Two-Headed Baby Born in China
February 19, 2007 | by Mui Mui

In Guang Zhou China, a two headed baby boy was born.

In between his heads, there was also a 3rd arm with only one finger.

The hospital also did an ultrasound and found the baby had two hearts. Everything was normal below the heart, one stomach, two kidneys, two legs.

The baby’s symptom is very rare, with similar cases reported in Iran, Indonesia and some other countries.

His parents gave up the custody after they realized their child was not normal. The doctor said that the surgery can be preformed for a joined body baby, but not in this case. The new born was in very critical condition and died ten hours later.

Doctors also asserted that the mother was 39 year-old, if she would had herself checked out during the first three months of pregnancy she could have prevented having a deformed baby like this.

Mui Mui
Mui Mui is another of our wonderful, yet weird, editors who also is a well established world traveler. Born in Asia, Mui Mui is our expert on whether the articles we publish remain appropriate and not offensive in nature. Mui Mui’s favorite place is Italy where she spent 4 years and eventually fell in love with.
  • is there any way i can get a hold of one these babys for medical use thank you..,

    • be quiet you idiot james

    • youre the stupidiest person EVER you will NEVER get one of these D&%N babies if YOU dont make it yourself

      • Oh and where do you think medical school get there infant specimens? From the wives of their professors? God you are so stupid. There is no doubt in my mind that the child is now in a jar in the basment of Beijin medical college.

    • stupid just what do you think that baby is??? a guinea pig???

      • The baby has passed away, the article says so, so there is nothing to lose.
        Corpses, particularly of those who died from rare illnesses, are highly appreciated by medical researchers, in order to figure out the causes and prevent future cases like this.
        My only gripe against James’ request is: you should try finding out how to get your hands on the body elsewhere, as this is hardly the best place to gather such data. Don’t be such a big moron. From your showing so grand stupidity, I would fear that instead of research, you would sell it to a freak show collection, you big idiot.

      • how can you even say that!!!!!!! thats mean!!!!!!!

  • so sad i hope she will have one head when she grows up.thats so sad that she was born with two heads so dont write mean stuff on this page.So sad very very sad for this baby that lives in china.and hopefyully none will make fun of her when she grows up to be a very pretty girl but quiet different as other children.but no right to make fun of her.have a wonderful life and will be on this page soon as possible.So whill im not on dont make fun of this poor sweet and kindness girl ever you and hope your serous problem goes away sooner or later ion in life.have a wonderful summer and talk to you as soon as possible when i have the time to talk to you sweety.bye bye.

  • Why would God allow that? If its two hearts, two souls, but recently in Vietnam a baby was born, 2 heads, necks, stomachs but ONE HEART. Is this then one soul?

    • The soul is not contained within the physical heart. If that were the case, when someone had a heart transplant they would get a new soul.

    • No, you see the heart does not contain the soul, the soul is not contained in a place on the body but is of the body. You see the soul is created in conseption of the child, a child with two heads or two legs or two of anything is either a child with one soul and a deformity, or two children with two souls that mearly share one body. Some souls do die in the womb if they cannot live anymoe due to being connected to their sibling, but don't blame God for this tragity… The only cause for things like this, is human sin. If humans did not make sin in the first place… then babies like this would not need suffer.

      Don't worry about them though, God has mercy and Judges them through the choices the make, these children has no choice, and God has saved their souls. (Jesus is just that great. =)

    • First of all, not to sound mean or rude, but it seems that all too many people these days love to question why God would do this or that, allow this or that, while simultaneously have no idea or understanding of who God is or anything about him outside Hollywood or the current trendy fashions that have debased God down to a mere human afterthought. Learn about God before you question why all the time!

      As for the soul. We don't have a soul. We are a soul. The Hebrew word for soul, nephesh, is the same word for life. life and soul are completely interchangeable and mean the same thing. Furthermore, the Bible says the life (nephesh) of the flesh is in the blood. Again, life and soul are identical, so where is the soul? It's in our blood, but it's us, it's our life. When our life leaves our body, it's the same as saying our soul leaves our body. It's not some ectoplasmic, energy being or apparition that floats away. It's like a car running out of gas. God made us flesh and blood beings only and when Christians die and get the new body, it sill be physical. Incorruptible and perfect, but physical nonetheless. Soul equals life, not spirit. We don't have a spirit either. Christian receive God's Holy Spirit, but that's His, not ours and it certainly doesn't haunt places.

