfull suspicion. Please dont do this….

  • It is digusting to eat one of your own. Don’t those cannibals eating innocent foetus have a heart. Put yr self in those situation and think for a while how can u eat yr own offspring. U beast have crossed the line.Please stop stop this immediately.

  • I’m currently a high school student and I’m doing a 10 page research paper on cannibalism. I would like if someone can please let me know if this report is true or not because I would like to add some of this to my report. I don’t want to write about something fake though. Please and thank you.


  • I guess this are true it keeps spreading the internet some gruesome pictures of baby and the man eating it so fucking GROSS. There are PLENTY of animals out there. HOw come you sick bastards eat the same species fuck canibalism fucking gross.But i love balot(baby chick) but its an animal. Animals were given for us to eat. This people are so insane. Sorry if were judgmental but theres no word that can describe to what these people are doing. SICK SICK get a life man. Or I’ll cook you alive LOL. Even the Jackass team will never try to eat one of those!

  • Just think of ur baby if it will be aborted Chopped into pieces and will be eaten by some stupid people wtf is that??is that good huh? cannibalistic some cool stuff?Never thought some CHINESE are fucking retards!!!!!!!!!this is BAD. hope this isn’t happening now .then il take back my words dang!

  • dude that kinda looks good =p i wanna go to china

  • i think it not a good idea bcos those children being eaten are humans like us it's not fair

  • Apocalypse was truly coming because of our evil deeds

  • If you eat meat, you're just as heinous and guilty as they are.

  • ….so, I do believe that this article is just meant to INFORM (and shed more light on the fact that the practice of cannabalism is alive & well and that some degenerates have reached what most will believe is an unprecedented new low). I dont see where one can determine that the intention of this article is to catagorize an entire race of people…you can turn it into that if you want, but I think you would be misconstruing the matter…no one has a pristine history, past or present–so it would be extremely asinine (and proof of poor intellect) to suggest that any dirt dug up on any country or its people is to be used to define them as a whole–unless the entire population is in support of it…which usually never happens, it's often a singular group–NOT EVERYONE, okay.

  • Many animals eat there young, some if the young have died, others if the mother cannot support herself and the young nutritionally. Better to preserve the breeder etc.

    Does this sound like I support these acts? (FROM VERY FEW CHINESE)


  • I'm not religious. I still wish respect to be given to any being. That will include after death.
    I do eat meat, but it may be a shameful thing in any afterlife for any creature, to be used to spoil another creature as if one was more important than the other. same race or different. Just a thought. I have never thought about it before this morning's creepy readings.

  • bodoh punyer cine!!! makan atok ko punyer punai r!!!
    kesian baby tu bangang!!! mcm puki!!!

  • gooksjapsstupidusa

    it's a hoax stupid fucks some stupid jap or gooks made the pictures, wtc was good kill more asshole fucking americans lol!!!

  • for someone to eat an animal it shows a strong lack of empathy and respect for life,,, im not surprised they have now turned to babies of their species.. All life is life.

  • Shocked and appalled

    Incomprehensible. Gross iniquity.

  • they're not humans anymore…..

  • תמונות קשות מאוד לצפייה אני בהלם כמה אנשים יכולים להיות בהמות זה מזעזע

  • This addresses only Fetus eaten in China by a FEW? But this is a practice by many Asian people in part that believe eating parts of an animal or even person, transfers qualities to the person eating. Bones of a rich, wise, intelligent, strong, etc., man can transfer those traits to the person eating. Grind up bones for tea, etc. makes a person viral, young, etc. THIS IS NOT ONLY CHINA but Korea, Japan, etc. even though fetus meals may be limited, it is a part of culture eating shark fins, livers, etc of rare animals, etc.

  • This is disturbing!!!! I pray that these things that call themselves humans get eaten alive!!! Who eats a human fetus??? Creeps… Same category as ” Jeffrey Domer”!!!


  • You stupid people! It is only CHINESE eat everything! Do not say ASIANS!!!
    I m from Mongolia and we eat only beef and lamb!
    Get out from your box and see the world, travel around and open your eyes IDIOTS!
    You white people are S U C K

  • If what i saw is right!!!! Guys, we r in trouble,be conscious of your neighbours mostly guys with those funny eyes,otherwise,they might feast on your children.I can not imagine and believe in this century,people eat human fresh.I think those guys eat anything on this planet. Am scared… be careful
    guys that go for dinner in their hotels n restaurants,u might not know what u r eating only to be told later…

  • Are you idiots serious? I'm Chinese but I was born here in the U.S, and i visit relatives frequently every other year in the summer. Not once have I ever seen this before, and I've been to most of the regions there, including Taiwan and Guangzhou. Nor have I ever seen people eating dogs, cats, monkeys, or any other common misconception. The Communist Party is practically invisible in daily life, there's not much difference between living here and living there. I'm not just trying to "defend" my culture, but it's extremely shameful, disconcerting, and appalling when I hear polite friends stereotyping various countries they've never been to or heard much about. China has been the target of much racism in America, as long with other East Asian countries. It's embarrassing to live here and know that there are some people who aren't socially accepted because of their culture. It's not like I come home and put on a kimono, or practice Kung Fu. That's ridiculous. We just need to get over the fact that there's diversity. The people who commented in defense, I greatly admire you because you may not even be Chinese. For those of you who think all Chinese people do this – well, I'm very sorry you believe this and I'm sorry you have such a narrow mind.

  • Chinese been eating other human for centuries…… sick mothers….
    look at recent story in Korea…..

