Japanese Live Octopus Wrestling… and biting

Posted on March 3, 2007

I have to say that this was even a little weird for us. Apparently wrestling a live octopus involves biting it?

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9 thoughts on “Japanese Live Octopus Wrestling… and biting

  1. mari

    lol they’re saying that you have to bite that certain place in order to weaken its nervous system, which will get the octopus to loosen its victim. XD

  2. Ruri_chan

    I think it should be noted they are venomous and have a very nasty bite.
    The species shown likely isn’t fatal to humans but still you wouldn’t want to get bit as they have a beak much like a parrot.
    Also the others didn’t help him this has to be some crazy game show I cannot see a profession aquarium exhibit being ran that way.
    They would have had three people all waring heavy gloves handling that thing.

  3. omerdav

    Nice… i couldn’t figure out why he was in the aquarium and a second later outside. I think it’s supposed to be like “several hours later”. It’s like the guy is waking up in the morning with an octopus all over him and he is asking himself “God,i was drunk or what?!”

  4. a octo-wrestler

    In the red corner, Mike Tyson.

    In the blue corner, weighing in at 50 lbs., with a reach of 14 feet…


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