Over 100 People Are Over 100 Years-Old in One Town

Posted on March 13, 2007

The number of centenarians has almost doubled in Baoding, Hebei, over the past six years.

Six years ago, there were only 83 of such longevity. By the end of last year, 164. Of that number, 140 were women, with the oldest one, surnamed Zhang, 108.

Most of them are in good health and said they had fought off the ravages of old age by living a simple life, remaining optimistic, having a low-fat diet, doing regular exercise and living with their family members in harmony, a survey released last week found.

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8 thoughts on “Over 100 People Are Over 100 Years-Old in One Town

  1. Mohamad Hafeez

    compare to what the news said, i recalled in our holy book (Al-Quran) ever said, living together with families and relative can give a long age. Islam teach us to be close to our families and have a harmony living in this world. i think this is true. (of cos if using natural medical and eat good healthy food can add up the numbers :)

  2. Kay

    Yeah..it also says to marry 4 women and that its ok for a man to marry a 9 year old…clearly not the most appropriate comment here.

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