  • Every Chinese person I have met has had fairly predatory, animalistic, and vial eating habits. As for their general mentality it's usually a bit petty and simplistic. Cruel motherfcukers …

  • @Rob Gilbert Shut The Fuck Up!Dip shit!!!!!!

  • @Jason Wellwood Kunt wagon feacal matter!!!!Matando weros y mayates tambien

  • @Nicola Zarrami Hell yeah!!!

  • @Louis Gerald You are obviously a moron to really think there is any justification in murder……darwanist indeed or a satanist?Either way one in the same….You are a fool following a lost fools logic.The THEORY of evolution was contrived by Charles Darwin when the incestful bastard married his cousin and lost the child.Which made the formerly devout protestant turn to spiritualism and then “spirits” gave him the said theory of evolution……Get your shit str8 and look it up heathen!!!!

  • @Louis Gerald Look you narrow minded fool…You are obviously a darwanist/satanist….the THEORY of evolution was contrived from an incestful imbecile who married his cousin,lost the child and turned away from devout protestantism…he than went to the canary islands and participated in seances in which he claimed spirits gave him the so called knowledge of evolution…..look it up n get your shit str8 heathen!

  • heathermarieguthrie

    @Jackie Debs  arrogance and ignorance hit their marks with you. So very immature that this is how you portray youself to strangers. I shudder to imagine how you deal with those you know personally. Yikes..

  • Where talking about asians eating children and I include all asians in that equation. DUMB NASTY ASIANS!

  • @Susan Wong Rape and Gun violence happens everywhere but lowering to cannibalism happens rarely in the 21st century except in China.

  • K, screw you but not all chinese people are uncivilized and need to be re-educated. And the american way is certainly not the best way either. Way to make yourself all high and mighty.

  • It is comments like this that categorize you into the ignorant. It’s funny imagine your asain face saying things like this in person. You know that people can’t tell if you are chinese, japanese, taiwanese by looking at u right?

  • I would like to say it is not true. Only in Tibet before 1959, you would see such behaviours.

    Pls, my friend, come to China and have a look.

    BTW, if you want to recolonize China, try it. you comment is such naive. I hope I can meet you and fight with you to teach you how strong Chinese people are!

    We are strong because we love China and becuase we are united.

  • i dare you to tell that to the native americans. western power is as immoral as anyone. the only blessing is that western power do their dirty works in the dark. how ignorant are you? go check all your history books and see how “civilize” western power is. geez, you’re ignorant and racist.

  • In all honesty I don’t think any blame should be placed on a culture for something a small group of people choose to do. And anyone saying that Western powers should come and play daddy needs to be beaten a couple times upside the head. Does it not state plainly that we are given free will? Who are you to judge? Its the ignorant statements from you so call “Patriotic Americans” that make me feel ashamed of my country.

  • This picture id really disgusting and nasty. I don’t admire this because of the immoral image. Besides Maybe next time the PLA and its police should shoot the kidnappers and arrest the Cannibals

  • Cannibals are considered MONSTERS in 99.9999% of the world. In my opinion it is totally disgusting that someone would eat a fetus to preserve whatever. Most animals don’t even resort to cannibalism and being “humans” we should not even be capable of commiting such acts. I mean Barbarians or Vikings wouldn’t even had done such things. I can accept eating different foods like dog and other animals but “HUMANS” ???

  • Now we see some intelligence.

  • Oh, god. I don’t know what is it more disgusting, if the issue of the chinese people eating babies, or to read the replies of Lara, Whitney, etc. May we feel outraged with this monstruosity? Can we?

    What are you? that kind of Ayn Rand retarded female?


  • if you feel ashamed of your own country…then get the fuck out of your country then..stupid bitch

  • Amen. Well said.

  • First, do you know for a fact that a small group did this?until you find out through research, you need to bridle your tongue and sympathies.

  • I cannot believe I am living on the same planet as these Chinese monsters!! Oh my gosh, these monsters are talking about a “free will” to eat people??? They are just NOT the same human species as other humans on the rest of the planet.
    These “people” in China deserve to be obliterated from this planet…they do not have a BASIC human trait which is common sense. BTW, I am NOT a westerner.

  • umm… monsters? yeah, i think you’re going overboard with that comment. if you ever do your research then you’d know that pretty much all cultures have participated in cannibalism. so we should all obliterate this whole planet, right? seriously, we’re all monsters deep down. who says “people” was any different from animals?

  • it’s ridiculous to think that every single chinese person is prepared to eat other humans, it is a minority. though i do agree that it is discusting that the minority could bring themselves to act in such a way.

  • I don't think, philosophically speaking, "free will" gives permission to violate human rights. I'd give a nod to people eating babies if the baby was still born, or if it was aborted (leaving the whole philosophical debate about abortion out of this for space reasons) but, as was mentioned in the article, when you smuggle LIVE human babies somewhere so you can kill and eat them, well that's wrong: that's a rights violation.

  • Are you retarded?… Yeah, you Lara…

  • Chinese people aren't strong…what are you talking about man? you just got numbers…In their Damn Billions
    you are "United" because the government is using military sanctions against your country men so that they can't have any freedom to do this or that, thats why it is united.
    FYI – becuase* is spelt because

  • Your bout of your own supremacy means nothing to the world.
    Monsters? Hahaha, we are all monsters to ourselves and each other.
    No one is safe from temptation, no one is safe from pride, no one is safe from malice, and no one is safe from lust. We are just like Cain.

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