Japanese Banquet of Cannibalism
November 8, 2006 | by Mui Mui

Japan as a country never stops amazing us. I am sure you have heard of, or seen the “Nyotaimori” (literally means female body plate), where the restaurant serves sushi and sashimi on a naked woman’s body.

If that is not weird enough , Japan has just invented another way of eating, where a “body” is made from food and placed on an operating table, much as though in a hospital.

You can operate anyway and anywhere you want by cutting open the body and eating what you find inside. The body will actually bleed as you cut it and the intestines and organs inside are completely editable. It’s a banquet of Cannibalism.

(photos from Tom)

Mui Mui
Mui Mui is another of our wonderful, yet weird, editors who also is a well established world traveler. Born in Asia, Mui Mui is our expert on whether the articles we publish remain appropriate and not offensive in nature. Mui Mui’s favorite place is Italy where she spent 4 years and eventually fell in love with.
  • Are the Japanenese weird or just a bit sick?

  • it’s a crazy thing for those who don’t like it

  • thats fukage

  • That’s pretty sweet. I wonder how many one of those would serve and where the put the desserts. :>

    • I know where I would put the dessert.
      It’s weird, but thats nothing compared to other things I’ve seen the Japanese do for entertainment. Different culture, whatever.

  • this article is complete bs. and photoshop.

    • or perhaps i misread the article a bit and assumed it was talking about actual cannablisam…yeah that one is more likley….

    • Actually, the first bit is true, but it has nothing to do with cannibalism, the Japanese are just appreciating the female body. The second part, could be photoshop, or maybe it was a funny cake made for a surgeon’s birthday…. because this is not a common thing

    • You really need to be able to tell your photoshop, idiot. That’s a real object, not pixel pushing. You, apparently, can’t get your mind around it and need to go back to school.

  • it’s a WHITE guy in the first pic…who’s weird? this is all an attempt to capture news and shock people…i guess the marketing worked. Fools.

  • Wow…That is seriously weird. Not that I am against it, but it is just different. You guys need to just relax. So it looks like a person, big deal. I’d give it a try. I definitely don’t think they need to die or anything.

    • I agree, I mean some cultures would think most of the western population were sickos for eating beef.

      I’m not approving cannabalism at all, but this kind of meal is an interesting concept.

      • I totally agree like where can I get some of that dough body. Maybe I am just sick and twisted but that really adds new meaning to the word desert. I think it would be a fun evening.

        PS for all you guys making racial comments above… I am totally a white girl. So I guess were all just human, just very different no matter our race.

    • Weird-yes. But you must give the Japanese points for originality and being able to express themselves no matter how strange. I personally think it’s a cool idea for a Halloween party!

  • Wow! I wonder if I can get my caterer to do something like that.

  • I know what I’m having at my wedding! :D

    • can you imagine how fun that would be! watching my crazy republican family stumble around because they are so narrow in their own heads! hahahaha! may have to steal this idea!

  • I think the concept is interesting. It’s not like they’re actually killing people and eating them. It’s a person made from food. Nothing wrong with that.

    Personally, I wouldn’t eat anything off of another person (referencing the first part of the story) … esp. since you don’t know how long it’s been since they’ve showered, had sex, etc. That just seems nasty.

    • Actually, with the thing of eating sushi off of people, the models are always cleaned before and after the food is placed on them. I’m not sure what to say about the sex part though…


  • lol them crazy japanese

  • Suddenly, that whole “Hiroshima and Nawasaki” thing doesn’t seem as morally and ethically wrong anymore…

  • i love japan but that’s just too weird.

  • Did you mean 'edible' or 'editable'?

  • I think the body, if made of food should be made of a selection of meats. This would give it greater impact. One could almost have a crackiling surface, something really to sink one’s teeth into and reaffirm one’s carniverous past. I’m all for it. Reminds me of tales where starving animals (and occasionally humans) have had to sacrifice offspring or companions in order to survive.

    • wow now that is just amazing. to have such barbaric, but thats not even the right word, instincts or sentiments. Like to have it made of cake that would be neat but to have one of meat…some body let you watch to many horror flicks when you were a kid. Would still be a sick dinner party but i think most of my guests would leave. even if they were drunk.

