Online Gamers Can Now Pay With Blood
March 20, 2007 | by 孫子

An online game operator has demanded that banned players donate blood to be allowed back into the game. Moliyo, which runs a 3D massively multiplayer online game in China, made the demand after banning 120,000 players who attempted to hack the game.

More than 100 players had already signed up to exchange half a litre (1 pint) of blood for game accounts. The company has also offered free accounts to ordinary players who give blood.


According to the announcement, the players must attend a public blood donation drive in the city of Nanjing tomorrow afternoon. Locked accounts will be reopened within 3 days.

Chinese hospitals have had increasing difficulty attracting blood donors in recent years after scandals in which thousands of donors and blood recipients contracted HIV, the virus which causes AIDS. Blood donors in China are usually paid about 12 dollars per donation.

Moliyo arranged the event in an attempt to “create a civilized society, and enhance online gamers’ appreciation of social responsibility and public welfare.”

The games company banned 120,000 players of the popular game Cabal earlier this month, because they used unauthorized software to artificially boost their standing in the game. Moliyo operates several games in China, including Cabal, and Tales of Pirates.


Sun Tzu has spent about 7 years in Asia traveling through Japan, Hong Kong, China, and Korea. A true fan of everything that is weird and strange, he decides in the end what is displayed and published on this site. Sun has previous experience writing for numerous print mags such as XLR8R, URB, and Movement Magazine.

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  • One day, they’re going to start ransoming baned accounts for human organs.

  • I've been selling blood to buy games for years, how's this any different ;)

  • Really Osama? Ive just been selling my body, and your blood is a non renewable resource, my method is much better long term.

  • I thought blood is regenerated inside the body? -.-

  • ayrfioyqkucgdoggwell, hi admin adn people nice forum indeed. how’s life? hope it’s introduce branch ;)

  • thats sick though, your not donating blood to get money, to help the people that need blood. and why is your name osama? im geting suspicious. bout to get a mill

  • no, u have a certain amount of blood at birth and keep it. thats why its possible to bleed to death i presume. if that was the case, you could get shot all you want

  • Jeez, the idiocy on the internet astounds me, YES blood DOES grow back, your body does manufacture blood, and it takes a few weeks to replace the red bloodcells in 1 pint of it.

    But yeah, great ideaprove you’re a good person by spending your money to travel to a centrally located city, give 1/10 of your blood, get your lvl 80 shaman back =P. sounds good, especially if they keep a special watch on the account so they can repeat this next time they cheat at the game.

  • What I want to know is how HIV/AIDS was transmitted to blood donors!? I donate occasionally here in U.S.A. (for health reasons/no reward) and want to make damn sure what happened in China won’t happen here to me.

    I’ve always been told and assumed, well, reasoned, that it was impossible for such a thing to happen, unless, they were just too cheap to use new donation equipment (needles/tubes) on each donor-but god, that would be diabolical, barbaric!

    Does anyone have a link to a news story on this in China?


  • I totally Lmao’d at the blood dude! Can you imagine if you only kept the same amount of blood from the time you were a 7 pound baby to being a 200 pound man? Wow seriously.

  • im too young to donate blood!

  • @yamutha1234 Your ignorance is so astounding that 4 years later I hate you your past-self so much the back of my hand might just pass through the eves of time itself to slap the shit out of you.

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