Woman gets surgery to look like husbands dead wife
January 27, 2007 | by 孫子

A man in China has convinced his new wife to undergo plastic surgery so she could resemble his dead first wife. Zhao Gang, 32 from Chongqing city, China, lost his first wife in a car accident three years ago and now wants his new wife to look exactly like her dead wife.

Zhao told the Chongqing Business News, “I recovered after staying in hospital for half a year and I wish I could have died with her.”

But extreme pressure from Zhao’s parents forced him to remarry in July. “I got married only because she looks a bit like her and I want to have a chance to make up for my mistakes,” says Zhao.

Now, he wants his new bride to undergo plastic surgery so she would really resemble his dead wife. Fortunately for him, his second wife agreed to his suggestion.

His unidentified wife told the newspaper, “I feel conflicted. I don’t want to become another’s shadow, but I also don’t want to lose the family. Now I only hope the surgery will not make me look ugly.”

Zhao said, “Maybe it’s more or less unfair to her, but she has agreed and I will embrace her with all my love.”

But the director of Chongqing’s People’s Hospital plastic surgery unit, Dr. Zhang Lianfeng would not immediately place the woman under the knife and urged the couple to undergo psychological consultation first.

He said, “Plastic surgery is not the best way to sustain a relationship and the surgery can’t make two people look exactly the same.”

Plastic surgery is a specialty that uses surgical techniques to change the appearance and function of patients’ bodies. Some of these operations are called “cosmetic,” and others are called “reconstructive.”


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  • Okay…… i do feel a bit wired if my husband ask me to change my look to exactly like his pass wife! his love stays strong for his wife. But as for his new wife, i would say how sad i am that she has to put her life through this for his sake! There goes her love for him but the question here is does she know that this man doesn’t love her the way he love his pass wife?

    . She loves him but he love someone else.

  • Kinda like how that women wanted to look like a cat for her husband.
    Google: Jocelyn Wildenstein

    :Beware: Very disturbing:

  • I think this is wrong. Its like being somebody else rather than being u. No matter what u look like u will always be u on the inside. And the husband needs to know that. He cant bring his wife back no matter what. Changing someone else isnt gonna change wat happened.

  • I can't believe this woman agreed to the surgery in the first place.

  • That guy is a douche bag. He straight up said that he only "loves" her because she kind of looked like his wife.

  • What on earth is this women thinking???? get rid of this jack ass and find a new man who truly loves you for who you are not what you look like.

  • What the hell is this dumb ass women thinking??? she should have told to fuck off!!!! I would never tell my wife she needs to plastic surgery so she looks like someone else these asian men are total dicks to the ladies no wonder so many eastern women want us western american men.

  • And just to increase the eeriness….

    There was an episode of CSI: Miami from season 7 ("Chip/Tuck") where a plastic surgeon lost his wife in an accident and was overcome by grief. He eventually started working on at least two women to try and make them look like his dead wife without the women's knowledge (they thought he was working to their specifications and let themselves to talked into more etc.). He managed to succeed with one woman and so halted all surgery on the other and left her half finished so her face was all deformed. He started dating the woman he made look like his dead wife, and when she found out, she got angry and shoved him into a wood whipper which was right behind him.

    I think this guy had better watch out in case his wife regrets the surgery after its over.

  • Errrr…I meant "wood chipper", not "wood whipper".

  • in before she files for divorce due to him calling her by another woman’s name whenever they have sex

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