  • Are you allowed to stick yer chopsticks up her chuff?

  • Well, this really could get under your skin couldn’t it? There’s really no body to the premise for a start, there’s no flesh on the idea.


  • AT least they are just pretending at cannibalilsm–OUR culture is full of real ones–think of Dahmer, that German guy who made a deal with his victim, etc etc. White people have been proven to be more prolific serial killers than any other race.

  • Oh gosh that’s really gross, but do not generalise Japanese, I have NEVER had such a disgusting sashimi in my life, sadly few perverts do like that but even they don’t disseck like in the above pic!
    anyway it’s sooo miffing me!

  • It is really disgusting! But I hope you do not stereotype all Japanese eat Sushi or any food like this. I have never seen this before in Japan. I wonder where this writer took this picture…

  • I love that the pubic hair has been pixelated out, because that is the disturbing bit!

    • i’d would rather see genitalia than someone’s insides. surgery i far scarier than porn…as long as it is standard porn.

  • Looks interesting and fun! To all you all who think that its sick or wierd~ get a life and quit being so narrow (which is another form of racism)

    Live and let live!

    • Being narrow is another form of racism? Your kidding right. “Race” being the keyword of racism. So now we have Black, Caucasion, Pacific Ilander Hispanic, and Narrow. You are a genious.

  • get a life! quit being so narrow!

  • get over yourself! do you have something stuck up your bum?

  • ewwwwwwww that’s bleeding edible corpse if disgusting! however the real live platter, now we do that with fruit here in the summer, but the trick is that you’re not allowed to eat with your hands!

  • I agree with Anna – the weirdest thing about this is that the pubic region is pixelated.

    Cannibalism – very naughty and a little bit tittilating…
    Sex – absolutely taboo !

  • fucking churrr, that’s awsome. good on you ya crazy little fuckers.

  • Sushi is really overated and quite boring – give me steak and chips any day. The second picture – the real joke here is that it is a real body – they just have not told them that they are actually eating the real thing

  • The pubic hair is pixellated out due to Japanese pornography laws. Which inclines me to think these pic are genuine. Sounds like a fun meal.

    And to the above poster who commented on Nyotaimori, I think part of the appeal is exactly the not knowing when the person last showered, had sex et.c. Different culture, innit.

  • But that pubic hair isn’t even real! In fact, it’s edible! :)

    In any event, this stuff is weird and unusual and I’m sure that 99.99% of the Japanese population agree with me.

  • I wonder if the photos were even taken in Japan. First photo shows 2 gaijin in a large room w grand piano–sure doesn’t look like ANY sushiya in Japan that I have ever seen (most sushiya look about the same). The room looks more like a part of a hotel. Second photo doesn’t look like a restaurant either. The folding screen, the pepper grinder, the furniture. . .none of it looks Japanese. I think the photographer rounded up some Japanese people somewhere outside Japan and posed them for the pictures.

  • lol on Jos’s pun.
    Are they actually using scalpels??
    I so need to see this in person.
    Who wants to go to Japn? I do I do!

    • I want to go to japan we humans do not realiize that we are canibals when when we eat each other`s “P” parts in the emotional game of **x

  • Ok… this beats the nuts that have entomological banquets!

  • Haven’t any of you ever played the “corpse” game at Halloween.. go into a dark room where the autopsy is taking place.. Put your hands in all sorts of gooey, creepy things…. Peeled grapes for the eyeballs, uncut manacotti pasta for the windpipe. LOL our Halloween customs and parties are no less gruesome than this.

  • China and Japan are TWO DISTINCT COUNTRIES ande not both the same place. I recommend you buy an atlas or even just download Google Earth or something and learn where these places are before making kneejerk reactionary moronic comments

    IT NOT A REAL BODY (yet!!!)

    • That’s kind of funny, because if you had read his comment you would see that he was saying the Japanese used the plague ON the Chinese as a form of biological warfare. Talk about making knee-jerk reactionary moronic comments!