      People are either overly spiritual or under spiritual in belief and it causes much confusion because it's contradictory and it creates more problems than it solves/ God's not the author of chaos, but of order. Thing;s are a lot simpler than most believe.

  • Uh Rose..nobody will ridicule the baby.

    "The new born was in very critical condition and died ten hours later."

  • that would not be fun to be that baby, im glad I’m normal.

    -Devin Corrieri, Age 11

    • Remember that you cannot miss what you never had. Life would likely not be as bad for this child had it survived and been healthy as it would if someone started out normal and then somehow ended up in this state (hypothetically).

      I’ve a friend whose been in a wheelchair his entire life, and while he has trouble and needs help, he has no hard feelings about it.

      Another young man I know broke his neck in his early twenties and he is still fighting hard to deal with his condition. While he’s paralyzed, he does have much more freedom and function then my friend whose always been that way.

      Lori and Reba Shapell (Chappell?) are the oldest conjoined twins alive at this time, and they try to rejoice in every joy in life. They don’t know what it is like to be “normal” and so don’t miss it.

      Though, I understand what you meant, and agree that I’d not like to be in that situation. Still, I think “normal” is overrated. lol

      God bless these babies, and let them have another new experience in their next lives.

    • devin corrieri u is not nornal your just as crazy as yo momma

  • I would never give up my child(ren), no matter what the conditions are! I would have spent every minute with that baby and cherished the last hours of his life!
    I am a mother of 7 children, going on 8, and I find it fulfilling when my ill children cry for me to comfort their pain and discomforts. No child deserves to be deserted, especially at the most frightening time of their lives!

  • how could this baby have two heads but its not a twin?

  • That Rose chick is weird. Who was she talking to?

    The baby had two heads because it was halfway a normal child conjoined with the second coming of Christ. Doctors in China are notorious for being terrified of Christ so they probably ended up just putting it in a microwave and then saying it wasn’t healthy and died.

    The dad’s testicles were probably hooked up to car batteries just for the hell of it, too.

    • the baby had two heads and 2 hearts because it started off as twins, that never separated, much like conjoined twins. Except in this case something happened and the other twin failed to fully develop, therefore ending up with a baby with 2 heads, and 2 hearts.

      • Actually, something cannot start as twins then fuse, it actually started as a single zygote then a disruption in the development process led to a growth of two separate CNS systems. This is quite likely to have occurred very early during the gestational process. Within 3 weeks of conception a mutation or disruption would have produced this effect in the single zygote.

  • makes you wonder …who has very serious issues doesn’t?

  • Devin Corrieri, I do not think that you should speak on such matters when you obviously have not developed mentally as an intellectual where you can make sensible comments. You say you are glad you’re “normal.” Please tell me, what constitutes as normal?

    • leave him alone. he’s growing up and the more people who make him think that it’s not okay to express his opinion, the less he will. and if everyone did that, this site would be completely pointless, right?

  • i thought this was so heart breaking i just can’t believe that the parents wouldn’t take custody. i mean hello its your child your miracle that was created but then again not everyone thinks the same and not everyone has a good heart.

  • It’s so sad… and the worst part is tht parents gave uo custody.. i mean how on earth can u leave ur kid even if he was abnormal. tht creature is the sweetest, most innocent thing on earth. I am not a mother, but I dream of having the chance somday soon. I just cannot imagine how parents can do such thing. Desert a part of ur own??

  • so sad any way i could help the baby and how old is he anyway and will he be like that forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • Isn’t there a limit on how many children you can have in China? Perhaps thats why they gave him up; or because they could not afford the medical care. Why judge the parents when you have no information on their situation or reasons.
    I’m glad he was able to peacefully pass to a better place.

    • i am a young parent i only have 1 beaytiful child. yes it is very hard for me as a single mother that is not a reason to give away your child, NO MATTER WHAT

  • OUCH!! That birth must have hurt.

  • The Smithsonian Institute has many of these oddities in jars.

  • I'm surprised that the fundamentalist christians in the world didnt run around screaming that a two headed person or animal is a harbringer of armagedon and say "god must kill the demon baby". After all, they Slander things like dragons or other religions, so seeing a double headed living creature would make them instantly think "demon".

