Chinese Dog Learns to Walk Like a Human

Chinese Dog Learns to Walk Like a Human

Not all people in China are evil to man’s four-legged best friend. There are still people who treat them not just as pets but also as part of the family.

One lucky such pooch is Xiaoniu, who was abandoned on the streets of Shanghai but was rescued by Mr. Fang, who promptly taught her some tricks.

Mr. Fang said, “Xiaoniu was smart, lovely and could walk upright for one hour after training.”

Xiaoniu can walk like a human, on her hind legs. Like a lady, she…

India Unveils ‘Poo & Balls’ Toy

Have you heard of the word “poo ball”? Sounds disgusting, right?

According to Urban Dictionary, “It is a small ball of toilet paper covered in poo that is caught in the hair around your butt.”

But did you know that in In…

World’s Largest Breasts Visit Japan

Who’s Norma Stitz? Say the name a couple of times. What does it sound like?

Yes, you’re right in thinking that this is a play on words, a moniker. The lady in question is Annie Hawkins-Turner, and she’s the proud owner of…


Quick Reflexes Save Chinese Driver from Being Impaled

Mao Zhihao, a Chinese driver, ferrying a busload of 26 passengers in Jiangshan in eastern China, had the narrowest of escapes when a lamppost smashed through the windscreen…

Hong Kong

Chinese Teen Kills Dog in Washing Machine for Fun

If you are an animal lover, then be warned as this might disturb you. Jacky Lo, a Chinese teenager in Hong Kong, has sparked outrage over posting pictures of a dog in a was…


Indian Doctor Makes Gold Diamond-Encrusted Contacts for Charity

If you’ve got money and are looking for a novel way to indulge yourself, check out what an Indian optometrist, Dr. Chandrashekhar Chawan, has to offer. He has created…


Overworked Japanese Legally Forced to Take Leave

Death is not an occupational hazard that you’d associate with being a bus conductor, tailor, or a bank executive. But in Japan it is, and many instances of sudden dea…

North Korea

North Korea Requires Kim Jong Un Haircut

North Korean men are now compelled to have their hair cut to resemble their leader, Kim Jong Un.

While this new haircut restriction, called the “Dear Leade…

Rest of Asia

Filipino Enforcers Made to Wear Adult Diapers

The year 2015 starts off with great religious fervor for the Philippines, with two major events for Catholic devotees. First was the Feast of the Black Nazarene, which sees…

South Korea

Grotesquene Miniatures — Sculptures by Dongwook Lee

Whether Korean artist Dongwook Lee’s sculptures are thought-provoking or titillatingly disturbing is a matter of debate. One cool thing with art is the kind of licen…