    • AmericasFault!!!(sarcasm)


  • Cent changes coins

    They should make a movie out of this called “Restaurant of the living deads”.

  • this is the greatest thing ive ever read about food!
    just think about how much more time i can spend dinning with friends, instead of messing about with a corpse leaking horrible fluid on the carpet and prowling the streets finding a suitable location to hide the bones.
    fantastic i say! where can i make my reservation??

  • Excuse you but I don’t know if you have sen the news recently. But american are just as sick if not more. My brother can’t even stand on ur street without the fear of being shot. So before you get all judgemental, take a look in the newspaper, or better yet the mirror.

    • wait… huh? If you live in fear of being shot in America… leave or move or do something, but don’t whatever you do stand on that corner, especially when that lowrider caddy comes up creepin. and thats all im saying. Oh yeah Japs are way sicker than americans. just culturally we’re sort of opposite.

    • dude, they taste good, wats wrong with eating people? i’ve eatened my sister b4..she tastes like bacon

    • Your brother should stop watching American television. Its not reality. I’ve lived in America for almost 30 years and I’ve never been afraid to stand on any street corner.

    • No kidding

    • How did you prepare her?

    • Did you not read the article, you ignorant idiot?
      The first part talks about a restaurant where one can eat sushi off a woman’s body, and the second was about a place where one can eat a body that is made completely out of food, NOT human meat.

      Both restaurants were clearly established for entertainment purposes, where one can enjoy a meal and have an unforgettable, and quirky experience!

      Cannibalism is strictly illegal in Japan, as it is abuse of a human corpse.

      now shut up, please

    • who is sick,there is way for everything even for fun ,fun of what eating from human body model and enjoying japanese are sick people danger for man kind.and please update ur knowlegde.everyone know about there cannibalism so what if it is illegal

  • Man, I hope that girl showered beforehand! Sorry, don’t get the appeal.

    Incidentally, I live in the US and, OMG, I even go out at night without fear of being shot!! Talk about propaganda puppets! Hilarious!

  • Ah, I see the radiation from those two nukes is floating around.

    Is it me, or does Japan seem to redefine the word "strange" once or twice a year?

  • Tenth Speed Writer

    Yep. Both are screwed up.

    Japan’s the more “somehow socially stable but weird as hell” screwed up. America’s “kind and friendly new neighbor door with the wonderful car and the white picket fence that secretly cannibalizes its young and worships Satan in the basement” screwed up.

  • Those Dolcett freaks are going to love this…

  • Ugh…. I have nothing against it but it sure looks disgusting…….

  • Canadians are sicker than any of them.

  • with black label anythings posible

  • First off, the fear of getting shot on a random street in America is totally irrelevant to a life sized body made totally of food (and bleeds) being consumed by a japanese family… Why dont you check your own news paper and find out whats sick… (Random “hoodie” hoodlums stabbing random people in the subways of Brittain) Im tired of seeing psuedo-intellectual gibberish of Ant-American limeys. This is the probablem in the world today… people are ready to express thier hate for another country, but they wont actually do somthing to help out. Whoever made that comment (too lazy to scroll up, Oh and I guess all of us Americans are lazy too) your a useless whore.

  • Why is it that aii the so called “tolerant” liberals are so quick to put anyone down that has a different opinion? They dont just put you down they can actually get violent..relax Libs..its all in good humor…eat or dont eat, comment or dont comment, Yay or Nay…but jeeeezUSS relax!
    God Bless America LOVE IT or Leave iT!!!!..but how long will we last with Morons like some of the above..who just can not see the BIG picture?

  • Does anyone know where that place is? I live in Tokyo and I’d like to go.

  • i think its weird, but very cool. kind of artistic, must be difficult to make a whole body out of food. you guys shouldn’t fight over who lives in the sickest place. youve never been in South-Africa…i can see that clearly. now, here we have alot of sick people. i think it would be really cool to have a body as n wedding cake, imagine that…

  • I think after getting to the bottom of this page, and scrolling back up a few times, ainchan is right. While i’ll admit i don’t know much at all about japs i look at the pics and see a very western home with japanese people. All of the japanese in the picture look young, though japs overall seem to age better, those in the pic seem very young, my age, university age. Maybe its like a med school celebration or something. I still think it would be fun though.

