All Long Hair Students Expelled From Class

Posted on March 1, 2007

Girl students with hairstyles that headteachers believed were too long, were expelled from class at a middle school in Guangzhou.

These students had to go and have their hair cut during school time in order to get back to class.

A female student told the paper she was having breakfast when the teacher in charge of her grade saw her and said, “Is there fireworks on your head? It’s so ugly!”

In total, more than a hundred girls were told to leave school and shorten their hair that day.

“I hate hearing headteachers say short hair looks active and is good for studies,” a girl said. In her point of view, a simple pigtail wouldn’t take a long time to do up.

Some students doubted why their teachers kept long and wavy hair since they employed such strict rules on students.

A teacher at the headmaster’s office told the paper on the phone that “every school has its own regulations.”

Authorities at local education bureau said they had no specific rule on length of students’ hair, and “the ‘Daily Behavior Norms for Middle School Students’ is there for them to follow.”

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29 thoughts on “All Long Hair Students Expelled From Class

  1. Taj

    This is not understood that why should sutdents have to make their hair shorter. Unlike EU contries. This is kind of punishment towards students. Unfair system and should be ignored by students. I am very for them who cannot follow any fashionas.

  2. Jenn

    sounds like jealous ass women teachers to me. Theirs no reason to keep them short, if they keep theirs long and wavy it’s even more noticable it’s out of jealousy. Wow in communism if teachers are jealous of something you have their screwed.

  3. Kio

    My Ra…. This sucks! I wanna go to japan one day to study abroad, but if I go.. I’ll have to cut my hair…. I already cut it ones, and dyed it Blue,Red,Green,Pink, Purple, Blonde,Orange, Black, and Lime. (Yes, wierd) But It sucks! I don’t wanna have my hair short again. Its growing! T^T

  4. Tedius Zanarukando

    I abhor short hair on women. I abhor the practice of women fashioning themselves after men or forcing them to do so. That includes short hair for women as well as women in trousers. I am against forcing short hairstyle on female students, clients, or employees, and I am also against forcing them to wear trousers. Long hair is the only way to go for females. Super long hair is very popular in China. I am growing tired of destruction and persecution of femininity.

    1. The

      I abhor men who have such outdated, borderline misogynistic views. I'll cut my hair short and wear trousers if I damn well please, thank you very much. (Besides which, there are some things for which skirts just won't do. Except you're probably the sort of bastard who thinks that if a woman can't wear a skirt when she does it, then she shouldn't do it and just get back in the kitchen where she belongs.)

      1. Banana

        Actually, women have MORE potential, due to different brain chemistry. Studies have shown that (in general) 6 year old boys are mentally the equivalent of three year old girls; studies have also shown that boys (on average) 4 years behind girls. Men also (in general) have shorter lifespans, and tend to be more violent and aggressive.
        However, all of this is IN GENERAL. There are also studies that have been done to negatively impact on girls as well.
        When it comes down to it, it's WAY to complicated to say one sex is better than the other (and that's not even getting into the cultures that have more than 2 sexes; think about transgendered people!), and while short hair (thinking of the Roman legionnaire hair cut here), may easier to deal with/less wasteful (less shampoo, water, etc.), it's up to the person in question to what they want to do with their hair, so long as it's not messing anyone else up (Eg. Blackbeard -the pirate- used to put smoking tar-things in his beard, which I'm sure no one wants to sit next to in class, the same way no one wants to sit next to – or behind- a person with hair that's sticking out of their head in such a way as to obscure the board).

  5. O'Neil

    Too bad the parents can’t sue the pants off the school and have the head teaches fired for their actions like they can in most other countries.
    Calling a kid ugly like that will get you put on suspension even fired in the US and probably Japan as well.

    As for looking active I once had a japanese friend who’s hair was past her butt and she was one of the most active people I knew.
    She reminded me of Konata except she wasn’t a huge otaku.
    They likely just want everyone to look the same.
    If you ask me it would be boring if everyone looked that same.

  6. Jenn

    My two daughters used waist length hair until I had my daughters waist length cut very short like a boy that school should do

  7. Hay

    It’s sad that human beings are forced to change their appearance for the vanities of another. Those girls have every right to have any length of hair that they want– from shaved bald to ankle-length or longer!

    Any educated person knows that hair length and/or style has nothing to do with how well “studies” go. These teachers must not be very educated themselves.

    Formerly I had waist-length hair, now it’s a short mohawk. I’ve had every color and style possible…and I always got top grades in school regardless of style and length! I’m a writer, for the gods’sake. Every person on the planet has a 100% right to live as they please without the views of anyone else being pushed onto them– and that includes hair.

  8. QueenBee

    it doesn't look active… it looks lesbian! Those teachers are just hypocrites if they are proud of their long wavy hair but think that younger generations should just look like drones.
    I guess life sucks in Asia until you're an adult.

  9. Casey Marion

    umm, in S. Korea, most middle and high schools require both boys and girls to maintain a short hairstyle. For boys, it may be a crew cut and for girls, it's usually shoulder length hair.

    Girls are also not permitted to wear make-up or jewelry.

    To westerners, it seems strange, but for the koreans, they feel being fashionable, while in HS will detract from the education of the students. They will focus too much on their appearance,etc.

    This is the main reason they wear uniforms.

    Also, HSs are generally segregated by sex to keep those raging teen hormones at bay.

    Is it wrong? who knows. is it for us to decide? I kinda don't think so….

  10. two-faced joel

    I..HATE ALL TEACHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i mean i really we had a choice weather if u want 2 keep long or not??

  11. two-faced joel

    ogh yeah sorry my mistake. i wa sayin i really wiah the teachers will give us a choice weather if u want 2 keep long or not?

  12. Anonymous

    DF we – No one cares what you prefer on women. The fact here is that human rights are being unfairly taken away. All long haired students expelled from their school? You have got to be kidding me.


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