Living Dinosaur Shark Found in Japan
January 24, 2007 | by Mui Mui

Recently Japan caught a very rare deep ocean shark.

This type of shark is very different from what we usually see. It has six gills and the body is like an eel, normally living under 600-1,000 meters deep in ocean. They have very long history of 50 million years, that’s why they are also called living fossil.

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The shark was in a very weak condition and died a few hours later.

Mui Mui
Mui Mui is another of our wonderful, yet weird, editors who also is a well established world traveler. Born in Asia, Mui Mui is our expert on whether the articles we publish remain appropriate and not offensive in nature. Mui Mui’s favorite place is Italy where she spent 4 years and eventually fell in love with.
  • ajesni phillips

    i thought this was very interesting i should it to my hubby he thought it was a shark that may have suffered birth defects as a result of all the polutants in the waters of the world.

  • Wow.. this thing looks like a flood from halo 3 hahahaha!

    • Umm dude. How is it fake. Its a prehistoric shark. They found a fish some years ago that was said to have died out. Out on the coast of Africa. If you think it's fake, try doing some research.

  • Of course it’s weird, it’s a deep-sea fish.

  • It is interesting that this "dinasour" in the fossel record believed by naive people to have been fossilized 50,000,000 years ago, and now it is the same creature found alive today. Why didn't it evolve into something else? Because macro evolution is a lie.

    • Actually, that is factually incorrect. Living fossils principally exist because they had no reason to evolve. Fitness being a relative concept, organisms that do not require evolution (i.e., Platyrrhines), will still exist, for they can adequately exploit a given niche. Please consult relevant Macroevolutionary peer-reviewed scientific journals before spewing nonsense to your colleagues.

      • Which explains why roaches look the same as their ancestors millions of years ago.

      • …First and foremost, this comment is for Dr. David Begun:

        Not everything in this world has a scientific explanation! Humans surely didn't evolve from dinosaurs, and this prehistoric shark definately did not need to evolve because God created everything in the world! Where will those people, who do not believe that there is a higher power, go after death?????????????????????????

        • Believing in god is the easy answer. God did it all. Science is the real answer but its to complicated for your christian minds. You do worship an invisible man after all. When science does prove completely your god isn't real you christians are going to look quite retarded.

          • You're obviously quite uneducated, aren't you? There is evidence all around that God does exist, you're just to lazy to research it. 'too complicated for your Christian minds. You do worship an invisible man after all.'?, excuse me, but that is plain ignorance. It's quite clear that you're not a very intelligent individual and you have a very narrow way of thinking. Take the language you use for example, retarded? What a knowledgeable choice of words. Obviously.
            Yes, science is the truth, but so is God, who, or what do you think started it all? We can ponder all we like, but there are true stories of real encounters and only those who believe will know the truth.
            In case you didn't know, God has said that we can believe science and evolution and all those other theories, as long as we accept that the one who created it all was God.
            So, no, believing in God is not an 'easy answer', it is the truth.

          • You god people are super scary. First, your concept of truth is childish. Your "truth" is merely perception. Perception changes with between each individual experience, and even often over time with each individual. Saying anything is "truth" shows an undeveloped ability to think critically, or perhaps just to follow blindly. With belief, comes the death of thought.

          • In response to Crs: If you can't say anything is true, than what you just stated can't be truth either. By believing in this idea of non-truth, you're claiming it to be truth, which can't be true…..according to you.

          • Both evolutionists and and creationists are faced with the same challenge that their theories of the universe's history are both based on faith. You can't say that believe in God is any easier than believing in evolution, and vice versa. They are both based on some form of faith. It is impossible to prove to someone that God exists and that he created the world based on findings in nature, because an evolutionists will take those same findings and fit them to their own theories. Its pretty much futile to try and push one argument against the other, it only causes more conflict and anger to arise from both parties. Everyone, whether they believe in a higher power or not, is searching to find truth in life. If you have a personal relationship with God and have comfort that he is your creator, that's wonderful, continue to be strong in your faith. If you're an evolutionist, and believe that the life started by chance, than that's fine too. The point is, no one is going to change the beliefs of another by pushing their opinions in someones face. As Christians, the best testimony we can give to someone that a loving Creator exists is by exhibiting his wonderful character through our own lives.

        • Nobody will go anywhere after death..Everybody including you will just stop to exist..but i guess some people take them selfs too seriously to accept that one day they will die and become soil..

    • pwned

    • It is interesting that you obviously didn't pay attention to the video so your wrong making you one of those "naive people" you were speaking of.:-)

    • not every animal evolves yes it take millions of years for evolution to happen but who know if it came from a another part of earth that we have not discovered, what if that part of earth is filled with ancient creatures that are suppose to be dead. just like that hole in the movie Disney cartoon show Tarzan

  • It’s a frilled shark.

  • I think this is awesome, it gives you so many things to imagine. If this thing lives that deep, try to picture what else is living down there.

  • the people voice

    this is more proof that the crystal skulls need to be found and save man kind!

  • wow. That is so cool. But creepy….

  • well im thinking that it was a polution thing too but now that i relize it, it looks as if it is a relative of the eel family

  • People’s minds are so naive today they don’t realize what they are looking at and if they’ve never heard it, it is supposofly fake. The “creature” is a deep sea shark found in depths of ocean 600m to 1000m. It is called the Frilled shark (common name). They usually rise to closer depths when the water gets colder for there bodys were not made to take warm waters. Being that this one was sickly it is understandable that it rose for maybe it wasn’t able to stay where it needed to. It is refered to as a living dinosaur because fossils have been found dating at least 50 million years ago. David above said tht it looks more like the eel family..true. the frilled shark in some cases has been to believed closer related to an eel than a shark. Being that it has gills it belongs to the shark family. Look up your guys’ info before you turn stuff down.

  • I think this is a dinosaur shark from billions of years ago that has not died yet!


  • アンドリュー

    こんにちは子供なぜ。 私はクラスにある間、これをしていることを信じることは難しいと思う。 働くことを得なさい。 Ohおよび古いピットの道陽気ではない草原のティムの生命

  • umm, actually it isnt fake at all.

  • cool but creepy but gives u and idea of what is down there

  • I liked the imformashion on the shark…I want to be a palentologist.

  • i think tims plane crashed in Asia and the shark ate him..

  • Umm…yaaa…I think he umm never umm left.

  • Thats great but im still a hoeface

  • I never understood why they find it necessary to remove incredibly rare fish species from the ocean thinking they'll survive. If a human can't survive 60,000 feet under the sea, how can a shark survive 60,000 leagues out of THEIR environment? I know they're trying to study these things but there's not a lot of them and if you have corpses, just study those and film the living ones, don't pull them out of the water, you'll just have another corpse. It's the same with giant squid. Okay, they exist, they're big squids, now leave them alone.

  • some of these comments crack me up :D

  • i hate timothy fouquette. he is gay. really really uber gay. he thinks he's cool but he's really not. i hope the dinosaur shark eats him alive.

  • I really don't know where to start. Hmm…this shark must be an alien species that Tom Cruise brought to Earth when he created civilization. And this Timothy character must have been his lover. Now it all makes sense. Glory to God in the highest.

  • samantha acuna

    maybe it survived because it was so deep in the water there may even be more

  • =D sharks r awsome

  • this a cat

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