  • What the???!!!!


  • Guys you are all being majorly pwned. This is a joke, just like the umbrella hat or the thing to hold your head up when you fall asleep on the train. THINK people, think!

  • sigh.. i dont no.. this is very low.. i mean in where i m atm *australia* we show great respect to females.. females r like god.. and in this picture it shows how low japanese ppl r… i mean a picture can mean a thousand word.. i dont no.. i really feel sorry for uz japanese.. show some respect to females cuase there is no difference between a male and a female.. lol and fcuk sake.. STOP KILLIN SHARKS AND WHALES.. very low how u guys r agaisnt nature.. and worst off all.. i never thought japanese were this low to show great disrespect to females.. its jst low.. cant stop feeling sorry for uz.. tsk tsk tsk… eating a female.. pst how low can japz can get… get a life honestly

  • its a cake or not.. i dont care.. this is jst unbelieveable.. i mean the culture of japanese has gone under questioning.. lol very low

  • O_O;; arienai itsuno!!

  • You guys are just plain disgusting. Moreover, it shows that you disrespect your own species, and the woman’s body. So why don’t you guys just think for once, and wonder what better ways of slapping yourself for making such stupid food.

  • Does anyone knows what’s the inside… and how much it costs… (I am open for everything)

  • Seegoi!!! (If that is the correct spelling)

    Though I’ll never even think about it for just a second, let alone sticking a chopstick near it.

    I watch a shit load of Japanese Anime (If any of you know what it is), and hell yea I love Japan for their creative side. But going creative to this point is well, *Having a wicket chill down the spine* nothing to say, but I would freak if that was to let out in front of my face.

    A few weeks ago, news letter in Australia states that a horror novel writer chop up his girlfriend, hid body parts and so on. Another man feed his 5 year old daughter to the alligators. Now that is sick.

    I’m not Japanese nor am I white or even Australian, I’m viet and I have nothing against other people’s opinions or cultures.

    But yea I love “Weird Asia News”. Hahaha, it’s so weird.

  • Uh… wow. And I thought I was being brave eating horse meat…

    Looks interesting. Would probably give me nightmares the rest of my life if I tried it though…

  • They show “cannibalism” but censor pubic hair. Amazing.

  • the human flesh have follow characteriastics.
    1.- flavoru like pig.
    color white
    2.- the woman have best flavour the man have undesirable odor like sweat and salt.
    I read thsi indformation in the internet!!!

  • it’s a fake body (the second part)…
    Asian sence of humor… What can you say…

  • ya all rocks

  • iwannafukthat girl

  • gydsvgujijug[0'wsajmovfdsd

    If i were to eat such things. I will surely wormit it out!

  • ok, y’all. History is history’s past. Every culture has its weird culture-shock like moments. The woman is clearly ALIVE and will not be eaten. It must have cost a fortune! And the second photo is basically cake-made backery. Surely, that cake-like body could be good for medical students to have an inventive way to study the body.
    Just so if y’all Asian-Americans or non-Americans should know that the U.S has been full of shame (slavery and KKK). At least they admit it in there history books. And the Japanese, I am sorry. But y’all should remember the pain of WWII–what the Japanese did to the Chinese, Indonesians–vivisection…I know Germans too–but still. I am a descendant of one of those countries that has suffered a genocide.

  • at is toally discusting!!!!
    First they eat from dishes and food that look like toilets and shit and now they do this. Those people are sick!

  • just because they r diffrent doesn’t make them sick they r just diffrent and if thats the way they eat good on them

  • DUDE. Japanese don’t eat people. I can’t believe that you guys actually buy this. These pictures are altered and edited, clearly. I’ve been studying Japanse culture and language for years. I’ve never heard of it.

    Think about it. If the Japanese really DID eat people, then why havn’t we heart anything about it on CNN, travel channel, etc?

    Anyway, the top one is probably some weird restaraunt where you can eat off of a woman (alive).
    And the bottom one’s look fake to me.