    Also there is a two headed girl born in America who's now aged 15….Poor girl, I can imagine christians trying to fuck up her mind calling her a 'demon'

    Plus, there is a woman in holland who is 7 foot 5, and considered a giant. I'm surprised christians havent tried to kill her linking her to giants in the bible!

    I know because I endured faatics who drove me mad with their rambling and even after 10 years, I STILL have their crap in my head, and it wont go away!

    geez! such a Pathetic world we live in!

    • The Christians are the ones who campaign NOT to kill deformed children; the abortionists and eugenicists are typically godless. What are you smoking, bud? I don't think that killing deformed children is a good idea- but Darwinists LOVE it.

    • No, I am truly sorry you suffered so terribly at the hands of spiritually abusive wolves in sheep's clothing. True bible-believing Christians would never call any child created in the image of God a demon. We've been known to confuse having epilepsy or a mental disorder for demonic possession, but it is a matter of opinion whether those are purely physical conditions or not, and regardless we would seek the healing/deliverance of the sufferer, not their death. Developmental disorders like this one are a result of the fall/original sin, or in plain English, the broken world we live in, not demonic possession, and that is pretty universally understood among Christians. It is not easy, emotionally, when it is your child, though, and you don't want to wait until eternity to see the baby healthy and whole. We don't kill innocent people. That is against our beliefs.
      It is true that there is only one real God and one way to have a relationship with him: through his son, Jesus Christ our Lord. I respect everyone has their own beliefs and all deserve treated with kindness, but only one view of eternity and the nature of reality can actually be right.

      Christianity teaches this world is broken hopelessly and full of death, evil, suffering and pain. God is going to replace this present reality with an "upgrade" that will be perfect, free of death, free of suffering, free of pain, and free of sin, where all will be as God designed us to operate and Jesus will reign forever. If you want to be apart of it, accept him as King, and Jesus will make you a new body in His Kingdom. If you don't want to be apart of it, he'll respect that and leave you to your chosen fate. The only thing he is waiting for is to give more people a chance to hear the truth and choose wisely.

  • ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………um cute baby……..lolololol!!!!!!

    • u need to stop eveybody know u playin so stop with the boggie act …………………………lololol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i am so sory.becas if one goes on a date when they grow up the other one dos to.but if u think about it u will under stand.for example:have u ever ben sad becas one of your bff/bf/f dont have the tine to come over and hang out?think about it.

    love. molly
    in montevideo. :)

  • Please don’t bash Christians like that.

    Christians do NOT act like that so please brush up on your knowledge before saying things that are not true.

    God loves each and every one of us. No matter if we’re 7 foot 5 or we have two heads or an extra arm. In society, we’d be different, but in the eyes of God, we’re all equal.

    I can only see Chinese people calling a 7 foot 5 person, demon.

  • Well…Are we really made in God’s Image??? or Human image???

  • weird……..

  • i am so sorry god will bless u with a heart and soul
    so i pray for u

  • Holy crap, people. They were conjoined twins. They had two hearts, so it was obvious that it wasn't just a second head/parasitic twin stuck somewhere random, leeching the life from the host body.
    What you are talking about are two people with one body. Not one person with an extra head just hanging on. If it was that black-and-white, then they would just cut the extra head off. But it is not. It iss a second person, mind and soul sharing a body with their identical twin The survival rate for conjoined twins is low, which is why there are only a few still alive. They probably died because of a heart problem

  • am so………..sorry for that baby i wish god wil have mency on him/her

  • It was better off they left to heaven then to live in misery on earth.

  • Reading some of these comments assures me that some of you are far more mentally deformed than that baby(s) was physically.

  • 请不要这样,基督徒的bash

  • My heart broke when I read the part when the baby died 10 hours after birth… and to me, it highly upset me that the parents abandoned him… I agree whole heartedly with Island Girl 76!! I too would have never abandoned him if he were my son no matter how many heads he was born with! I would have held him in my arms and loved him unconditionally. Even after his passing I would have mourned deeply! Also, that precious precious baby is NOT a demon or a "creature"! I cried, and even sent a kiss to the baby's image! I don't care what anyone says, this baby deserves to be loved somewhere on this planet even after his death… I know he is receiving the greatest love in heaven! All I can do is give my love to him in my heart the best way I can. I can assure ALL of you people that God is giving this baby endless amounts of love and care!

  • The survival rate for conjoined twins is low, which is why there are only a few still alive.

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