Trick My Truck: Japan Style

Posted on January 9, 2007

From Wikipedia:

Dekotora or Decotora (dekotora), an abbreviation for ‘Decoration Truck’, is a loudly decorated truck found often in Japan. Dekotora commonly have neon or ultraviolet lights, extravagant paints, and shiny stainless or golden exterior parts. These decorations can be found on both the cab and the trailer, and not only on the exterior but also in the interior. Dekotora may be created by workers out of their work trucks for fun, or they may be designed by hobbyists for special events.

The trend is so big in Japan they even came out with a video game about it.

Trick My Truck: Japan Style pictureIn late 2004, Shin Dekotora Densetsu was released, but Dekotora popularity goes back to the movie series that started in 1975, Truck Yaro. The series featured a rebel trucker who drove his garishly decorated truck all over Japan.

Trick My Truck: Japan Style picture
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Trick My Truck: Japan Style picture
Trick My Truck: Japan Style picture

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