  • Alright, I looked up some information on this and apparantly it’s either a stunt or like a fake body with edible goodies in it. None of it’s actual human organs. Before any of you say anything else and all this “Japan is sick!” rubbish, do some research. Because you just fell for a trick.

  • Wow!
    It is a bit strange – the whole cake-woman thing. But then, more than anything it seems mostly like some sort of joke.
    As for some of the people who commented above – a lot of you really need to become a lot less xenophobic. The Japanese don’t eat people; it is seen as taboo like in many other cultures in the world. Also, just because they’re joking around with some weird stuff doesn’t mean that they are evil or something.
    (Finally, those who bring up the history of Japanese foreign relations really need to study not only U.S. history, but also the histories of Japanese neighbors such as China, Myanmar, and Vietnam, and European history – the actions of humanity are not always good or beautiful, but can be cruel and disturbing. In light of that, saying insulting things towards anyone is rude and unacceptable [i.e. please don't refer to Japanese people as 'Japs' - its derogatory].)
    Anyway, this article is a little weird. I wonder where the photos were taken and where the writers got the information about the story.


  • Hav been to Japan

    I went to Japan recently. From the City area to the very rural area…and they didn’t eat me:) LOL

    although I clearly look Gaijin=Foreigner in Japanese, they just eat normal human food…u know fish and red meat.

    Japs, are a bit freaky I must admit and they also very twinky..u know white wanabee. So rather than being cannibal, I think is more like the fascination of anything western.

    Only North Korean eat human meat especially babies…don’t know why…do some research over the internet and bumped into that cannibalism in North Korea.

    • baby = 10 years younger

      recently watched a korean film about women eating baby fetuses as its belived to make the women younger. . . . personally havent tried it

      and in the fake bodies what do they actually put inside? ret meat?

  • japanese or not, in my opinion shit like this signifies a world heading towards boredom and eccentricities are becoming mainstream…sorta like american idol. But i suppose that’s what we call “evolution” eh guys?

    btw, the japanese and japan, for all THEY care, the world can go f*ck themselves cuz japan as a whole, is self sustaining and “more” advanced in every human way imaginable…the way i see it (i’m not jap btw), the world needs japan more than they need the world.

  • Wow! Can I import to the UK???????????????

  • uhm wow guys stop being offensively racist.

  • i hate china

  • Hey ‘BadBoy’–you really should keep your racist remarks to yourself-it’s just ignorant

  • It’s because im asian huh u lil’ white kid

  • whats up yeemeng


  • Ur culture stinks. Go eat cheese


  • u ugly laura

  • Skylar, u wack, get outta hea

  • What’s with all the americans thinking that they are the normal ones? LMFAO!!

  • I “love” how so many people are seriously getting up at arms over something like this or pretending to. If it were a real person they were eating and stuff, I could understand all the trash talk (but not to the point of racism…that’s worse than just making a big deal about eating a “body” when the “body” isn’t even a real one…) I agree with some others, most of you need to get your heads out of your butts and stop being so racist, xenophobic, stupid, and pretending you’re better and smarter than other people. All cultures have something or more than one thing that makes other people’s heads spin. Most of us Americans love to eat cow meat and the cow is sacred in at least one place, if I remember correctly it was/is India. So, I’m sure people from India think we’re sick/weird for loving hamburgers and other things made with beef aka cow meat. I have mixed feelings about eating meat myself even though I’m an American-German. I don’t know if there are people today that feel this way, but some people in the past felt that people gum chewing was akin to a cow chewing its cud (a very insensitive view in my opinion) and so viewed many Americans as “dumb” simply because we like to chew gum! You shouldn’t be so quick to judge people, especially an entire culture based on one or a few things alone and assume that something’s for real…if you take a good look at the pics and compare them, it should be obvious to you unless you have bad eyes that the other “body” is fake! I could rant on and on about things but I’ve already made several statements so I’ll end with this : The Japanese aren’t the only ones with a “twisted”/”weird” sense of humor.

  • they’re too yucky


    • I love every body

      Hey, I like Chines food and I like Japanese food ,but one thing I do know is that Asians do have a weird sense of what is entertaining and what is not….like farting in each others faces and all that damn whining the females do when they’re getting banged. I ‘ve been to china and japan and they both sucked major toolage but damn their kung pow and general’s chicken is fucking delicious lol oh and so are they’re women!! Oh and watch them when they cook they may try and sneak a piece of baby in there!!!! LOL


    • WHAT ABOUT 69 is that canibalism or canivorism – it involves human flesh right – I am confused ??????

      • LOL~ i laughed when i read your comment ^_^
        the 69 postion is to do with sex, you dont eat the other person.

        and WHY ARE PEOPLE TAKING THIS SO SERIOUSLY? (that is making me laugh as well)

  • Good god I hate you narrow-minded racist twats. It’s a fake body. NOT REAL. Are you people comprehending this? If you don’t like the fact that they’ve been innovative enough to make something that clever, than don’t look at it! I hate the fact that America is being connected to such animosity and hate-mongering.

    For everyone else, I apoligize on thier behalf. I promise you not all Americans are that…utterly repulsive.

  • it’s very interesting….crazy, but interesting…(sarcasm) no i lied it’s F-n weird as f**k…i’m asian but that’s just too weird. u want to eat off a human body (real or fake) than go get one!!!! do it personally not publicly or internationally…damn now japanese really taking their view of art a little too far……

  • Crazy stuff.Not very fun for me…It’s creeping.Urgh
    Looks pretty sick-demanding to do something like that,don’t ya think?Have fun!

  • This page is so funny! Pictures and comments. Think my sides would explode if I saw words “narrow idiots” one more time. This thing is definitely a novelty, and genious at that. Smart resterants, buisnesses,etc., got to have something unique and interesting to draw people in and give them an experience they can talk about to friends even if its how sick it made them. Its why we go on rollercoasters, to magic shows, to Rob Zombie concerts. Spectacles, frills, and thrills. You narrow fools are rediculous!

  • My objection is that it’s sexist. Only a female body is objectified.

    Men do not love women as equals — the love men have for women is how a woman would love a dog. Only women love as equals.

  • Last few days, i learned alot about Japan and i must say japs got some wierd culture… butt licking as a source of media entertainment,public sex in a packed area, major fans of child pornography, men wearing g-string and now pretending to eat a human being…oh well atleast you dont see them pooping in a cup then eating it

  • Omg, you guys are overreacting, that shit looks SO fun, if yall werent being all judgemental and retarded you could see that it is a FAKE body, its not like theyre actually eating people, its a JOKE, and I for one, think its halarious,

    I would eat her liver with a side of fava beans and a nice chianti


  • wlvhyem ancwjy rzokhu gfrjh fwcv qshd hwptk

  • woa,, sounds cool! Strange, but cool!! What does the artificial body taste like???? whats it made of??

  • Stop feeling threatened and you won’t feel any offended.

    No matter how you express your negativity or aggression, the world is as it is and if you die it won’t even make a difference but at least leave some imprint and show that you can either learn to not feel threatened by the differences in what others allow to be entertaining in a public setting or give us some insight on why it’s a positive to not eat anything in human bodily appearance so we can appreciate your comment without having to get pissed off first.

    Dignity please.

    (If I had the invite, I’d watch but it would take a lot of sake before I agree to eat a finger.)

  • Most Americans never leave the country unless they are traveling to a US protectorate or some other country which has been transformed by American ideology. This lack of knowledge about the outside world is painfully obvious when reading the comments posted on this page. What is frightening is the fact that many of these comments were written by people who didn't closely read the article. It is as if only a sentence, or part of sentence, had been read before the comment was made. I guess anything more difficult than Dick, Jane, and Spot is just too overwhelming for most Americans. I mean, f$%#, we invented the game Operation in which children pull out various, and completely inaccurate, parts of the body. Just consider this an adult version of the game! I am continually amazed by the profound stupidity of my fellow Americans. Hardly any of us take the time to look in the mirror when judging other countries. Nazi Germany was a lot like this…

  • Super Hikikomori

    Actually, this is exciting.
    I think I might like to try this out some time.

    Off to Japan!

  • Those Japs are ching-chong kookoo! We need another WWI

  • r u people blind?? that woman who was cut and was bleeding is an edible food! it’s not human being! idiot americans!

    • you may want to look up Japanese war crimes and Japanese cannibalism. The symbolism and comparisons that can be drawn bother me

  • on the contrary of what i have just said, that artificial body looks disgusting… it really looks as if ure eating a real human body…. it’s really disgusting…but i’m curious how it tastes like???

  • Huh?
    The Japanese?
    In Japan, but I do not like this!

    Urban legend created by Mainichi Shimbun (the Australian press that articles written by paranoid), but I have only seen each.

  • It’s not japan.


  • Wow!! some people have a tendency to read more into things than are necessary… it’s all entertainment. What does surprise me is all the slanderous names being flung at each other? Really is it all that important? Some after school specials on racism and bullying might be just what you all need.

  • Ha Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Meep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehehehehehehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dat Sushi thingy is way weird Gah!

  • Cool I wonder How it taste

  • That first dish is the first one i’d try if i ever went to japan

  • lilith llama queen

    mmmh awesome concept, makes my insidious thoughts seem less….insidious.tee….much inspired to reincarnate as flesh eating womble

  • come on people. it’s just food that is shaped and looks like a body. it’s just like how gummy worms are candy that just looks like worms.

  • Is it me or some idiots here think that’s a real human body? Read the bloody article before posting a bigoted comment about Japanese culture.

  • it’s not true.. look there’s no view of bones inside the body..
    seem’s like barbie… with good visual effect..

  • TRUE SAY!!!

  • Think of it this way… at least they're not eating caucasians.. ^_^

  • Wonderful, can you imagine getting the catering staff to do this for office leaving parties, a missing heart!!, no spleen, Others could be sweet and oh god no way would you want it full of chocalate. I think its a fun idea- better than gross dead flowers sent to an ex.This planet is lacking real humour, guess most of you have never crewed an ambulance, you need to lighten tthe mood now and again after giving all the care you can.

  • Such a custom is not to sleep and to fabricate it by China or Korea in Japan.
    It eats the dog and the cat and man is eating them and Chinese Korean people.

  • Such a custom is not to sleep and to fabricate it by China or Korea in Japan.
    It eats the dog and the cat and man is eating them and Chinese Korean people.

  • That's pretty cool! Why do the Japs get to have all the fricken fun!?!?

  • dude that is so kick ass i would so eat that woman both of them just in a different kind of eating on the real one

  • This is epic win.

  • piçççççççler bunların beynı yok sız olun de sızın kabır azabınızı gorem ben hayvanlara işkence etmek boyle rezıllık yoktur acıyorum onlara ben… ALLAH ıma şukur muslumanım

  • Es lo mas asqueroso y repugnante que he visto en mi vida!!!!!!!
    Deberian educarse y respetar a las mujeres !!!!!!!

    Is the most disgusting and ugly thing I have ever seen in my life!!!!!!!!!
    Japaneeses should beging to respect women's!!!!!!!!

  • interesting but jeez tht is so nasty but im curious, would i ever eat tht no but suchi yes love suchi lol


  • sick japenses, sick asias

  • this people should be killed they are fucking weird

  • I’m Japanese, these people are not. the girls look like Chinese, and looking at the alcohol, it’s clearly not a normal Japanese situation. I would say this is more from HK or Taiwan. They drink these alcohol when It’s a party. Only and old man would drink it like that here. I guess it’s so obvious how people can’t tell a difference in asians. But I can say, It’s not someone from my country.

  • I’m almost absolutely sure that the inside of the fake body is yummy food other than real organs. Anyhow COOL!

  • That picture is not real and guys should stop the racism thing.

  • The beer in the first picture is HITE beer, which is a Korean brand of beer. It is not common in Japan. I don’t even know if this picture is real, but if it is, IT IS NOT JAPANESE. Judging from the beer, it’s probably Korean. Please don’t spread distasteful lies about other people’s countries.

  • haha im an expert on asian telling and i’m telling you from an expert perspective that is japanese every day life. its different, but true. dont judge them because they’re different. they think eating hamburgers and milk is weird over there.

  • Now I know what number 1 on my dare-to-try list will be when I go to Japan :)

  • Afraid theylleatme

    We should not have stopped with Nagasaki.

  • This really bothers me, given reports about Japanese cannibalism in WWII. I know this is probably an extremist trying to make a profit on tourism, but it really does make me take two steps back and wonder about Japanese culture…..

  • This is what you get from bombing Japan!

  • DISgustinG..argHHHHHHHHH.i cant take dinner after seeing this!

  • I LOL'D at this!! I didn't waste my time reading the comments, so if theres any stereotypical ones, i must vehemently disagree. I am part Japanese, and I personally have never done anything like this at all!! I DO find it quite entertaining and weird though, hahaa. c:

  • Disgusted American

    why you are all racists and sexists? i am ashamed to be American when i see these comments

  • Disgusted American

    Also, you are stupid if you don’t realize IT’S FAKE!

  • It would be good for Halloween or something. Something creepy/weird.

  • Its not a real person. Why is everyone getting upset over it? Is the culture shock too much for you? Seriously, people. Get over it! You don't have to be a part of it if you don't want to.

  • This one didn’t throw me into a sea of confusion, nor did I cringe with disgust. This one will definitely be a huge hit for Halloween! Can’t wai to t it outryt

  • This is what happens to a new generation after 62 years we droped the Big One on Japan……. SICK!!!

  • Lol. Look, it’s food,it’s NOT real people. People want to eat their then let them eat! God. People are differant… their!

  • I’m sorry for your under developed education :(

  • That comment was utterly ignorant…

  • youre so retarded dude

  • Right. Now we’ve got our own Chinese Hanibal Lecter human diner playing God right here in Canada

  • SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ever been in or near a catholic church. ritual cannibalism, not just symbolic, they believe -through transubstantiation – that they are consuming the blood and body of christ. now that’s sick.

  • some people just don’t get it …

  • Japan knows how to have fun!!! I wanna throw up just looking at this, but then again I’m also a vegetarian! It looks really funny though. The japanese are very simple this isn’t going to make them actual cannibals.

    Now if this was an America restaurant… they’d start cutting up women once the food was digested! It’s clear most americans cannot handle anything so frivolous, in our culture people take everything to the extreme and see things too literally. What a shame!! AMERICANS REALLY SUCK! LIGHTEN UP YOU RED NECK IDIOTS.

  • @Tony Escobar PERVERT!!

  • @chieko what!!! So your saying us poor chinese ppl are doing this?? Im so sad :’( -sniffs
                     You big meanie!!! :P

  • @KOONLAY -.-… How is eating a fake person sinful? Yes, its gross but its not real right? Weirdo:P

  • Wait!!! I dont support this kind of ‘culture’!! So don’t go pointing fingers at me!!:P

  • They dont eat ppl, dummy :) Cant you see its fake? BTW i have heard cannibalism is allowed in western countries.And theres also a lot of crazy cannibal crazed ppl from the west:). Mayb they would come to your house 1 night:)

  • @Elizabeth We humans are selfish but everyone should have a limit.Thats why cannibalism should never be made as an ‘acceptable’ thing. Can you really put up the thought with eating your own best friend?

  • @hanna racist:) go get a ******* life. Hey look on the bright side,i did censor what i said 4 u,u ******* *****!! Your welcome^^~

  • @Hav been to Japan Thats a nice comment(i think), at least your the only westerner thats only a little not racist.Oh well,nobody’s perfect:)

  • @TheFrustrated Westerners hates us asians :’(. At least we have each other. :D

  • @L.L.R. Well its not as sick as having young westeners having free sex with everybody and everywhere.Why they did even do it with an ANIMAL!!   P.S.Googled it b4 u go swearing at me:)   And theres more of that gay propaganda spreading all through the western nation and all of them quickly becoming legal and “normal’. Oh and theres also naked beaches and….

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